El Pollo Loco

3502 Cerritos Ave, Los Alamitos
(562) 626-8388

Recent Reviews

Caliph J.

Lazy is not even worthy of this place. So I go at 10:05 because they have online that they close at 10:30pm. So the drive thru is not on so I then drive to the window. They act as if they do not see me so I blow my horn thinking that would have them at least notice me. That didn't work so I called. The manger said that the posted time of 10:30 was a typo and that she couldn't help me. Never again you just lost a customer.

D BeatlesFan

It was cluckin' good! I really liked my pollo bowl, and I got guacamole with chips to share. We both loved it. Not to mention the service we got was excellent. It's our favorite location.

David Anthony

Good friendly service and food was cooked to perfection

Kolby H

This place never fails to impress. They serve good dishes for convenient pricing, there is no waiting time even when they are packed.

Jose R.

i love this place i come here alot for my break, today i ordered the classic chicken burrito but instead i got a burrito with a special sticker on top and when i bit into it the burrito only had rice and avocado. very disappointing i only get to leave my job once for lunch so i couldnt go back. i dont even like avocado so i just took it out and settled for a rice burrito. i still give four stars because the food is always good and i know they can get busy and mistakes can be made.

Debbie Ricker

I drove there and ordered the double avocado fit bowl. I was thrilled to learn they have a spinach salad. I'm trying to eat healthy, and they now serve spinach salads. And since avocado is a healthy fat, I was looking forward to this meal. But as you can see in the photo, my salad did not have ANY avocado. And I didn't feel like driving back just for part of my salad.


But received the no avocado fit salad. I'm usually very happy with their service, and they generally get the order right. I am really trying to eat healthy this year and was so excited to see they have a spinach salad! Then VERY disappointed to not get what I ordered. I didnt feel like driving back there to get the avocado but am very disappointed!!!

Jesse C.

I won't be coming back to this location, because I can't comfortably dine in, because it's freezing cold inside! I believe the employees actually had the air conditioning on! I had a heavy winter coat on and was still cold! An elderly couple even complained about to staff about how cold it was inside while we were there and the employees did not do a thing! There was no one working the dining floor, the tables are all dirty, just had to clean table ourselves. So cold in there we just shoved out food down and left, not an enjoyable experience at all. And to top it off the soap dispenser would not work in bathroom, there was no paper towels to dry my hands, no air dryer, and toilet tissue was just sitting on top of dispenser without being put in, gross.

Daniel Y.

One of the worst el pollo around. They are unacceptable bad. They need better management . A total s show tonight . Customer after customer asking for refunds .

Roy P.

Their hours say they close at 10:30 pm I got there at 10:10 pm they were already closed

Chad M.

Gosh I hate to give anybody a 1 star review because I'm a business owner and I know that it can hurt. I went by 3 strikes and you're out, before writing this. I asked to Substitute more Avocado (in liu of chicken), and she charged for the xtra avo, pulling out all chicken, hmmm (ok, lack of training or new, no biggie.) So, MGR agreed, showed young lady how to ring it up properly, fixed! (Or maybe not, didn't get the avocado) :/ Lastly, the Churros, love them here, when they have Cinnamon & Sugar. There was practically NO cin & sugar. Ok, 3 strikes, you're out, I'm writing the review. I hope it can help them improve, and not just a big chain location that could care less.

A. Shah

Good location. Fairly clean and well-kept. Parking lot is a bit tight but it's better than across the street

Little Mermaid

Very clean place. Friendly service great food

Nikki L.

Went here to get dinner last night @5:19pm per my receipt I got my daughter 2 Chicken legs and macaroni and cheese. Within 2 hours of eating she started to complain about her stomach hurting about 2hrs after that she's throwing up for a few hrs and has the runs I take her to the hospital I'm advised she has food poisoning. I'm very pissed she's only 5 I will be contacting a higher source regarding this issue I will now let this go

Johnny Lopez

Good food poor service

Steven Parker

Good food. You can eat healthily on a budget here!

Jack P.

I stopped into the Los Alamitos, CA location for lunch I had a side salad with my meal....what I found in the salad was a bit gross. I'm not sure what it is.....but it should never be put in a salad...I'm glad I didn't put any dressing on the salad, as I would never would have seen what was inside...I threw the salad in the trash....not sure I will visit this location again. I was asked to provide details on this...I did, but never heard back from anyone.

Michelle S.

I just waited 30 minutes in the drive thru with only 6 cars ahead of me. I'm used to it taking a while, but this is ridiculous. I would've gotten out of line, but a curb blocks the entire way. Don't waste your time at this location!

