The Basil

5466 Del Amo Blvd, Long Beach
(562) 938-1452

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Denise R. B.

My favorite Thai food restaurant in Lakewood! The food is delicious and the portions are large. Lots of vegetarian dishes are available. The wait for takeout is not bad at all. The staff are very friendly. Covid 19 guidelines are in place and followed. The restaurant is very clean and nicely decorated (no indoor dining at this time).

J H.

Our go-to Thai food place for YEARS! It was Thai Basil before. It's so good my kids are asking for Thai for weekly! The food is deliciously consistent and the portions generous. We've always done take out from them so we're happy to continue to support them during covid (and not have to cook a meal or two). The pricing is reasonable and the food is quick to pick up. Our favorite picks include the Pad See Ew, Pai Thai, Panang Curry, Spicy Beef Salad, BBQ pork fried rice, Combo Fried Rice. The noodles and like many of their other dishes you can choose chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, tofu, and even any combination of the proteins. Just know you get one protein and there's a surcharge for extra. But it's worth it when you have a craving. We've typically gone with chicken or beef, and would occasionally add tofu. The cubed tofu are always nicely browned, lightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The kids enjoy it too!The portions are always big enough that we have food leftover for either lunch or part of dinner the next day. My only complaint is that the combo fried rice has so little shrimp...they do state 2pc of shrimp on their menu, so at least they're setting expectations early.Thinking of their food makes me want to place an order now. Drool!

Gary H.

I was reluctant to even write this review, because frankly this restaurant is so sad that I kind of feel like I'm piling on. But I went here based on reviews I read, and I wish someone had written this review and saved me the unpleasant experience. I'll start with the food. We ordered pad Thai and barbecued chicken for pick up. The pad Thai was greasy,runny, and the chicken in it was tasteless and chewy. The barbecue chicken was just as tasteless and scrawny. In most situations like this, I wouldn't even bother writing the review, because frankly it's clear that this is a family operation, and i'm sure , especially during this COVID-19 crisis, That this may be their primary source of income. What actually tipped the scale for me, was watching grandma and grandpa come out of the back kitchen with their masks hanging around their neck. No attempt at all to cover their face, and then witness grandma coughing. I'm pretty certain that they paid a service to write the positive Yelp reviews (it's a real thing). Tip to Yelpers, if the restaurant is a tiny whole in the wall, and most of the reviews are from 30 to 50 miles away, the reviews are very likely bogus. P.S. my girlfriend had an allergic reaction to something in the food, her eye swelled shut and she became mildly ill.

Yael G.

We ordered sticky rice with mango. EW. The rice was hard and I couldn't break it up by using a fork. The condensed milk was more of a custard and just disgusting. I'm disappointed that they actually thought that would cut it. Unhappy customer.

Maya Johnson

I got the red curry with beef and Thai tea and both are sooooo good! The portions are huge for the price and they are very friendly, good experience overall. Plus the social distancing teddy bears are cute.

Vivian Ramirez

First time ordering from here and I really liked the food. I ordered a lunch special, which comes with an egg roll and side salad, in addition to the rice and entree. I think it's a good amount of food and I like the container it came in, it has compartments. All of the sauces were also packaged really well and my order was out quickly. I found the thai tea a little too sweet for my taste, but I think that's just how thai teas are anywhere. Teddy bears in the dining room for this pandemic were a nice touch. Definitely coming back.

Cody U.

This place is AMAZING. I have been looking for a good Thai food place for six years. I was starting to give up, but this was everything Ive been hoping for. We ordered delivery which usually lowers the quality somewhat, but this was incredible. Everything was crispy, hot, and delicious. You can tell they use really high quality ingredients, and that everything was made fresh. It was SO GOOD. I'm thrilled. The person that answered the phone was sweet and helpful. What more could you ask for?! For anyone curious, we ordered:-Crispy pork (this was my FAVORITE!!) -Pad see ew (with beef)-Crab Rangoon (so much better than other places, normally its fake tasting sweet cream cheese mixture with barely any filling, these were large and the filling was really good)-crispy roasted duck (I don't like duck but even I kinda liked this. It was more like BBQ duck, the sauce was really tasty)-spicy rice with beefI already have a list of things I want to try next time, but the crispy pork is a must get!

Heather B.

My first time ordering from Basil. The yellow curry with chicken is so delicious, very fragrant with all the spices. Also ordered the spicy eggplant and papaya salad. This will be my go to spot for Thai food!!!

Mike L.

Basil Thai dropped a menu at our door and we decided to try them for takeout. We ordered pad Thai-veg, chicken curry, Penang chicken, chow mein and pork fried rice. The order came with free gyozo. Everything was delicious and there was a lot of food. The gyozo tasted amazing and instead of a bite, each was a couple of well filled bites. I live pad Thai, and this didn't disappoint. The Penang and curry were both spicy and delicious. Chow mein was very good (will order again). I was least excited about the pork fried rice when we placed order, but it blew away my expectations with big pieces of charshu good. We will be back.

Drew O.

Came here last night and discovered that the food was much improved under the new owners. I really enjoyed the crab rangoon for an appetizer. The drunken noodles were great with fresh basil. My mother in law had the crab fried rice and said the crab was fresh. My husband had the chicken satay, and the curry flavoring was perfect he said. Highly recommend.

Sonya M.

We love Thai food and this find has become a weekly meal. After trying many of the dishes, I can highly recommend the hot basil with crispy pork, drunken noodles, and orange chicken. Tonight was our first dine-in experience since the Covid shutout. The portions were bigger and the service was the best. They offer free local delivery but normally faster (15 minutes) for pickup. Super friendly. Looking forward to next week. Should have taken pics of the food but before we thought about it it was in our bellies

Tayler H.

I have been going to The Basil for years, one of my favorite most authentic Thai places around. Especially delicious mango sticky rice and Tom Kha Kai soup!! Came in today for the first time since traveling to Thailand, and found a full house!! ;)

Charles Pero

Surely a place worth visiting, the food is excellent and fresh, the cost is reasonable and it is regularly well organized here. 5 stars.

Ralphie Z.

BBQ chicken was bland. Wife ordered glass noodle. She said it was just okay. Combination fried rice was actually good. 2 stars because bbq chicken used to be way better.

Melissa B.

Ordered last minute before closing, lady on the phone was super nice. We ordered spicy shrimp fried rice, spicy wings, and chicken pad thai. My favorite were the wings and fried rice. HUGE pieces of shrimp it wasnt real spicy but had good flavor. The wings were awesome, dry rubbed nice and crispy.. we ended up getting a free thai tea which was also DELICIOUS. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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