1015 W Ave L, Lancaster
(661) 729-1015

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Christina Denise

Great nuggets fresh burgers don't forget to use the app to get points for free food ?

Jordan Bailey

The food is always good when I go, but they screw up the order 3/5 times and ask you to go through the drive thru again to fix it! I'm not waiting in line for another 20 minutes because you can't put a sandwich together. I won't be going back.Update: Tried again and stood at the counter for 10 minutes while six employees walked in circles and told me to wait. Went through the drive thru to get my order only to find out prices have nearly doubled.

Z. Box

I don’t write a lot of reviews but this one did it this time. I ordered a medium combo with the bourbon bacon cheeseburger, comes with fries and a drink and then I ordered a side of bacon fries but only received those bacon fries and not the regular ones. Ok whatever I’m not worried too much. 20.15 was the total. I’m eating the bacon fries and I notice a long piece of hair in my mouth and I stop chewing to pull it out and I just ended up puking. I have short hair. This hair I pulled out was long and it was disgusting. I don’t even know if I should eat the burger now. I feel like it’s a waste. Now we know who don’t wear hairnets. Will never go back again.

Valerie Parker

Bad customer service and food was cold and sloppy with no condiments. Wendy’s should be embarrassed.

Josephine Roberts

Went in to use the restroom and then walked up to the counter and waited a solid few minutes for someone to come and take my order. Made eye contact with not less than 4 staff and no one came to the counter or asked me for my order. Walked out. Bathroom was relatively clean but the trash bin in the women's stall was overflowing.Food: 1/5

Maybelline Vasquez

$4 and $5 meal deals that fit every budget. In this time in age with gas prices increasing nice to have a budget friendly fast food restaurant where the food is good and reasonably priced.Food: 5/5


The employees seem to have no sense of urgency and we're rude. I came in the drive through and they messed up on the baconator fries I ordered , and they also spilt coffee all over my bag and salad for some reason. I hade also asked for sour cream in the drive through and didn't get it the first time. I went back in to get my order fixed and asked for 2 sour creams again and I assumed they wouldn't mess that up, but yet again they did and gave me 2 straws. So I had to go back inside again and finally get my sour cream. The employees acted like I was a big inconvenience.

Debra Neale

A lot nicer then other Wendy's I've been to. Good food, decent prices


The worst Wendy's in the AV. The drive thru staff cannot multi task causing long lines. The staff have bad attitudes. The parking lot is small and hard to get into due to cars trying to get in from different directions. I go because my little girl likes their nuggets. As soon as I find another place for her I will not be going back. Beware.

Mary Hanna

My husband got a double without cheese, fries, and a soda. He said it was good. It was a good snack before taking a 2+ hour drive to Manhattan Beach.

H. C.

How do you order a sour cream and chives potato and these idiots at Wendy's didnt provide the sour cream! That's the whole point of the Sour Cream & chives potato!! It was apart of my Uber Eats order so not like I can go get it. Im so pissed right now!

Eduardo Martinez

8/11/22 12:50am drive thruBest Wendy's experience I've ever had. Everyone was happy, service was fast and food was fresh and hot. Unfortunately I didn't get a receipt or else I'd call customer service to say they did an awesome job. People who helped me were a young Hispanic male with glasses and a young black male. Both we're very nice!

Irwin Jay Gold

The best fries at any fast food restaurant. Way better than McD or In and Out. Tempting as I try to avoid fried food.

veronica leon

Everyone there was super nice. And the girl with the red hair and pigtails. You look awesome. I love your hair and thank you for being helpful.

Melvin Vargas

O man this place has a lot of issues. Starting with management. If corporate is reading this it’s the lady manager with the blue shirt at 11am. Went in to order and had almost every single employee walk right passed me, grab ice, give food out, sweeping, but greet me or acknowledge me for 5 minutes. Then they all looked frustrated and bothered that I was even there to order food to eat. I feel like I was on an SNL skit or something. Last time I’m ever going to a Wendy’s. Get your business an order yall.

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