Taco Bell

2545 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach
(562) 427-1441

Recent Reviews

Vickie Faust

Nice place. Fast service..

Mando Jr. Torres

Fast, fresh, my bells are ringing for this place Yeah! Taco bell rocks!

Elizabeth D.

I love how they go above and beyond to have a contactless experience. The only reason I'm giving this a four star is because they forgot my sauce today otherwise they're fast and efficient

Jeffrey Adams

I love this place. Very pleased with the cleanliness of their bathroom as well. They employ a lot of youngsters but well trained in customer service. It's been like this for over a decade strong. Good selection of food for the go. Drive-thru open late and next to the motel. I like the cinnamon ball desert things (believe me... If you've never tried them then you're sleeping... They're hot and gooey on the inside... Bomb).

Crystal Revalee

Food was good but service was not. Alejandrina (name on the receipt) at the drive thru window was rough all the way around. She's also like 6'2" so I minded my p's & q's.

Billy Bernal

Love there food.the frieto burrito's have me at this time


Fast $1.00 menu for a small bite to get.

Kathy Edom

I had the nachos and a soda. Cost over $6. More than I expected. It was still very tasty and I enjoyed it.

Juan Carlos D.

This is the only Taco Bell that has provided me with great customer service in all of Long Beach. The other locations within the city have disappointed me with their awful service, wrong orders, and small portions. I am a weekly patron and the employees at the drive thru have been friendly every time. They follow any special request I make, and when their has been an error on their part, they have made it right without question. I love the Taco Bell food chain and hope to continue being a patron at this location.

Sharon Conkling

Fast $1.00 menu for a small bite to get.

Melia S.

DO NOT go to this restaurant unless you like finding SCREWS in your chalupas!!! Bit down on it and almost broke my tooth! I am beyond disgusted and disappointed. Absolutely sick to my stomach. Never going here again. Shame on you Taco Bell.

Debbie Miller

It has good food for reasonable prices

Cedric Barnes

They are a little slow, but they had more than enough people to correctly run the place. The staff were friendly and they got my order right.

Maria Esquivel

This place is great even when they are busy (drive-thru) which is usually where I order they work fast have my order correctly. And the employees are always polite. It is definitely one of our favorite fast food places to stop by.

Mike C.

When I'm coming home late at night, Taco Bell is always a great decision. By that time, the drive-thru is the only option, which is nice because, I'm lazy, and would rather wait in my car than stand in a line. The service is always on point, never had an issue, the food is always what I expect Taco Bell to be, soo overall I'd give the actual restaurant 5 stars but.............. I deducted two stars because, of the aggressive night walker that stood right outside of the window. I went with the typical windows up and ignore approach, to no avail. Because the guy started aggressively knocking on my window and unfortunately I was gonna have to roll down my window To pay and actually receive my food... Now when I first returned home from the Iraq war I went through a rough patch, and was homeless for 6 months, it sucks, I get it. But this is the most chickenshit way to panhandle... because usually they'll act more aggressive towards the females to get what they want... I sure hope the managers or even the restaurant owner handled this situation by either hiring a security guard or start cooking these individuals out,

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