Boomer's Cocktail Lounge

5456 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 982-4112

Recent Reviews

Brad Christensen

Great place mello people. Katie was great. Recommended highly.

Chris Carbonell

Big stage,good sound,good drink prices and cool staff

Raul Preciado

*Great live music and Super Friendly Bartenders


This place is cool if you go in a group. Not much fun if you're alone and don't know anyone. People weren't exactly mingling with me while I was there. Kind of "click-ish" if you get my drift...

joe felix

Great place for karaoke and it's small town. Feel

Nina C.

I don't drink alcohol, so you take my review with a grain of salt, but I enjoyed my first time at Boomer's. I came for a DJ event called Trojan Lounge and I really appreciated that this bar has a sound engineer to ensure the music was just right. Nice dance floor, plenty of seating at tables and around the bar, and pool tables for those who like to play. The two stalls in the tiny ladies room stayed stocked with TP. Friendly security. There's a small parking lot, so arrive early for best parking.

Raul A Velderrain

Boomers has some good ole Live Rock n Roll bands.

Raye Ann Ells

Great place to hang out. Listen to live bands & watch sports.

Joseph Amir

Great night! Open Mic was fun. Karaoke was exciting. The MC had me and my buddy laughing and the atmosphere was top notch

teri mcadam

Boomers is a great bar. No cover charge. Darts & pool tables. Friendly bartenders & waitresses . They have a shot bar with just about every flavor you could want. The big draw for me is the live music on weekends. They have the best cover bands ever, that will fill up the dance floor. Fun atmosphere and a guaranteed good time!

Patricia Kinney

Play pool league there occasionally. Good experiences usually!!!

Denise DeDe Nunez-Stanczak

Nice size bar with darts and pool tables, friendly staff and killer live music!

Ruben Herrera

In a somewhat busy lot, semi diverse crowd , on weekends usually packed like sardines due to live entertainment.


Great place good service. We went to open mic sunday and it was great

Diana B.

The 1 star I'm giving is for the band that was there that night. They made a great choice on booking them they were GREAT and deserve 5 stars!....BUT 2 of the Bartenders that Were serving our party were TRASH!, Thee most Rude, Racist, Tip Hungry,Dirty looking girls I've ever came across! You guys won't miss them they Had piles of makeup on! Not to mention they were serving FAKE Vodka!!! This is the second year I've went for that annual Christmas party and this is the first time I've experienced such disgusting behavior from anyone there! NEVER AGAIN! To the owner... That was a great Party turn out Nd I'm sure next year would have been a bigger party that could have made you some great money again... you should probably get those girls trained Nd under control! What a shame Thanx to them I'm sure the host will not be having it there!

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