Taco Bell

3398 Norwalk Blvd, Long Beach
(562) 493-5851

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Schmool Deaton

Love the food. Clean rest rooms.

Louie Oneal

Service is not so good, food is ok for the price. Convenient self service.

mike w

Y'know. It's taco bell. Don't set your expectations too high and understand what you're getting into. Great for a quick snack. And they almost never get my order wrong, so there's that.

Angelica P.

Customer service is great, but twice they have forgotten the chips with nacho sauce. It's frustrating when you love the nacho sauce

Alan P.

Darn it. Always check your drive thru order before leaving. They forgot my taco supreme and my nacho fries supreme

garrett bolton

Pretty good everything, except they forgot to put cinnamon sugar on my cinnamon twists!

Sarah Kerr

I go here a lot and food and service is great.

Edward C.

I have nothing against their food, but the temperature inside is so bad, it warrants one star. I've never been to a colder Taco Bell, or Any fast food restaurant than this one on Wardlow and Norwalk Blvd. Absolutely freezing inside and it's 9pm at night!!. I see some of the poor workers wearing heavy coats like they're working in Alaska or N. Dakota. Obviously the owners of this franchise don't care about the comfort of their customers or their employees. Avoid this Taco Bell unless you're a polar bear or a penguin.

Makatelyn S.

The food was smashed and 2nd the cashier didn't give our debit card back ... & they over charged us for something we didn't order at first

Johnny Sin

The cashier Andrea was really nice she helped me with great service.


Really good. The Tacos are delicious. 😋


The self service tablet inside the building is actually quite nice and convenient. I like the rounding up option on the tablets for donating to their charity. I've had this location forget items a couple of times which is why I order inside to have more time to review my order. This has also happened when ordering off the tablets.

Amanda A.

Got a #7. Chicken quesadilla, crunchy taco & large drink. Quesadilla was good, although they definitely toned down the spice to it; they now have rice? I like it. The taco was actually bad. The meat had a weird taste to it. That weird taste stayed in my mouth for a while after. The staff have a lighthearted way of working which is nice. They do their job while still making it fun for themselves. Place was clean and sauces and napkins were stocked. The most normal cashier experience I've had at a Taco Bell and it was a trainee!

Travis B.

Customer service was aweful here I understand working In the food service myself that when customers come in an hour before closing that may be annoying but it's your JOB! I don't need you to sigh over the headset because you're annoyed that a customer is coming in to order from you. Which we knew what we wanted so it's not as if we made it particularly And then we proceed to go to the window and she gives the most sarcastic smile Doesn't say hi, doesn't give us a total, doesn't say anything just sticks her hand out in the most passive aggressive way motioning for our money. Then she asks us if we'd like any hot sauce and when we answered her question she had the audacity to roll her eyes at us. I get if you're having a bad night but that is unacceptable at how she's treated us and I can only imagine other customers

Donald Dalessandro

I always use the drive-thru. I always order a bean burrito with green sauce and extra cheese. This order they have a real problem with. They can't seem to get it right.

Yvonne Henson

This is the best Taco Bell within 10 miles

Emil Salmon

Small tiny empty quesadilla . Not recommended at all

Christian Nguyen

What more could you expect? Obviously it's not authentic Mexican food, so dont even try to argue. This is comfort food, it's good because it's bad, which is good

Charles Evans

Egg from the dollar menu and it save me a big butt

Mr J.

The absolute worst. Asked for steak with no sour cream as I. Allergic to dairy and received beef with extra sour cream and lettuce. Even if I asked for beef, it was to little to even taste. 1st El Pollo Loco, now Taco Bell. Never again! Guess I have to drive all the way to the one on Sterns.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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