El Pollo Loco

3502 W Cerritos Ave, Los Alamitos
(562) 626-8388

Recent Comments

Señor XREY

My go-to place for lunch and dinner. Always great food, and always consistent quality. Staff is always very friendly.

Cara Trumbo

I waited 20 minutes in the drive thru for them just to get my order wrong! What a bummer!

Mark Stanford

Good food. Reasonable prices.

Lois Schmitt

Busy for lunch, but good aervice, good Tostadas.

gwyn zerpoli

Great for a family dinner gathering at the dinner table

Foodie S.

The worst ever! They overcharged for our meal, we never said combo and when we told the order taker she shrugged and kinda went oh-well. Asked for the manager, he removed the drink but couldn't calculate it was more than that was charged. They almost forgot the condiments if we did not ask and we just wanted to get the heck out of there, incompetent people!!!! Now we know why the low stars, this is our first and last time.

Carol Fisher

Disappointed again. I love Pollo Loco and decided to take a chance on this location one last time. UGH The wait was horrible. The employees as usual were apologitic. Good food but not worth the wait.

Jeff Diaz

Great service, clean place ,awesome fast food and cheaper.

Steve McMurray

Went for dinner and this location was quite busy. As expected, food took a little longer due to the rush. The chicken in the burrito was overcooked to the point of being chewy, the chips were great.

Nichole T.

For the second time in 3 weeks half of our order was missing. 2 bowls and a burrito shouldn't be that hard! Tonight the staff was so busy messing around they forgot to charge a customer in the drive through and forgot our burrito. What a mess

Mellissa S.

This pollo loco usually doesnt give me any issues other than not being timely with the drive thru. I visited this location last week and was disappointed. I waited over 20 minutes for my food indoor, while waiting I noticed how unclean the dining area was. The trash was overflowing and food was on tables. I have a newborn and with their taking forever to bring our food, he needed a diaper change. My husband and myself went to the restrooms and were shocked to see no changing tables. I was forced to take my newborn out to the car and stand at the back door and lay him down in the backseat to change his diaper. It was after 730 PM and he was shivering. I feel there should be changing tables in all bathrooms for this reason. I refuse to leave my child in a dirty diaper and we couldnt even choose to leave because we hadn't received our food yet. This was disappointing and I will no longer dine in your establishments. PLEASE INSTALL CHANGING TABLES IN ALL BATHROOMS

Susan Magpayo

Told them 2x I had a coupon and they ignored me. Then they conveniently forgot to tell me that the total they quoted me was without tax so the bill was more than what they told me. Never going back to this one. Was given the wrong price, the price listed was lower than the price charged to me.

M Morris

Good stuff sometimes... this location tends to serve meat on the dry side. But they have improved somewhat.


Street corn tostada was very good. Also was able to use a coupon and it came out to $5.00. What a deal!

Griselda G.

So I don't know how I feel about this location. I had a great customer service and speedy food service. I ate at the store because I usually enjoy the music most pollo loco places play. However, a few minutes after I started eating, a disgruntled customer came in saying they got her order wrong. The manager asked for a receipt and she said she never received one. That she was attended by an Andrew. She raised her voice. The manager raised his. He threatened to call the cops and they kept arguing. It was quite uncomfortable. I left 10 minutes after the discussion started and it was still going on when I left.

Allegra C.

Worst customer service from the manager Juan!! All over a 3 piece meal. Ever heard the customer is always right. Well not here. After spending money here and driving home I found that my ENTIRE meal was wrong. I called to inform the store. I spoke with a associate and he gave me his name told me to come back anytime. Here I am trying to get my food and I get told nothing is here and I need a receipt. Well guess what I didn't get that either!! And I wasn't informed I needed it. Now I'm being yelled at and told to leave the store after driving 20 mins to get what I was promised. I was told to come back tomorrow with no promise of getting what I paid for initially.

Shin Michael

It was tender and properly baked all three pieces same I will bring all of my family and sisters.

John Matheson

Great for a quick lunch

Rob Yellam

This is the second time I went to this location ordered a 4 piece “ALL DARK” chicken with 2 sides and the second time when I got home there was white meat instead of all dark! Make sure you open and check everything before leaving this for lace they clearly can’t get a simple order correct.

David Sherman

I wasn't real impressed with this particular branch. The thing that I disliked the most was the person or guy that was working the drive thru window. He was a somewhat young guy but he seemed to have an attitude , what about , I don't know but from the first thing he said over the speaker, he sounded like he was not happy to be there. He was kinda snappy and rude actually. The food was good and the service was somewhat fast, just that one individual ruin the visit.

El Pollo Loco

3502 W Cerritos Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720