1705 Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach
(562) 432-1776

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Juan Beltran jcpm . com

Today early in the morning at the drive thru we specifically asked for one "Sausage Egg Muffin" without egg and one without meat. Drove away came to find out that both were without egg and only sausage!

Fabii A.

Went through drive through and end up not getting the order I wanted. I ordered a Big Mac combo and as my drink I asked for an ice caramel mocha. I was told I couldn't substitute my drink. I had to get a fountain drink which I never had a problem paying the extra money for an upgrade drink. I also ordered a happy meal and also wanted to upgrade to a caramel frappe as the kids drink, and again I couldn't do that. I was confused as I used to work for McDonald's for 3 years and never heard such a thing. I had no choice but to get my food with fountain drinks and pay the additional ice coffee and frappe too. Now I'm left with two fountain drinks that I did not need. To top it off, they didn't even give me an iced caramel mocha, just an iced mocha.

Daniel Emerson

The usual McDonald's. I only went cause my kid likes it. Unfortunately.

Zachary Nielsen

Food was as great as it could be but, the bathroom was my problem. While I was in there someone began to shower in the bathroom. All I have to say

Jleen S.

Terrible terrible I order a caramel frapp as usual and it taste like water and ice so I asked if they can remake it and even talk to the manager and refused to make it and said ice is suppose to be in there obviously, but do you wanna chew on ice the entire time clearly to much ice

West Wing

Wait two minutes in parking stall one... it’s been five ten minutes but they compensated me with a free breakfast. Thank you Mr. Pavel

Camille Johnson

Service was great and fast and efficient. But the food wasn't that great, I usually get my hamburger with big Mac sauce on it and I have to always tell them could they go easy on the Mac sauce tho....cuz it's disgusting tryna wipe all that Mac sauce off your hamburger other than that it will just keep oozing out every time you bite it then it tastes too tangy if there is too much as well. So this McDonald's did not listen to me when I said light Mac sauce. It tasted like I was eating a vinegar burger... yuck!....they need to change the amount the dispenser pushes out because quite frankly one squirt is too that just means it's coming out excessively which means a number of that it takes away from the taste of the hamburger it self... making it taste vinegary and tangy....but when they do listen and actually just put light Mac comes out perfect.

carmelo Napoles

This place is disgusting. Full of truckers. Central Americans speak bad words and very loudly. They are sitting occupying many seats also their trucks. Parked in the parking lot, there are no spaces available for real customers. They are always there (every day). The days I want to eat and I want to try to find a space, but I'm not lucky.

Paola Alvarez

I doint like girl in the want willow st santa fe ahe took my order and it was mad....

Montzerrat Arellano

Why do their chicken nuggets always taste and look like they've been refried? Can they give fresh chicken nuggets or is the fryer broken too, so they giving us the old stuff?

Luckie N.

Slowest drive thru ever!!! Incompetent, inconsiderate, and lazy bunch of workers here!!!

Gerardo Diaz

Gave me a single mcmuffin patty instead of chicken nuggets. Had to go back and wait in line again. Other time I wanted to order a couple of combos but manager didn't have change for a hundred I guess

Blanca A.

I walk up to the counter front of the counter to use my breakfast coupons only to find out there no more "breakfast all day" yet the screen clearly says "all day breakfast". I walk to the kiosk where it says "2 for 4.50" deal on the breakfast sandwiches if it is no longer being served why is it on the kiosk and front menu? I place my order and get my two breakfast sandwiches. Is there or is there not all day breakfast?

Gummi Candy

Good food, prices, helpful employees, and a great place to hang out overall. My fiancé and I are regulars there, and we usually eat there to watch anime, and play some games. We try to keep the volume as low as we can, and we don't bother anyone (although sometimes we do have loud moments, but I've seen other regulars be rowdy, and they also stay there all afternoon/evening) This has never been an issue, no employee or manager has ever complained in the entire year we've been doing this. Until recently, some uptight manager

john a.

