Popbar at The Hangar in Long Beach

4150 McGowen St #12, Long Beach
(562) 420-5180

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Maisha R.

Popbar is best known for their bars and that's what we probably should have gotten. We were lured in by the gelato shakes, which were served with a waffle cone and whipped cream on top. Many of the flavors sounded good, particularly the pumpkin pie, but as a cookies and cream lovers, we opted for that flavor. Our shakes were made relatively quickly given the sizable line and when they came out, they looked exactly like the picture. But, after we took the first sip, we realized that they looked better than they tasted. Something wasn't right and we suspected that it was the ratio of gelato to milk. Expecting a nice, thick shake, we got almost the consistency of cereal milk with bits of cookie mixed it. It needed to be richer and creamier...and thicker, like a shake. Despite their openness to making it again, neither one of us finished it. Next time I stop by, I'll be getting their namesake, a bar!

Cristina Pinheiro

The gelatoshakes are incredible. Cookies and cream is my fav but they have so many flavors. Sooo creamy and delicious.

Mark C.

If you're in the mood for splurging on an ice cream bar, this is the place to do it. It cost $5.50 for a popsicle bar. I highly recommend adding the chocolate dip as it was simply divine.

Beverly G.

This is a hidden gem! I just discovered this place today and although I feel their popsicles are a little pricey, it is definitely worth it! The flavor is so creamy and doesn't feel too heavy in your gut like other dairy products do. I was sad to take the last bite! Definitely get the Chocolate covered matcha bar or coconut!

Danny H.

I always like a good little dessert and here we have it. If you're super into popsicles then this is your place. It's a super trendy popular place that usually has a line. The staff are super friendly and there are lots of options for what to get. Side note: Last night at the LBX location we found they have shakes now. I have never seen these at the Packing House location in Anaheim but they are delicious. And really cute too. See pics for what I'm talking about. Overall I would definitely try Popbar for a dessert option hands down. Let me know what you think.

Chandana N.

I've been to this location 4 times now and I can't complain. The service is always great and when they have a rush the employees still have a smile on their face. I always tend to get the same thing every time. I know what I like, so there's no point of trying something new just in case I don't like it since I'm SO DENG PICKY lol. I always get green tea with dark chocolate completely covered with chocolate sprinkles and white chocolate drizzle. You gotta try that combo if you haven't!

Marisa A.

I came here for my son's birthday. I honestly feel this place is overrated. There is nothing special about this place other than they make them in front of you. I honestly thought they would have more choices. I was not impressed.

Leslie C.

All natural gelato on a stick. Yes please!! I love this!! Located inside The Hangar, I had to try this. I feel like I had a great dessert and a lot less guilt. So many flavor and topping options. I went with one of their popular choices, the chocolate covered pistachio bar. I'm glad they had a list with some options to choose from too, because I wasn't feeling like creating my own this time. A lot of people talk about how expensive this can get. I can see where it can add up if you are adding a lot to it. My bar was only $6 and I feel like it's a fair price for a dessert, especially for the quality, and it's a perfect portion size. Fast service. I will definitely return.

Joseph Ginder

Pricey delicious popsicles and ice cream bars

Erik A.

This place is located inside The Hanger in Long Beach. Friendly staff. Prices seem a little high but once you taste it, it's worth it. A huge variety of flavors and options. I've enjoyed it each time.

Abigail C.

Overpriced & mediocre ice cream at best. This place is definitely overrated! I always wanted to try this place and was super excited when they put one in at The Hanger. I tried their ice cream sandwich bar which is basically the ice cream bar with any toppings/drizzle sandwiched between 2 chocolate cookies. Ice cream sandwiches are usually soft and chewy but what they used was a hard cookie. I was not impressed and would've preferred a sandwich bar from an ice cream truck!

Alyssa T.

We love Popbar! So glad to finally have one close to us in Long Beach. Yummy flavors and toppings, only downside is it's a little pricey & staff could be more customer service oriented and happy.

Melissa S.

So many places to eat under one roof, love this place especially the Ban Mi, Turkish Fried, craft beer, and many more places under this roof. It can get pretty busy but its amazing to have so many choices under one roof. Can't wait to try the chicken as everyone is raving about it.

Azalea Flores-Moreno

Absolutely delicious and refreshing. I want to try all flavors! Customer service was excellent, friendly staff and great place to hangout. Highly recommend this place.

Bethany M.

Such a delicious dessert or snack the workers explained everything and every question I had. Such a nice staff. I would go every day if I could!!

