À La Waffle

10893 Los Alamitos Blvd, Los Alamitos
(562) 430-8639

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Julliette S.

The service was great when we stopped by for some quick dessert. The cashier was really friendly and explained the popular items on the menu. We ordered some cookies (soooo yummy I loved the confetti and snickerdoodle) and the Apple crumble cinnamon roll. I never had anything like it and it was so good. It's a small little shop so we waited by the car for our order and he ended up coming out and handing it to us and giving us those warm up instructions for the roll... really thought he was such a nice guy! Thanks for the goodies and the great service :) we'll be back!

Ashley T.

I got the Cookies and Cream waffle and it did not disappoint! Waffle was crispy and soft with vanilla ice cream on top....perfect!

Tyler M.

Definitely a good place and worth checking out. Everyone is always so friendly when we go, our waffles are always fresh and warm. When I first heard about a waffle spot for dessert I thought it sounded crazy, honestly it still kind of does, but I think the personalities of everyone that works there makes this place click with me. Even though we've only been a handful of times everything is very consistent. Good stuff, I hope they stick around a while.

Teckla Lowdermilk

Fabulous waffles and the most amazing hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow!!!

Brit C.

I can only describe this place as: Sugar Mecca. Incredibly unique coffees/teas/hot cocoa, and insanely enjoyable deserts. I haven't tried any of their other foods, but why would you, when you have options like "Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll" available? I got a toasted peppermint hot cocoa all for myself. It was a cold night and It. Hit. The Spot. My husband and I split the cinnamon roll and words cannot describe the apple, cinnamon heaven I was in. He was the only one that went in, but he said that it was very small and intimate seating area. If you're in for something sweet, look no further than A La Waffle!

Sameer Patel

Amazing service! I live in Florida and my chocolate loving beautiful fiancé lives in Downey, CA. Randomly tonight at 9am she calls with this craving for fresh chocolate chip cookies. I live 2,500 miles away in Florida with zero idea of any places that would deliver cookies to her at this hour, let alone take this order over the phone. I Google "cookies in Downey" (gotta freaking love Google during a pandemic) and A La Waffle pops up. I call and the amazing Sarah the owner picks up and is so graciously happy to assist me with this random call from across the country after I explain to her my story to fulfill my fiancé's craving. As we're on the phone, she's putting in fresh dough in the oven and has 16 delicious cookies delivered within the hour to her. I just wanted to say thank you and tell Sarah that she loved the cookies and that it made her night! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Raymond R.

Wondering where A La Waffle is at? If you pull into this plaza and you are greeted by two ducks walking around, then you are in the right place! :) Food: I got the Banberry Pie Belgium (mainly because it was Pi day and had to get something with Pie in it. lol). My friends (Kristine and Ivan) got the Pineapple Express (which is the flavor of the month) andddd... I forgot which one my other friend got (my bad Mike. lol). Everything tasted so bomb. The waffle had a nice crunch to it and the ingredients went together perfectly like peanut butter and jelly. We also got an order of S'mores and Cookies and Cream to go for some friends. They said that they enjoyed their waffles, even though the ice cream melted already. lol. They even want to make a trip out to here now! Also got a thai tea which is always a refreshing drink. Service: Really friendly. Sara will take care of you. Parking: Wasn't too hard to find parking here. But watch out for the ducks please! lol. Price: About $8 Will I be back? Heckk yeahhh! I saw that they also have daily specials. I want to try the "Treat Yourself Monday!" Cause who doesn't want to treat themselves on a monday?! lol. See you soon A La Waffle!

Mike P.

It's been awhile since I posted a yelp review but I just wanted to come out of yelp retirement to commend this place for being very good . My friend and her husband brought me and my other friend to this place this evening after dinner and I was super impressed. I enjoyed the flavors a lot . Sara (who I think is the owner) is very pleasant ,informative, and always smiling . I can tell she puts a lot of heart and effort into her creations. The waffle was light and crispy and the contrast with the ice cream made it the perfect dessert. I definitely want to come back and try other stuff . Thanks again Sara!

