1705 Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach
(562) 432-1776

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Junior D.

Service here has upgraded. The staff has gotten better. This place is more chill now. Before was really scary to have your kids with you but this next visit was really more easy to enjoy our meal. Last time was a bunch of homeless people begging for money while we was eating. Really !! But today and lately I've seen such a way better environment. Good job guys!

El Jo

Somethings are best left unsaid.

Rogers butler

McDonald's is always special the service is really great and I love the new automated checkout. What I don't like to see more of its order before you arrive and just pick up.

Dee Lara

The food was great. Chicken nuggets were a little dry and over cooked though..

Ricky Sencida

Breakfast is good and I like orange juice

Luis O.

I've been here plenty of times and didn't have anything special about my experience but Wendy and Ambar today changed that. I came in after a long day from work and decided to grab a bite for my family and I. I had seen an advertisement for some free fries somewhere and just asked but didn't care too much. I was tired and just wanted to get home but both young ladies navigated me to help me get those free fries. It wasn't anything big they did but the small things matter in the food industry as I myself work in food service.

Joanna G.

I decided to use my mobile curb side pick app everthing was great till the team member brought me my food after five minutes and it wasn't what i ordered she quickly verified my order on my phone and went back inside and came out five additional minutes later with the correct order. When i get home my big mac was not assembled properly they put two burger patties , pickles, Mac sauce onion on the top layer and just cheese, lettuce and mac sauce, and onions on the bottom layer. My son also found a hair in his 10 piece chicken nuggets. It went from bad to worst real quick

R brar

One of my favorites nice and fast service and I enjoy my fruit oatmeal

lisa thomas

Nice friendly staff once you understand what to do after using app to purchase food.

Herman Grajeda

I don't like those place bcs it's expensive to eat for two people.

Reynaldo G.

Horrible customer service... the customer is certainly not a priority here and I do not want to come to this McDonald's under current management!

Ron Barry

We stop in here often. The place is great. service is usually good. The wait is pretty quick depending on what you order. It has parking for larger trucks. They are very proficient at keeping the lobby and eating areas very clean. My kiddos love it for the happy meals. Of course the toy that comes with it is their favorite. I recommend this place. The folks that are regulars are very nice. Safe place.

Amy Sahli

In spite of the heavy foot traffic this place is very clean and the employees are kind, courteous and hard working. It is set up more like a dine in place than a fast food place except that there's a deve through window. The restrooms don't have those annoying coded locks on the doors.

Nancy Lopez

Its fast food not slow food. No lids for our cups. No sauce for our chicken nuggets. No ice-cream working machine ever! Why? Why have ice- cream on the menu if machine is always not operating. Its just Mc Donalds

Gina Granillo

What's expected from McDonald's except lots of homeless people outside. Makes me feel real 😢

Shirley Thomas

We always order the 1/2 lb beeps burger with pickles and american cheese and an order of curly fries. It comes out to ~$15 which isn't inexpensive but it's absolutely worth it. The two burger patties are deeply browned on the outside but still incredibly juicy, and are smothered in melted american cheese. The lettuce, tomato, and occasional onion are fresh and the pickles are the perfect vinegary balance to the fatty, juicy bite. The brioche bun is soft but holds up well to the giant burger and offers the perfect Meat to Bun ratio of any burger I've had in Long Beach. The whole thing is upgraded with the perfectly cooked curly fries on the side. mmmmmm. Think I'll have to get one now.

Juan G.

Its Mc Dees yo its always great here

Tamra Vasquez

I love that there are several self order/self pay kiosks at this location. It is located right on a major transportation highway with many local and long haul truckers stopping here. Sometimes they may sit in the corner and pass time playing cards and drinking coffee, but I've never felt disrespected by anyone in the establishment. Never a long wait time for me at all.

Dustin Williams

Great service at this location. Food is also always HOT.

Renee H.

The worst service ever had a McDonald's the bathrooms were filthy the employees treated us like a piece of shit the Manger Cisco didn't even care that we were dining in and we used one of their numbers off of the machine they refused to deliver it to us at the table to the table had to go up and pick up our food and gave us attitude for the whole thing McDonald's is never been like that before this is the worst one ever if you ever come to the one off of Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach avoid it is like the plague



1705 Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90810