Taco Bell

2545 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach
(562) 427-1441

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anna smith


Taehoon Lee

Just picked up the food and got back to my office. I am missing 2 shredded chicken quesadilla melts. Instead i have a single crunch taco. Called the phone number and all I get is a busy line. No time to go back to the location to adjust the order, so I am missing food and missing money. If I can?t get the correct order, no way I am going back to this location EVER.

Phoenix Phoenix

Staff forgot a lot of my items. Took forever to receive food. Asked for manager, but was told there was no supervisor on duty. Called next day and no one answered. Went back and couldn't get a manager to talk to. So I will not return here. Gave 2 stars cause food was hot when received. Still have my receipt if management would like to make it a better experience.

Calvin Deas

I don't often eat fast food, but when I do this place offers good service and decent food.

Christopher Brine

Taco Bell's are all pretty much standardized. Nothing particularly great or bad. Pretty good as a whole.

Kj Jackson

very good nacho bell grande and have good chalupas.

Sreyrath C.

I order nachos and they specifically asked what type of meat i told them and this what i get no meat wtf?

Miguel Bervera

Who ever prepares the food in this location dont do their job correctly. My order is incomplete, part of my order is missing. Incorrect change from cashier. And I said no sour cream, yet there's a bunch of sour cream. Do your job right!

Mae M.

Ordered using mobile app. Went in to pick up my order 910982. Order was ready except had to wait 5 minutes for drinks. Then I get home no Mexican pizza! Is really that hard to read the order?!?! No quality service that we usually get when we pick Taco Bell.

Nadine Rodriguez


Phillip Diaz

Good service good food way too expensive

James Molina

Tried the triple crunch wrap it had that great taco Bell taste tht I love and although it had a lot of filling, It didn't break open. I was surprised that it didn't make a mess good goin Taco Bell. Thanks.

Jacob E.

How dare you take off the almighty double decker off the menu!!! The new menu looks horrible! Really uncatchy!!! Service was "fairly" ok, not impressed.

Kenneth Yanez

It's taco Bell. Why are you looking for a review. You should know what to expect and you should know what you want before you go. Stop taking long in drivethru. There's no excuse.

Emilee Caro

The staff is generally friendlyâ??however, we were missing an item in our order and a couple of our items weren't correctly customized.These problems seemed to be a pattern as 2 other people in the restaurant came up and complained about incorrect orders, too, but the staff and was quick and efficient at fixing the issues. The bathrooms were very unclean but were swiftly attended to when the problem was brought to the staff's attention.

Karen Hemperly

Place was filthy, food on the tables also I found a rock in my food atleast

Jake Mendez

I had the Nacho Fries Box and it was the best thing I ever had at Taco Bell and it's kinda cheap for the price. Totally worth it (also I'm not a bot)

Mike D.

Great taco bell as I work night shift. Always good flow and quick service. Always friendly and happy to help you for the night. I work in the ER and Always feeds our staff thanks taco bell!!!

Christina P

Ordered a 5 dollar nacho fries box. Received my food and tried the fries and they were old and cold ,normally I would try the fries before I leave the drive thru for this reason. However my time was limited and was unable go back . The cheese was hot and everything else was cold & room temperature. Disappointed.

Jeff Briones

Why are you looking at reviews for Taco Bell? This one was nice and clean. Satisfied?

Joseph Vargas

Taco Bell will be my ultimately favorite restaurant of all times since they have the best crunchiest tacos and tostadas made with real tomatoes lettuce cheese cream wow very delicious for me and friends

Bill Morris

Always a good place for a good taco or burrito.

Hayley Slater

Out of this world food with flavour and freshness. Great service and value for money. Only criticism is the toilet facilities. You have to get the key to use the only single unisex toilet available, and unfortunately for the duration of my visit is was occupied by men so I had to use the toilets at Starbucks nearby.

Tri Hoang

Good service but very slow especially if there is a long line waiting at the drive thru.

Laura Torres

Cinnamon twists were broken, and during happy hour the freeze machine was broken. Also asked for easy sauce on 3 quesadillas, and this was only done on one while the other two had extra sauce

Jasmin P.

I feel so bad for the owner of this location because the employees on shift for this day 6/23/19 are so unprofessional did not greet you when you walk in so I decided to order through a screen touch system where you could place your own order inside the restaurant. As I'm waiting for my food I'm observing each and one of the employees and they are just laughing chit chatting and speaking about the customers. A girl on the shift had let another girl know that she had a big line waiting for her and she responded with "idc they could wait" and started laughing there is this young man name victor super loud and unprofessional he needs to speak less and work more the shift leader was not even respected by her team one of the girls even scream a Hispanic bad word "BABOSO" which mean idiot in English so loud that all the customers looked over to them and were disappointed I wish corporate would come more often to this location because they are unorganized and they have a open kitchen we're you could see how they are making the food and it looks gross and unsanitary I seen cross contact and even cross contamination employee did not even use the 15/20sec rule of when you wash your hands the proper way. I'm so disappointed they should have secret shoppers more often! And to top it off I've been waiting for my order so long that I still haven't received it that's why I took my time to yelp them my review it's 8:17 and I'm just barely receiving my food!

ThatLadee A.

Ok,I always go to this one but lately has gotten worse. First I had to wait to get my order in like7 min,no one in line mind you, I went in. Drive thru line was too long,another 15 min don't have my food. Drive they guy just standing around people coming back in cause orders are wrong from the drive thru. You can forget the people standing waiting and have along drive thru,they're in their car they can wait. It took 25 min to get 2 t *** I don't know why I went back..I was starving that's right..this time I got stale ass chips for my nachos bell grande,not soggy from cheese..stale! They bend,even the ones that have nothing on them. Just stay away from this one

Marisol Antoniano

Good service. Good ployees good food and fast services l

Samantha Schiller

I'll be honest, the taco bell I have at home is absolute garbage, but this one genuinely feels like they actually care about what they're making and that's what makes me keep coming back.

Junior D.

Taco Bell on long beach Blvd can get busy for lunch. Place gets packed. Also people that show up are a mix of family and hard workers and those that well don't need to be at here at all. Place like a zoo. Crazy here but we good. Get you food here have fun!!!

Nando Gomez

Been coming here since I was a child never have I've had a bad experience ever

Ashley Postel

Love the value menu and the food is filling and budget friendly.

Bobbie R.

Why doesn't this location have a phone number? I found a phone number through Google. When I called, it sent me to a fax machine. So I searched it on Yelp. And I got noises that you used to get when you would connect your dial-up modem to the internet. I was just trying to get some sauce packets added to my takeout order since they don't give you that option through GrubHub. Clearly this location does not want customers being able to contact them.

Pam Bridges

Drive thru experience was awesome .

Aishat Reincarnate

Nasty! Not like any Taco Bell I ever had. Didn't taste right at all. Even the sweet Tea taste like soap.

Matthew Ray

Seems like they've changed their recipes. The breakfast burritos were good & not too salty.

Meli Prieto

Good food great service .

Juliet Salinas

Hadn't pooped in days. This did the trick!

Kelli D.

Horrible Taco Bell, worst I've ever been. Went through the drive through and she told us we couldn't do two separate orders???? That if we wanted two orders we'd have to go back around again???? And was extremely rude about it. The employee was a woman with red hair and tattoos working 2/10/19 around 10/10:30. She was horrid.

Wayne Williams

I just got it and left is typical fast food service was okay