Taco Bell

7232 Broadway, Lemon Grove
(619) 460-4916

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Chad W-N

Quick service. Get all substitutions requested down correctly. Friendly crew

kevin ostberg

before bogus plague hours the store was set to be open till 3; but at 2 me and another car sat at the driver thru (i had a mobile order to pick up and who knows for her) while i could see employees in uniform scripts the parking lot working on their car . hour passed then they concurrently shoot if the lights never attending to the pending order or customers. still have it 2 starts though because of that damn crunchwrap

linda tabor

Their $5 craving box is the best. Service is always good. Lines can be long but its worth it

Raaz T.

HAIR IN MY FOODMy food had a hair in it and the manager refused to give my money back. She told the employee to tell me "the General Manager isn't here and tell her to come back tomorrow". The manager said she wasn't authorized to give refunds. Not true!When I put my car in park and wouldn't move she then became authorized to give refunds. The manager is rude, and belligerent She didn't think I heard her talking about me but the workers mic picked up everything she said. Instead of saying sorry about the hair, she got mad that I wanted a refund. She never apologized, no one did. I should have learned my lesson from the last time I had a bad experience. The manager was outside smoking weed with one of the employees on the side of the building which was also reported. But since it was last year, I thought I'd give it another shot.When I told her I was going to call Corporate, she said "I don't care, call whoever you want". The customer service is terrible amd the manager is unprofessional.

Edward Alvarez

Taco bell has really good food to go! Love it.

Melly Esparza

Food was amazing, I only ask if the employees could be a bit more considerate about people's pronouns please:( I understand saying "ma'am" and "sir" is seen as the norm and being polite, however it could be very damaging and hurtful to some customers. It is only a small favor to ask that would mean a whole lot to many people.

Amber I.

Honestly the worst taco bell I've ever gotten food from! There were only 2 items out of the 9 items I ordered. Anywhere from missing protein and sauce, missing a drink, messing up protein, straight up missing 4 items i ordered. You name it, it was wrong. They were 2 for 9 and I'm not even sure they got the two right.

Chris Aikens

Didn’t notice that my order was wrong until I got home. Two items in my order were incorrect. My order should have had two chicken burritos and they gave me 2 chicken tacos and the worst part is the tacos literally had no meat in them at all it was only really the juice from the chicken and a few pieces of lettuce and a whole lot or tortilla. Total waste of money and they should be ashamed for even selling something like that or even letting it go out of that drive thru window. Total rip off!!!!!!!

Ashley Balanay

I know it's kind of weird to do a review of a taco bell, but I really liked their service today. It was free Doritos locos taco day again at taco bell and I had come in earlier today to purchase some lunch, along with the free taco. After receiving my order I noticed they missed my chicken chalupa Supreme.

Vanessa Juarez

Great customer service and they took care of us very well.

Jeffry Hagen

Out of the four (Grossmont, College on El Cajon Blvd, Rancho San Diego, and this one) they are the fastest and most accurate. I once thought it was Rancho San Diego but they're slow and Grossmont has left items out. The college location is just situated poorly for traffic flow if it's busy which can cause tempers to flare.

Mr. Malignance

Great location. The remodel left the inside looking good and a welcoming place to eat. The food has been on the high end of quality. As a long term customer of theirs, I've tried many other locations (from san Diego all the way to here) and there has been only one location that was better.

Kim Burroughs

For a taco bell they are good. My order is usually perfect and the wait times never seem too long.

Helene Sykes

Fast . Cheap. Like the food. Seniors get a free drink. They dont advertise that. But you can ask for it. YEAH!

Georgina Rangel

Love love love Taco Bell whenever I get a chance I swing by if I'm close to 1 always order my chalupa in my nachos with cheese delicious like always always do the drive-thru.

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