Mohamed E.

The place has a nice vibe with nice crowd from all walks of life. It's exciting to see this area transforming in such a short period of time. Highly recommended!

S L.

Some very, very interesting eatery places that share one roof. I'm sure the word isn't quite out about the Hangar, but once it has, I'm sure there won't be any parking or tables available. There isn't much growth for the place as I would say that the planning in building all of LBX was lacking the ability to grow as the place gets crowded. LBX has been open since April 2018 and I'm from Long Beach, live in Bixby Knolls. I only just found out what the hangar was when driving around the back to get to Whole Foods. I saw a restaurant place through the window and got excited. I had to look inside and saw all that was hiding inside. I was in awe as this is not your standard food court with Mc Donald's, Panda Express, or Hot Dog on a stick. This IS a showcase of some very interesting eateries that are either unique or new to the area. They have Korean, Vietnamese, Mexican, Japanese, Beer, Mediterranean/ Persian, a dessert place, a poutine cafe type place, hot fried chicken, and much more. I tried Marinate Korean BBQ and it was awesome, tasty, and wholesome real food. Come try the Hangar out - It's awesome and unexpected - Yay for Long Beach!!!

Eric F.

A great collection of eateries just a stone's throw away from LGB, this place is perfect for a meal in the huge outdoor patio on a nice day. Portola Coffee Lab is here for quality caffeination, while savory offerings spanning the excellent JayBird's fried chicken to Mexican and Japanese hand rolls are available too. For drinks, Bottlecraft has a great draft list plus several large TVs for sports watching. The proximity to even more eats & drinks like Silverlake Ramen, Susiecakes and Tastea is icing on the cake.

Debra Hibma

I stood in line for over ten minutes (not the problem) I placed my order went to pay & the counter girl said oh we’re only taking cash. No sign, no warning as we were standing in line; just terrible service & staffing. Maybe a higher level of training, like understanding you’re in a service industry & that was terrible service.

Faviola Silva

Delicious Gelato Pops! Awesome service!

Athina L.

Great spot to check out before you head to the airport. There is a variety of different restaurants inside the food court style area and outside of it. Across the street there is also a TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack. It's a really nice area. I would definitely come here if I need to kill some time for a delayed flight.

Steven W.

Newly-ish opened food court with a modern twist located in a hangar so it's cool to see airplane and pilot history and the height of the hangar makes the space seem larger. They seem to have a variety of cuisines from Mexican, to American to Vietnamese to sweets and drinks. It's a good chill hangout spot to catchup and dine inside or outside in the patio with free parking.

Oceanana B.

Never seen an a popsicle place before so I had to try it! I got the coconut gelato popsicle fully dipped in milk chocolate. It was hands down the best popsicle I've ever had! Can't wait to go back!

Tess V.

Just finished eating at a nearby ramen house and there was a call for ice cream.... this is what we found. Sometimes you don't even need to be a seeker and then you find something... had the mango gelato pop half dipped in milk chocolate with almond drizzle. Finished it way too fast. Line was more like people fanning around the counter yet we all got served! Would come again and bring the kids. Fun place to walk around... lots of families and groups just relaxing and enjoying the laid back vibe.

Neal M.

Found out that one of my favorite restaurants - The Kroft - had opened up a location near my work. This made me happy since their Tustin location closed a few months ago and that was near my home. So I went one Friday after work and their poutines were just as delicious as I remember. My only nitpicks is that they don't have a delivery service in their app. Hopefully they can work with some food delivery service and fix that. This isn't enough of a problem to merit less stars. Also, the Waze app can't seem to find The Hangar by address. It'll take you to a location about 3 blocks away. Again, not The Hangar's problem so they don't get dinged for it. There are a bunch of interesting restaurants at this location so I think I might be exploring my choices on the way home from work for the next few months.

Alex K.

Honestly Long Beach has completely changed from when I grew up there. Met up with some girlfriends for brunch and a much needed catching up. Someone suggested meeting here as it has a lot of variety. At first I was like, a food court..... Much to my surprise, it's more than just a food court. From the moment you step on the grounds, I was like this is pretty cool. It's held in one of the hanger and once inside, the options of food was quite impressive. You order and pick up your meal and find a seat. Plenty of seats inside but can get crowded as it does get really busy. Plus plenty of outside seating as well. There's a cute little area for kids to play around. Also it's near plenty of shopping and other restaurant that's on the property. Now it's just when ever I'm in Long Beach again, it's a must for a meal.

