Fabulous West

1616 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach
(562) 436-2960

Recent Reviews

Michelle R Hall

Sharon & Jim are AWESOME!! Made our visit to Long Beach FANTASTIC! They need a raise!

Alexander Fedorov

Guinness ordered beer and was indignant! This is not beer, but water with black beer, there is no foam, there are no bubbles at all, as it should be with Guinness beer. I drank a couple of sips of this black water with the taste of beer, cleared it with the bartender, even gave tips and left. I WILL NEVER COME AND RECOMMEND MORE

Leslie A.

Coldest beer in town and so fresh. Love the service here. Great crowd

Leslie Ayala

Coldest beer in town and so fresh. Love the service here. Great crowd

Michael Granillo

it's a very nice bar and I don't want people showing up there cuz it's a good crowd and everybody knows each other we don't need any newcomers

Jessica Campbell

Always a great time at the West! Great service, great bartenders, and great times!

Lulu Whitlock

Had a great time . Bartender and her Lil Dog were so nice

Ron Steele 2 groovy

Loudmouth local patrons and occasional music issues when someone takes over the jukebox. Big difference in bartenders, some are slow, some are not easy to know, some are good. Dangerous neighborhood, Trucks everywhere. Cops everywhere too. Indoor smoking area.

Jacinda Rae Flake

the bartenders are awesome !

Andrew Perkins

Nice old time bar. Good bartenders. Met the owner John and had a nice conversation about Notre Dame. Highly recommend.

Casey Perkins

Great bar and John T is the man to see... Sunday funday

Pascual Solorzano

First time it was nice, going back soon.

Joseph Wike

Here it is 730 on a Saturday night and there closed for buisness. I travel around the country and am camped at the local truck stop one block away. Thought I'd have a beer, but the only bar walking distance is closed. I called and the lady was nice she just said the bar needed cleaning. Great what time you gonna open. Tomorrow. That's a good damn cleaning.

Jose Cardenas

Good watering hole. Barkeep Sandra gives great service with like a pretty girl next door charm and looks.


Great bar and John T is the man to see... Sunday funday

Carolyn Frank

It's a fun place .New year's Eve party Mon.

Tony Bee

nice bartender and beautiful women...!!!!

jeffery Frank

It's a fun place .New year's Eve party Mon.

Gary Florence

Usually go there only on Friday and Saturday nights but I've been there other days and the place is very very staff friendly drinks are made real good give them three thumbs up

Laura Stevenson

Great bar tending. Friendly and fun.

KeelyJeanz wilmert

Fun local Bar, everyone is warm and welcoming!

Carmen Hidalgo

John is a wonderful bartender we look forward to see him on Sunday's thank u John for your great bloody Mary's and your outstanding personality.

Simon P.

Went in couple of months ago Sunday evening to see a band. Band playing rock and roll staples all very good. Bar was busy but not overly so. Bartender was ignoring my side of the bar, whenever walked to my side had eyes down. Thankfully the guy helping as bar back took my beer order a couple of times. My suggestion don't book bands if your staff don't want to work, or get staff that can handle it.

Rebecca Miller

had a great time Johnny is an excellent bartender

Shane Sandoval

Love this pub. Great staff! And good beer.

Kat Fatland

We are regulars at this bar but they are closed right now at 10pm on Sunday and we feel mad

Michael Hudson

Had some fun with the owner. Joe was very nice, and personable. He even bought me a beer.

Sophie Noeung

the drinks here are cheap and strong. the people here are nice and funny! there are 2 pool tables a very long bar. the bathroom is clean and the place is animal friendly. there is an enclosed smoking room the is attatched to the bar that is roomy with tables and stools. there is a dart board jenga and direct tv also in that room. you can bring in your own foood. they have their own private parking lot and if it were to get full, there is plenty of parking on the street.

Heather Heleman

Irene is a really great bartender, she is super sweet. Definitely coming back here.

Cindy Gutierrez

Super chill, laid back dive bar. Friendly staff and nice owner that will sit and have a drink with you. Drinks are poured heavy, and the place is really cool to sit around and hang out at. They have 2 pool tables and a nice jukebox. Prices are average and they have a good beer selection, on tap and bottles/cans. They also have a bucket of coronas, 6 beers for $20.

Monica Bell

It also has an out side that you can relax

Rick S.

Great place! ..... lots of tv's ...lotto, stiff drinks....its perfect . still have yet to see Kanye here though :(

Nena A.

Unknown to Long Beach stopped by for a michelada and to my suprise they made a bomb one.

Tricia H.

What makes it fabulous is Dena, plain and simple. You go to a bar to socialize and drink - and Dena makes them both happen efficiently. She'll remember your drink if you've been there a few times, she can recommend a drink if you're in the mood for something and can't quite put your finger on it, you don't start growing cobwebs waiting for refills and she keeps the banter at high-speed through it all. One thing that irks me about some bartenders in Long Beach are (1) the craft snobs and (2) the regular snobs. You can feel the smug waft off of them like the stench of a dead body - equally certain to kill a good time. That doesn't happen on Dena's shift. Whether she's popping the cap off a Budweiser, pouring well drinks or whipping up a top shelf Long Island, she's got you covered, plays no favorites and it shows. I'd follow Dena to any bar she tended!

Ashley R.

It was great! Waiter was good food could have been better! I would like to sit near the front next time

Butch H.

Love the West with Dena . She welcomed everyone and mixes a great cocktail. For a local dive bar it is a fun place to chill . You want a fun time hang at the West when Dena is serving up drinks

Lauren S.

Not from around the area and decided to come after dinner on a Saturday night after finding this place on Yelp. First, I just want to say that this is definitely a dive bar, so I was a bit let down since I was expecting something a little nicer based off the other Yelp reviews. There were maybe 6 people in the whole place and the surrounding area seemed pretty sketchy at night, but again I'm not from around there so maybe not. That being said, the bartender was super nice/attentive and two people bought rounds while we were there. Drinks were super strong and the music was a really good selection of throwbacks.

Bee R.

1st timers and all the mixed drinks we have had, are the best!! Dena the bartender is the best!!! I don't mind driving back to long beach for her drinks!!

Paul P.

Great bar. Highly recommend to anyone who frequents bars.the waitress was hot and very friendly. She hooked me up with the top self stuff. Can't wait to go back.

Jamie S.

Awesome experience. I loved the vibe as soon as I walked to the place. The waitresses were great and very helpful for someone who isn't from around here. Great food and drinks too.