Taco Bell

1822 Santa Fe Ave, Long Beach
(562) 983-1520

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Richard Mark Ramsey

Great fast service, weekdays happy hour 2-5 pm great discounts, Great staff, most important Food is Always Great.

Estrella ayala

O don't really like the place looks duty


I have always loved Taco Bell since I was a kid , not because of the authenticity but because their food has a good taste when you're looking for a quick fix on junk food Usually the food is ok but lately I've been getting stale chips with my nachos. Also the employees look like they may be high messing up and forgetting items from my order. lol now hiring zombies . lol I said all that to say this like I said before it's a quick fix on junk food. Enjoy!

Norman Skinner

It's all right fast food.

Michael Lawson

This is the oldest Taco Bell on Earth and it is hands down THE WORST Taco Bell on Earth. Horrid location, rude employees, management refuses to correct mistakes, no indoor seating, the outside seating is a total mess. Tables and chairs are covered in trash, old food and inundated with birds and their poo. Even the drive thru is a total fail. 100% Garbage.

Ana Muneton

I waited like 15 minutes and nobody helped me so I left.


Slow and legit can not get an order correct. Not gonna day they stupid, just don’t care.

Huey F.

First of all , the workers here are unprofessional and rude. But now they can't even remember to put the lettuce ? Fucking illiterate degenerates working there

Carmen Rivas

Love this junk food, 😁even when im not suppose to be eating it.

tiina bina

its taco bell, so solid Mexican fast food

Thomas Kingsbury

The food was fine and all I had to give you one star because your soda needs cleaning it taste like mildew so overall I give you zero stars. Not sure if I want to come back thanking about it the reason being is that the soda machine is dirty what else is dirty.

Jasmine Juarez

This is one of the best Taco Bell locations. The wait might be a little slow but it’s a historic spot and the staff is great!

Vaglia Davis

They quick friendly and the food was hot and gave me plenty of napkins


Great service if you go now! Thanks guys!

Lucelia Crockett Finks

Customer service is good..but food is not aways hot

Ed Mcmillen

My favorite taco bell.....staff is nice.food always fresh and hot....customer for 35 years....this location one of the original taco bells in long beach......

Aaron Cook

It's a good place. However a few times they forgot items. Still go back.

Silver Paws

Really nice people and the food is really good for taco bell

Daniel Jensen

I've had to live on bean and cheese burritos a few time's in my life, but the beans were burnt. Totally unacceptable. I don't care if it's store number two, and as of now is the oldest taco hell in the world.

Mirian L.

Do I really have to give them one star!? That's way too much for those two lazy asses who starred at me for over 3 minutes, with the windows closed, did not talk to me, they were talking and laughing between them, like, seriously!? I don't even want to spend my energy thinking and writing about it anymore... thanks God for the Mac Donalds across the street where I got hot fries and a smile!!! Don't waste tour time and money on that GARBAGE place called Taco Bell!!! :(

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

1822 Santa Fe Ave, Long Beach, CA 90810