Robert H.

I went there today for lunch I don't expect to get much for a $5 lunch but when I get the classic chicken burrito and it has a sticker that says special. I know what special means now it means put the leftover chicken that you can't use in the good stuff put it in the cheaper food so you get nothing but cartilage,bones with beans and rice! The El Pollo Loco down the street near Valley View and Cerritos is way better! I knew something was up when I saw special on it cuz the one down the street doesn't put a special sticker for $5 combo!

Thalia M.

Very bad customer service the lady who helped me was in a really bad mood and didn't even look at me when she gave me the food . She was very rude .


I would like to eat more chicken at El Pollo Loco but at every visit it's dry and over cooked really bad. Everyone I visit is the same ...dry and overcooked ....is it just me ?

Sasha Seward

Healthy fast food option

Patricia B.

Thank You Jessica and Jose Jessica welcomed me into the restaurant with a big smile Joseph helped pack my order just right the food was good and hot thank you so much

Brighton Oothoudt

As always, quick, efficient, and very friendly service.

Gregory P.

Not sure why, but we ordered a large bowl of their new Pozole soup. Took an extra 10 minutes of waiting to get it and we received a stone cold order of this less than memorable soup. Thank god we were going home and could warm it up. We also ordered a double chicken tostada salad. No double chicken and what was actually on the salad was terrible quality. I will avoid this place in future. By the way, the order taker did not know what Pozole was! Had to repeat it 3 times before he figured it out. Too funny!

John Potter

Just Spent 30 minutes in the drive-in and unfortunately the young lady on the window seems like she must be in training because she doesn't ask questions and you have to ask for everything that you would like at least twice. Hopefully this is an aberration because normally the service is excellent at this location

Mark Mintz

I'm batting 60% on this location screwing up my order. The drive through is also problematic. I don't go out of my way to visit this location

Heather S.

I stopped by just as they were closing tonight. One of the girls who was cleaning out the salsa bar had to stop to take my order. Feeling guilty for holding them up, I fully expected a few snarls. However, she was as sweet and friendly as can be. She made small talk and had a smile on her face the whole time. When she found out they they had run out of one of the items that I ordered she was very apologetic and offered replacement items. Normally I would not give 5 stars to a fast food restaurant, but to me excellent customer service is worth each and every star. I only wish I had gotten her name.

Lisl H.

Barren wasteland! Going through drive-thru was at least a 20-minute wait, as each car driving-thru had to wait at least 10 mins before anyone inside took their order. Once we made it through to order, we were then told we'd have to wait at least another 15-minutes for chicken. Huh? The experience was so infuriating that we decided to pass, and drive to the El Pollo Loco in Cypress, about 3 miles down the street. (By comparison, that experience was quick and pleasant!) Avoid this location if you can. A fast food restaurant with the word "pollo" in it should have the pollo available within a reasonable time - especially through a drive-thru. The only thing "loco" about this location is how long you'll wait.

Schmool Deaton

Love the chicken. Beans and rice.

LeeAnn Marsh

Really enjoyed the chicken/avocado bowl

Evelyn F.

Went here during my lunch bc I work close by, I only have 30 mins so I called my order in. I get to the store and wait at the online pick up location, there's 3 people in line. I can see my food on the counter but the cashier told me that he would be right with me after he took the customer. I waited patiently and then he took all 3 customers and took the other 2 customers that got in line after me. Finally someone else walked by and I just asked her if I could just have my food. I'll never eat here again for lunch. Don't have an online pick up area if y'all are just gonna ignore it.

Señor XREY

My go-to place for lunch and dinner. Always great food, and always consistent quality. Staff is always very friendly.

Señor XREY

My go-to place for lunch and dinner. Always great food, and always consistent quality. Staff is always very friendly.

Cara Trumbo

I waited 20 minutes in the drive thru for them just to get my order wrong! What a bummer!

Diana N.

This place is so slow. The wait time to get your food in the drive thru is ridiculous. They never get my order correct.

Mark Stanford

Good food. Reasonable prices.

Adlemi L.

Once we walked in the employee greeted us with a big smile on his face (his name is Adrian) he asked us how we were & said "how Can I help you" we ordered our food & he said our food would be out shortly loved the music that was playing while we ate. Definitely coming here again!! HE DESERVES A RAISE!

Lois Schmitt

Busy for lunch, but good aervice, good Tostadas.

gwyn zerpoli

Great for a family dinner gathering at the dinner table