Polly's Pies Restaurant & Bakery

3464 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos
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Bought a Dutch apple pie yesterday, when I got home to Carlsbad I dug in the long awaited treat. Imagine my surprise when I found a blue plastic thing! In the pie! I have been a big fan of Polly's for many years. But now....

Raymond P.

This is the worst pollys I've ever been to. We were waiting more than any other family and was skipped twice before I said something and they acknowledge that "looks like your name was crossed out." The food was terrible. I ordered the most basic food, turkey dinner and the turkey was super dry and had a sticker on it lol. Our server only rounded twice and we had to ask another waitress for water. Don't bother coming to this location. It's garbage

Susan M.

I recently did a review regarding the take out. Today, we all ate there, and everything was good, service was very slow, so maybe they were short a waitress. Ordered the Parmesan sandwich to go (AGAIN), with sauce on the side and french fries. Did not check the sandwich, as we had to go look for our waitress to see what happened to our check and order (had been over 30 minutes). She brought the sandwich, and I asked, was the sauce on the side? She said no, she checked. I should have asked do I have the right order? When I gave my husband the bag, he said, WHY DID YOU ORDER A BLT WITH NO LETTUCE???. Polly, you have got to figure out what the problems are, because I don't know how many more changes I can give you.

rosie M.

Had lunch at another restaurant and I knew I wanted a strawberry pie for dessert unbeknownst to me both the Marie Callenders were shut down.....so my friend says why not try Polly pies...I'm so happy I did the counter service was great.....very friendly.....the pies looked delicious and that strawberry pie did not disappoint it was just as good as a MarieCallendar pie...my plan is to go back and try a meal.......

Stephanie B.

Very disappointed with visit. Was told that they just had to wipe the table off for us. 20 minutes later, I went to the front and mentioned something to the manager. Manager stated that we would either have waited at the table or in the waiting room that had about 6-8 people waiting as well. Polly's might want to understand that we have a million choices of places to eat.The answer was inappropriate, all she would have had to say I'll take care of you right away. Needless to say, we walked out and went to their competitor.

Gary L.

Polly's, is just not the same, since they re-opened. Food not as good in my opinion, the famous back burner soup is most definitely not the same with some kind of spice they are using and something, is just not right. Unless Polly's gets back to it's "original" recipes, I don't think I will be returning.

Rudy Hernandez

Service was great. Strawberry pie was good. I couldn't buy a whole pie and eat there. Had to buy by the piece. I understand but don't like it. 4 stars

Clark Olson

I like the food here. Nice atmosphere. I don't think you will be disappointed

Connie Wiggins

The waiter started real good then kinda slowed up. The food was great and would return again even though from out of state

Andy N.

I've finally got to try Polly's Pies! I've driven by many of these locations over the years and never got to visit. Today was finally the day! Great comfort food. Everything made to order. Bread is made in-house along with all of the pies. Just really good solid food. Great service as well. I had the Tuna salad sandwich, and the chicken pie. For dessert I had the banberry pie. Tuna sandwich was great. The bread was a winner! The chicken pot pie was delicious as well. The gravy and the crust were so crisp and delicious! The banberry pie is their signature banana strawberry pie. You can't visit Polly's without having pie! Recommendation: Chicken pot pie and Banberry pie

Maria E

I went today because I had a craving for some deliciousness! It is also very conveniently located near the 605. I order 4 slices of pies and a 4 pack of strawberry lemonade muffins and gift card; easily over 50 bucks for just a pick up order plus tip. They said it'd be a few mins so my daughters and I waited in the sitting area.I saw some totes in the bottom near the display where the muffins I found and I thought that those were like the paper pags that starbucks carry since, no one had given me a bag for the 4 pack of muffins I had already paid for. The lady who seemed to not really want to help me said, did you pay for the tote (even thought it looked like she was still on the phone). I told her " oh I thought they were paper bags like the ones at Starbucks." Mind you, she was still on the phone so someone else had to help me put my items in a bag. I gladly put the tote bag back. No harm, no foul. My honest mistake.I told the ladies in the front that we would just wait in our car since it been close to 15 to 20 mins already. It was 7:52 and still nothing. I go in and no one is in the front. I wait another 5 mins and the same lady with an attitude says "oh you ordered the slices of pies". I said, yes. I said, " I had mentioned that we'd be waiting in our car." She said: "we don't do curbside pick up anymore." I said even if I literally just spent like $50? (I'll admit I was a little irritated) Even McDonald's when they take longer at the drive thru, they make you wait out front and hand you, your order by your car. The lady said "no, the amount doesn't matter." I said, "ok thank you."I left and as I'm driving off, there's a HUGE sign outside saying dine in and curbside pickup available. ?So the way I'm understanding this, is either the lady doesn't know what the policies are or a sign needs to be revised. Mind you, we waited in the sitting area for 20 mins or so but my kiddos were getting antsy and I wanted to wait in the car.Another one of the ladies made eye contact with me and didn't even signal for me to come in if the order was ready. I am thoroughly disappointed and appalled by the staff's behavior. I hope that it didn't have anything to do with my skin color and maybe it was just her having an off day. I would recommend that you take my review into consideration before spending your money here.

Julie Blakey

I visited Polly's Pies Los Alamitos for the first time last week, a group of ladies gathered together to celebrate a birthday of a dear friend, I have to tell you I loved my entire experience at Polly's . Our waitress was absolutely darling , sweet and efficient everything you could ask for in a waitress, I ordered a chicken salad sandwich served on toasted raisin bread that was so scrumptious and a side of shoestring french fries, delicious ....especially dipped in tartar sauce.I'm looking forward to returning to Polly's and taking a friend. I already have raved about their service and menu, I highly recommend this restaurant. you will really like it❤

Leon T.

Came in for coffee and a slice of pie. Asked for a cold brew and ended up with something white in it. I asked if they added milk, letting them know I didn't ask for that. The server gave me sass saying that cold brew always comes with heavy cream. No it bloody well doesn't. Manager got me another one, watered down and sweetened after I asked for nothing in it. Unreal

Sylvana Albin

Wonderful place to order fresh pies from. The crust is very buttery and flaky. Sugar free pies and delicious too. Lilya the manager is very attentive. Please try this spot for your next event, it will NOT disappoint you.

Angel Killer

Now this was interesting. There food was amazing, customer service was excellent, very clean store, and I really liked it. Will be coming back in the future. A little expensive but that's okay because the food is marvelous. And so I'd there desert's.

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Polly's Pies Restaurant & Bakery

3464 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720
(562) 430-4541