Red Wok Chinese Restaurant

10883 Los Alamitos Blvd, Los Alamitos
(562) 493-2685

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Dickie-Lee T.

Great food!! I went in and ordered take out, they didn't have roast duck, hopefully the next time I order for take out, they will have it, I ordered chicken lo mein, orange chicken, Kung pao chicken, pepper beef and shrimp. It was hot and fresh!! I'll be back!!

Shawn T

No special instructions on my Mongolian beef and like the others have said no chopsticks what's the white sauce or any other utensils

Henry O Zuniga

Bad service they didn’t add any utensils or sauce and food has no flavor at all

Nikki W.

We completely understand that things are a bit unorthodox at the moment due to Covid. However, there were way too many issues this time not to say something. We ordered delivery to avoid contact due to being high risk and will NEVER be ordering from here again. First, our food took over 2 hours to arrive. If this was the only issue then I would have said no problem, we get it. But It wasn't. Not only did the food take over 2 hours (actually over 2.5 hours) but it also was freezing cold and rubbery when it arrived. We ordered won tons, egg rolls, orange chicken, and fried rice. The wontons and egg rolls were not crispy at all and were ice cold. The wontons were also not the best flavor wise. The chicken and fried rice were luke warm at best. We also had asked for utensils, napkins, and soy sauce. We did not get any of these items. Not having soy sauce was a really big bummer for us. Luckily we have forks here and paper towels that we could use to make up for the other items. Again, we get that COVID has created a different environment that requires patience, and we are are trying to continue to support local businesses, but there isn't an excuse for the order being cold, rubbery, and missing items. Maybe this was a fluke incident. (And I really hope it was)

Jeff R.

I've been coming here for years. Best Chinese food around and huge portions!!! I mean huge portions!!! When they start to get slightly low on food they call back for another order to be made. The food is always hot and taste fresh. I am so happy this place survived Covid and they are open for business and waiting for you!!!!!!!!

Amanda C.

I love this place, I work close by, their food is delicious, I never have to wait long for delivery and order is always correct. ( I'm very picky). During covid I drive 15 miles, because nothing comes close .

Marlene S.

Every time I come for lunch I get steamed dumplings with cabbage, orange chicken, and fried cheese wontons for two people. We always have leftover for dinners. The workers are kind and always attentive. Definitely recommend trying them out!

Jialin Z.

Food very good and freshMy favorite is orange chicken.Walnut shrimp.chicken dumping .Pan fried is best!

Tim P.

WORST CHINESE FOOD EVER.Save yourself some time and frustration, go elsewhere.

Stacey B.

I ordered Red Wok through Postmates about a week or two ago. I got egg rolls, fried rice and Mongolian Beef. I rarely return food, but this Mongolian Beef was pretty bad. The meat smelled odd and full of chemicals. It did not taste anything like Mongolian Beef. There was no fresh ginger and hardly any green onion at all. I called Postmates and they said to get a refund from the restaurant because it was an issue with food preparation. When I called the lady told me to come down to the restaurant to return the food so she could look at it. She apologized and said she would handle the refund. She never did! I called back two more times and to no avail. I still have not received my $12 back. I even asked if I could get a credit and get another dish. They have refused. So basically I paid $40 for a few egg rolls and fried rice, and I had to make a trip to the restaurant to return food and get no refund. Never ever ordering from here again. I'm super disappointed in how this was handled, (er NOT handled)

Sw8lena B.

This isn't the same Red Wok I remember. Food did not taste the same. I asked my Dad what happened....he said the place is under new management. I wasn't happy with the food I ordered, tasted blah. Wish I could give a better review.

Carole Fortier

I love their food.

E Duarte

This restaurant is clearly one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood. Anytime I come to this place I am absolutely satisfied. They keep their very high standard service and the topmost level of meals they serve. You will be always satisfied with this restaurant. Very recommended.

Lawrence Davis

Great food. Reasonable

Sandra S.

We ordered take-out Moo-shu vegetable. It came with 4 pancakes. A container dish ....only HALF FILLED....OF COOKED CABBAGE!!! What is cheaper than cabbage...and vegetables...and you could have filled up the container... I think if you want to stay in have to give people their value...for $10.00! And yes no fortune cookies...

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