Polly's Pies Restaurant & Bakery

3464 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos
(562) 430-4541

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Tim Myers

The food is always good. The servers do a great job even though they appear to be short staffed, like every where.

Malyssa Bettis

Polly's is truly a southern CA staple. Their food is good and their pies and bakery are even better. Great service here and our server overheard my friend talking about my birthday and they gave me a free piece of pie (at 10am). Love this chain and can't recommend it enough!

Lynn Alexander

I am sorry to give Polly’s two stars But we have gone herefor years and we have been so disappointed I would say in the last six months to a year with the quality of our meals. First of all we used to love the hamburgers but now the bun is dry and the burger is dry and this stupid new shoestring french fries are ridiculously small. I realize that we are adjusting to this pandemic that we’ve all had to endure but they need to bring back some of the better selections that they used to have on their menu. I don’t mind paying a bit more because it seems like everybody has raise their prices somewhat but with that you expect to have as good if not better quality food.

Mae Blanco

Old fashion like home cooking use to be. Pollys burger is the best but the fries are small strings of potatoes. Disappointed in the fries, not a good appeal, not tasty. The famous Backburner soup has been discontinued. My son had the Salisbury steak, it looked and tasted delicious. Ah, almost forgot - didn't get the hot rolls they use to bring out as you were seated. All in all not bad but not as good as it use to be.

Mark & Janet Salvaggi

We went in to check out the menu and try a piece of pie. Menu is just okay and so was the pie. The waitress was great but food was fair... sorry

Albert r.

My first clue should have been the lady complaining that she has been waiting at the front counter of the bakery side to pay for her order for over 5 minuets. She was as polite as possible in her complaint, being very understanding of the fact that the restaurant was busy, however there should be a time limit for waiting to pay. About two minutes later someone finally helped her (about 10 minuets total to pay). Meanwhile many employees could be seen moving about, none of which carried food or cleaned tables. At this point I understood that the restaurant was grossly understaffed and staffed with unexperienced employees. My mother and I were seated after waiting about 15 minuets and were told by the hostess that she wanted to get us seated right away because she understands what it's like to wait and she herself dislikes it (small talk, I guess). About 10 minuets after, a girl walks up and asks if we would like anything. My mom starts to order food but the girl stops her and informs her that she is only taking drink orders and that she is not our waiter. We order coffee and wait about another 3 minuets for it to arrive. I forget who brings it but it is placed in front of us and then they walk away. I look for the creamer and sugar but all there is on the end of the table is a rectangle of about 4 different colored sugar packets and I use the white packets, of course there are none. I wait about one to two minuets, assuming they would return with the creamer and I would then ask for real sugar. At this point I turn to wave down anyone working there to assist us but every one is busy with their specific task at each table. After helping each table they walk with their heads down or only look towards the hallway to the kitchen so they couldn't see if anyone needed anything. About 2 more minuets pass and our waiter arrives. We place our order and ask for cream and sugar. About one minuet later he comes back with 5 creamers and 6 white sugar packets. We tried to enjoy our coffee but it is was cold, maybe cool, but not even warm. I drink about half my cup as I don't want to be "That Guy." The waiter comes back and says, " I forgot, you get a bread choice with your meal." I order a biscuit. Another minute goes by and I get my biscuit and butter on the side. It's cold. I tear it open and apply butter. It tastes like butter because it's cold and the only flavor that stands out is the butter. Don't really know how long we've been there but is felt like 45 minuets and we still haven't received our food. Dreading the worst, we decide to leave and cook our own food at home. I asked for the check to the first passing waitress I saw to which she responded, "Are you sure? I believe your food is almost ready." I politely informed her that we were out of time and had to leave. I didn't want to discuss the restaurants service performance there with her so I just reaffirmed that we needed to leave because we were out of time. I asked for the check but she stated that we didn't need to pay. I asked if she was sure about that and she confirmed with a yes. I looked back at the table and felt conflicted because I ALWAYS tip. I couldn't tip because to me a tip represents a sort of "Thank you for serving us." Tipping is understood that the employee doesn't get paid enough for the job they do, so if we can, as a form of gratitude for their service, we give a little extra. We could have gone home and cooked our own meal but the Idea of being served while we enjoy the company of our loved ones is an acceptable expense, including a decent tip. I'm sorry to say but I will not be retuning any time soon. I remember Polly's Pies was very different. The waiting line to be seated was about the same however the service changed in a big way.

Nancy L.

Although we have not come back to Pollys we had one of the managers Message us and make things right. She took ownership immediately for the horrible service and we appreciated her helpfulness.

Stephen Duff

Hospitality combined with great food and prompt service...Best of all no rush from staff to hurry and finish.. Great place to converse and have talk...

Mike Griego

Always good foodAlways very nice serversBreakfast is worth it


Loved our waiter Blake! Great customer service! Always attentive and making sure we are happy with our food and getting refills! Second time we have been blessed to have him as our waiter! Food was also great and loved the macadamia nut coffee! We will definitely be back! Los Alamitos location.

Steve Evans

Really friendly service. Love the California tuna melt. Good air conditioning on hot days!

sandy gregory

Really good Chicken Pot Pie. With Mashed potatoes and Love the gravy and homemade rolls!

Ken S.

Went to the restaurant at noon on a Thursday with 11 people and totally expected to have a half an hour delay due to it being around lunchtime. ABSOLUTELY no wait! Fast friendly service, all the food ordered came out perfectly delivered to the right patron, and the prices have not reached the high rates all the other restaurants have been raising their prices to. Our server was a little nervous serving such a large group, as he was obviously fairly new but he came through like a trooper! All the little extras that we asked for including extra butter, extra ice etc. came almost immediately. And of course we had one person in our group that had to have 10 different items "on the side". (She watched too much When Harry Met Sally!) All in all, GREAT TIME!!

Dr. Eisman

Classic family diner with the best pies anywhere in the world. Delicious anytime of day, serving breakfast lunch and dinner with indoor seating and a dog friendly patio.

George Toth

Great breakfast and really enjoyed fresh cooked bread.

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Polly's Pies Restaurant & Bakery

3464 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720
(562) 430-4541