El Pollo Loco

3502 Cerritos Ave, Los Alamitos
(562) 626-8388

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Lauren M.

Food is great and all, but other locations give an extra small bag of chips with the $5 menu deals. It'd be nice if each location was more consistent or at least gave the chips when we ask.

Patti Pearson

We love the nachos here! It was a busy night, but we were helped by a friendly and attentive young man, Slater, and a hard-working crew.

serg as

I was pleased to get my chicken just perfect!!! And the chickenless burrito was great too ,Other pollo locos I get my chicken all dry or burnt

Tina Lopez

verry verry Nice service and fast

George S.

DON'T GO!! Didn't get my gravy for my mash potatoes or the BRC I ordered. They sealed the bags. I tried to check at the store but the cashier states, sorry they are sealed. Drove 20 minutes away only to have our meal ruined... and I could have fixed it there. They didn't reimburse me or call me. They suck!

Irene D.

Wow! I just read several negative reviews so perhaps our positive experience yesterday was an anomaly. We hadn't been to a El Pollo Loco for at least a year but the newest ads for their Burrito Land promo & coupons piqued our interest. On Sat. afternoon we ordered inside. The young man who helped us at the counter was nice & helpful. My Boyfriend ordered the California Queso Burrito using a $5 coupon for any Burrito & I ( in a separate order) used a coupon for The Family Meal which provided I think 16 pieces of chicken (you can include white meat for $3 extra), 3 large sides & a bunch of tortillas & salsas. I also got a KETO Burrito. It's advertised as the World's First KETO Burrito. We got it all To Go knowing that we'd eat the chicken & tortillas the next day because that's a lot of food! Everything tasted great! My BF loved his California Queso Burrito! It was stuffed with delicious chicken, pinto beans, guacamole, Queso & tasty Tapatio Fries (another new thing they're featuring). That's high praise since he's used to Mom & Pop aka independent Mexican Food places where the burritos are not only delicious but also the size of his arm! My KETO Burrito was much lighter in weight & smaller than my BF's choice however it was healthy & tasted good. The inside of it was mostly spinach & very little chicken. The tortilla was KETO so that's very cool if you want the burrito experience without the carbs...BUT for $7.19 it's way too expensive! I'd be better off with a salad. The sides we chose were good. Creamy Mac & Cheese, Spanish Rice & savory Corn. They have several choices of sides. I would recommend coming here but try to bring the coupons that come in the mail or join their Loco Rewards program. We'll probably try their other new Burritos...Chicken Tinga & plant-based protein Chickenless Pollo but with coupon in hand. Eating healthier prepared chicken ain't cheep, er cheap!

Marc Villar

Google map says they close at 10:30 pm and they actually close at 9pm

Viviana M.

I usually love going to this place. I always order the double chicken tostada bowl & don't mind paying the extra for more chicken. I ordered the same thing and received this bowl with hardly any chicken in it

Suzy Mercado

Too hot to cook so we went here for dinner.. the double chicken tostadas were super delicious.. not too heavy but still filling. Our cashier Slater was one cool dude that goes above and beyond to help out his customers.. definitely coming back

Devante Y.

This place has continuous terrible customer service. A blind customer came in to order 2 hard tacos and the kid taking the order had his mask on his chin while talking to him. The man was served soft tacos instead and had not been told that they no longer serve hard tacos. After he realized his order wasn't what he usually ordered which were hard tacos he was confused and the manager came and told him they no longer serve hard tacos. "Do you want your money back" with an attitude. The man says yes and the manager proceeds with the return and slaps the money on the counter instead of in his hand and walks away. My girlfriend had to help this poor man find his money and place it in his hand. I called to get the manager name who handled him and the manager lied in response of the situation saying that didn't happen. And "he has cameras" and "how are you supposed to know the person is blind"I'd hate to break it to you pal. But if reading customers and being polite to everyone you serve isn't your strong suit, then management nor customer service is right for you, you find out someone is blind by speaking with them and paying attention to them. He not once apologized for his behavior and continually talked over me on the phone and became combative throughout the conversation. This location is trash. Management doesn't care about their customers and clearly neither do their employees.

wolferchan games

It was the worst, they didnt have chicken at 8 when they turn the grill off at 8:45. It's called el pollo loco like hiw do you not have chicken!!

Jennifer Dellett

Very disappointed! After going in at 8pm, waiting 10 min in line inside, they finally ask to take our order, and then tell me there is no more chicken! For a restaurant that states online kitchen closes at 845, I was quite upset ? The place was busy and they could have sold a lot more chicken had they adhered to policy and kept the kitchen open! After an all day car ride would have been nice to have dinner!

Joon Kim

Friendly service. I like this restaurant.

Juan M.

They once again messed up our drive through order, nothing complicated but got shorted another burrito.

Gina Bullock

We like the double chicken tostada salads with cilantro sauce, very good as usual.

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