Naveen W.

I can't wait to go back and try some more waffles.. we ordered cookies and cream waffle and Rocky Road milkshake.. The waffle was delicious and so light that I wish I ordered one more.. the milkshake was very rich in taste. it is a small place and when we went it was really crowded.. but the service is fast so I wanna go back again soon to try their other waffles.

Gregory Richmond

Use this place as a personal taste buds play ground. Expand out of your comfort zone and experience joy as you try something new each time- I promise it won’t go wrong. Personally the cookies and with ice cream is safe. Waffles are a go to, and now I work towards the drinks... I ask for suggestions and surprise- always something new to try.

Sam B.

Cute little shop with pretty decor and social media worthy backdrops. There is some seating inside, with some of the tables placed close together in order to all fit, but I didn't mind as I got to chatting with some of the nice customers on each side of me. After talking to the owner Sara, and her describing the different waffles to me, I ended up ordering the Cookie butter waffle, which was a belgian waffle topped with cookie butter creme, biscoff cookie crumbs, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream that I had added. The Belgian waffle itself was light and crispy, a bit thinner than I'm used to for belgian waffles- you know the kind you eat at breakfast or brunch. However, the lighter waffle made for the perfect dessert, especially with all the decadent toppings it came with! And of course, the taste was off the charts. Total for my gourmet dessert waffle was just under $10 with the added scoop of ice cream. Without the ice cream, the cookie butter waffle is $7.50. After finishing my waffle, I sampled some of the drinks and ended up ordering a Hong Kong milk tea ($3), which is basically sweetened black tea with condensed milk. It was pretty good. So in sum, A La Waffle is a cute little shop with delicious desserts, good drinks, and excellent friendly service. Plus parking is easy, as the store is located in a small shopping center with a decent sized lot. UPDATE: I came back a few days later to try their cookies ($3 each). I got a confetti cookie and a snickerdoodle.

Ellen S.

So I came in on a day they were actually about to close due to a family event! However the owner was really nice and approached me waiting in my car for them to open, and offered everything but the waffles! I ended up getting the apple pie cinnamon roll with vanilla ice cream on top! I liked the crispy parts! But then it got soggy after a while haha 4 stars for excellent service and I'd say 3 stars for the apple pie cinnamon roll. Wish I got the waffles!! Really hope the next time I come back I can try the waffles and change my rating to 5 stars!! :)

Andrea F.

Ahhh! Thank you Yelp for recommending such an amazing dessert spot! I have always scrolled past this when looking up dessert places and my friends and I finally decided to give it a try. We came at 3:15 pm on a Sunday, and it wasn't busy (they open at 3 on Sundays)! We were greeted by the super sweet cashier (who is also the owner) and was told everything we needed to know about the menu! I ordered the Matcha Waffle and the Mexican Cold Brew! OMG! So delicious! The coffee was extremely similar to my favorite mexican Cafe de Olla! Not the mention the waffle was extremely delicious, not too sweet and paired perfectly with the cold brew! My friends and I were impressed with how cute the interior was! They even have a instagram follower count machine that changes in real time! So we were entertained while we waited for our delicious waffles! I will definitely come back and try their other waffles and drinks!

Eric F.

Astonishingly airy and crispy Belgian waffles decked out in a large variety of toppings with specials that rotate regularly. I opted for the matcha with some vanilla ice cream while the family went with the red velvet special. Both derricious and so easily inhaled as I was particularly hungry. Limited seating available indoors with a couple tables outside. Great service as well.

Rachel Rebecca Ng

I’ve known about this place forever and a day. I always love their waffles, always delicious, rich with flavor, sweet but not too sweet, delectable, does the job for my dessert craving without making me regret wanting to eat dessert because it was so sweet, very friendly, quality, fabulously made. I come here every month to try the flavor of the month, or I try there’s only a few months I’ve not been here because I am alergic to the flavor of the month. I’ve eaten through mos

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