Becky G.

$6.00 a pop with specialty toppings was ok yet not very explosive with taste. The selection however was great. This was a must try. The only downfall was the cashier seemed way too eager to ring us up... felt kind of rushed.

Melody C.

My little cousins love this place. Two of our favorite toppings are the white chocolate with hazelnut and the dark chocolate with coconut. We've come at varying times during the week and on weekends. Always a fun little place to stop by and have the little ones "create" their own pops!

Effirama Q.

Yea! Finally got to check this place out since I missed the yelp event :( Ive gone to Union Station a few times with my twin. Liberty Station in SD with my boyfriend as well the Packing District in Anaheim. The Hangar is smaller than the others I have mentioned. We initially couldn't find it because it's surrounded by a strip mall. Like its counterparts, it's true to its theme. It used to be a hangar so there were Lots of Aviation pictures and memorabilia. The menu of the restaurants is posted on a flight schedule screen. Being that it is smaller there weren't as many restaurants/bar options. However, My bf ran into a classmate of his who was there with her family. Since they live close and have gone to the hangar quite a bit, they suggested Jay Bird as the best option. The line for Jay Bird was probably the longest but we ended up going to Mediterranean place (I think it was called Doner...will update once I remember the name). We shared a wrap which my boyfriend ate most of it...so we liked it! For me it was a little spicy but we got a side order of dolmas that we both really thought it was pretty good. Next stop was Bottlecraft. I'm so not a fan of IPA's and had saw one that sounded really good. The bartender overheard me tell my boyfriend that it sounded good buts it's an ipa. The bartender told me that it actually doesn't taste like your traditional ipa because milkshake ipa. He was right. A cup of Ambition ipa for me and my boyfriend got the blood orange mint kombucha. Next I got a sour. We left to head to ballast point so I wasn't able try out Popbar or Portla. Even though it smaller, I was pleased with the options.

ronalyn m.

I absolutely love the vibes at this awesome place! When I first came here, I knew it wasn't going to be the last and it just keeps getting better and better. Food, desserts, coffee, beer, shopping all in one area...it's just great! I've almost tried something from each food stall, there's still a few more that I will eventually try. Here are a few of my favorite eats... Amorcitos: I'm not a big salad fan but their taco salad (topped with your choice of protein) that fits on a pizza pan is yummy for a salad. I also like their potato taquitos. Oh and they now serve Micheladas...a definite plus! The Kroft: my daughter loves their chili mac n' cheese (but without the chili). Cheese curds are always good because I love cheese and I recently tried their porchetta sandwich...delish! Almost forgot about the Cheeseburger eggrolls...one of my guilty pleasures, simple yet so yum! Bottlecraft: If you love beer, check this spot out...there's always something new to try! Temakira: Finally tried it because they now serve Salmon Skin Handrolls which is my fave! Bite Mi: Good vietnamese coffee and you can't go wrong with their sandwiches. Doner: Turkish/Meditteranian spot is good too. I had the Fladenbrot with beef and it was quite tasty! I want to try one of their plates next. If you haven't checked this place out yet then you are for sure missing out!

Christopher M.

Found another Popbar... this one is in The Hanger (Long Beach) which opened not too long ago. Decided to have an popgelato before I take care some business in the area. Popgelato is actually gelato on the stick. It's not an Popsicle, I know most people called it Popsicle when it obviously not. There's an big difference between popgelato and popsicle. For dessert, I got the cookie and cream popgelato with dark chocolate drizzle and hazelnut. Heavenly good as always. It's very enjoyable during summer time, especially in the beach city, even though it's not near the beach. Service here was excellent. Very friendly customer service. The ladies were super nice. I'll be back for more popgelato.

Susan R.

Came here on an early Friday night so keep that in mind. After having my mouth catch fire with Jay Birds chicken tender thought I'd try the Gelato pops. I got just plain strawberry, it was delicious. Someone hit on a good idea and it was tasty. Servers were friendly and smiled. The only thing keeping me from giving this place 5 stars is the price. A little under $5. for a pop seems a little too high but consider where they are, the had plenty of staff and I'm sure the rent is high. Because of the classy, fun looking display it's a bit hard to get into this place - people just want to see the display not order so it was a bit confusing where the line was or if there was a line. I would recommend this place to my friends and family.

Camille O.