I went inside to use the free Wi-Fi -no big deal.

wayne p

Sunday morning hash browns way under cooked. Raw and cold in the middle

Genna Muhammad Allah

"McDonald's is my kinda place"....I usually pull into McDonald's when I am in despair such as, I have driven so far that my head and eyes hurt, so I have to get one of those pineapple/mango smoothies...or re-center my gps, or use the rr. So, on this particular evening I was hungry as !!!!! and needed to stop and regroup. I couldn't believe the kind and sincere service that I got from the lady at the counter (The other workers said she was new and couldn't remember her name correctly; I think it started with an "M". At any rate, she assisted me with a pleasant smile, and patience. That's the kind of customer care that I like...not that old, snappy, ugly rude service that I had received at almost every establishment that I'd visited around the local So Cal areas that's so sadly spreaded like a bad disease here in Atlanta. Keep up the great service!


It's fast food lol

Esteban Garagarza

Food good

James Patterson

My family and I enjoy going to McDonald's I think there's only been one time in my life well I was unhappy with a McDonald's and I believe that was an Illinois other than that McDonald's has always taken care of me and my family I took my kids when they were growing up now my kids take my grandchildren it's always a great place to grab a bite to eat and I've never been into a McDonald's with a restaurant inside was dirty McDonald's in Target it's headed out of the ballpark as far as catering to the millennials that's why you see so many young people at McDonald's not only that they also cater tell senior citizens and they do an outstanding job at that thank you McDonald's for doing such a great job

Em Sauce

I forgot my orange juice when I went to the drive thru today and went inside to retrieve it. When I found the person that served me I said "I forgot my oj". She then and turned to me and said "I told you to wait." Customer service is everything at McDonald's because the food is the same everywhere.

Walter L.

This has to be the worst McDonald's I've ever been to. The cashiers always get my orders wrong. Would not recommend this place.

Luis Ayala

Super fast and friendly service

Sheila plascencia

I eat ice alot so I go in for the ice but love there big macs

Steve Aranda

Great truck and great food.

Renee Chavira

Employees are very prejudiced unless you're Mexican. And there's always people outside begging for change

Paloma Martinez

This is truck stop central on the daily. The staff is good and add ketchup, straws and napkins without having to ask. They also get the order right every time.

David Arias

They Have the Best Apple Pie Deal's Ever 2 for$1.69 plus tax there atmosphere for Chest Tornaments is Super

Kevin Alford

Same great taste you've come to love over the years

Sean Tomlinson

Don't know if everybody got a raise or what but they were hella nice lol fast service too.

Gema Lopez

Worst experience ever, was in the drive through lane for over 1/2 an hour with 2 cars ahead..

Ken Nichols

McDonald's normally has really good french fries well I didn't get no french fries yesterday. Know what I did get was good it wasn't great or the best breakfast, but good

Leticia Medina

The worst experience ever how can any mc Donald’s run out of large cups I was exited for my large iced coke , I waited in the drive thru for ever , terrible service I spoked to the manager Adriana she has terrible attitude she was yelling at me basically saying she’s not going to help me then she blamed it on general manager Rafa .

Eric Heilsberg

clean and great burgers.. yummy !

Evon S.

These people are very racist Hispanic people who talk about other race of people - the manager was told about it and did not try to find a solution to solve the issue from one of their cashiers that work here ! Poor customer service.

B G.

This guy deserves the 5 stars his name is Thomas!! Every time i pass by for coffee or my kids get some food he is always in a great mood takes pride in his work this is something I respect. His customer service is always top notch! I've seen him at the drive through at least more than 8 times and each and every time he is happy and we are greeted and talked to it's hard to get that now a days and I'm sure he will get far in life with that personality, thank you Thomas!

Brittany B.

This McDonald's has Horrible Customer service, I've been to many establishments and this place by far is the worst . Food is also Mishandled & I am Certified In food safety so coming to this McDonald's had me discouraged.

Brandy Ramos

Other Mc Donald are too slow, I like how fast the drive thru goes here.

Marimaty Jimlara

This place is always full alot of trucks here alot of people all the time he time I have stop but drive thru is fast good service

Magnolia Tyus

The people are very welcome and they do a very good job.