The Hangar is a sweet little spot in Long Beach. Think of Anaheim Packing House but less crowded and more of a chill and relaxed vibe. The nice thing is that there's A LOT of parking and there are other businesses around it like Orange Theory, Grit, Ulta, Susie Cakes and Tastea. My and sister and I went for a Yelp Elite event and got a try a bunch of food we wouldn't have had otherwise. Overall, I really enjoyed the ambiance of this place. Awesome vendors like The Kroft, Bite Mi, Portola, Temakira, Doner G and Popbar to name a few. Plus it doesn't hurt that I'm only two miles away!

Janine D.

What a great addition to the Long Beach food scene. Following the theme of aviation travel, this food hall has a definite international flavor - Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and delicious American grilled cheese! Plus more...a great place to meet friends and grab a bite!!

Ashley Spence

Delicious dessert bars, wide variety of chocolate dips, and lots of toppings.

Aliinani M.

Super cool spot to hang out, get good eats & take pix! Decent amount of foodie options from Korean, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican along with a full bar of spirits and dessert. Great for family or to bring a date. I had a salmon bowl from Marinate Korean BBQ spot. Big portion, big yum! Only thing that bugged me was fricken flies due to the open doors.

Jon B.

What brought me here was Jay Bird's Chicken inside The Hangar. Coming to this location I was at awe, the surrounding area is reconstructed into a shopping and restaurant district, formerly part of Boeing's aviation center. Underneath one roof is various food vendors and a few boutique shops. The feel inside and exterior is brand new. It does cater to lots of businesses nearby, especially Boeing employees because the company is just right across the street. Nice choices to come here for lunch time. However, food may not come cheap due to the fact they're modern and trendy types. In the mix are: The Kroft, Bite Mi, Pop Bar and Bootlecraft just to name a few. You can use their front outdoor patios to relax or have a group lunch on picnic tables. Also, great area for picture taking. Outside you will find aviation themed, posters and decors. If you're in the area I'd recommend coming here at LBX (Long Beach Exchange) mostly for the food hall, in comparison it's larger than SteelCraft and it definitely beats out the food court in Lakewood mall.

Dee R.

Love the bars, great rich flavor but it sucks that they melt so fast, and make a big mess.

Mel M.

I'm a fan coz I like hanging out at airports and hangars! It's a hangar converted into a food hall. It's been open for only about 4 months I believe. For San Diego Yelpers it's similar to Liberty Station except they are still adding new businesses. There's about 14 or so that you can choose from right now. Similar to Anaheim's Packing District. First weekend of summer and it's hot outside. When you walk in depending on what side you walk in. Either you will enter from the Bottle Craft beer place or Portola the coffee place. I entered from Portola coz I luv coffee. I instantly was cooled down by the giant fans from the high ceilings and aircon. I loved the airlines style arrival and departing sign that continuously clicks over like a European train station. This tells you who the shops and food people are and what number stall they are at. I walked around to take in the historical photos that are along the perimeter of the walls and enjoyed all the aviation items displayed. Many with amazing stories I'm sure. So this is Long Beach and I like how they incorporated humor into it. As you walk up from the coffee side there's a huge shaka sign on the right. So who here is from Hawaii? Right on braddah or tiddah whoever added a touch of Aloha to this place. At Donar Kebab the door for employees says "G's only." LOL And hey babe. J-dawg is at Jay Bird's coz apparently they can "Pop it like it's HOT." Then the letters "LBC" is in that Gangsta old English font. I just can hear NWA in my head piping through. If you want some Vietnamese sandwiches then you can just go to Bite Mi and get a side order of Kiss My Hass. Luv the humor. I had a fun time here talking to all the workers and having a good laugh. There are Vegan donuts available. There's seating inside and out. Lots of people sat out on the grass coz it was hot today. It's nice to see the LBC has LBX The Hangar. We had some Poutine, ice cream and iced coffee. This is located right beside the Long Beach Airport. Mel M Yelp 19:35

Morgan H.

I'm happy that Long Beach now has a food hall! It's smaller than others with less eateries, but nonetheless there are a good variety of options. I love the art, trees, and light fixtures outside. And the fact that it's inside an old airplane hangar is really cool. I was surprised to find that it was hard to find parking, and there aren't a ton of places to sit down inside. There are some tables outside but there were areas where I could definitely see there being room for more. The atmosphere doesn't quite compare to the Anaheim Packing House, but for being the only thing like it in LB I'll definitely be back.

Popbar at The Hangar in Long Beach

4150 McGowen St #12, Long Beach, CA 90808
(562) 420-5180