Eastside Café

5469 Huntington Dr N, Los Angeles

Recent Reviews

Efrain Martinez

One of the best community spaces to ever exist. Whenever you visit, respect the space and the respect the community. If you are attending an event, make sure to check if they take donations and contribute. They do not turn anyone away for lack of funds, but every little piece helps such a great space.

Nate Williams

Great space

Iyapo Moyende Ngina

The events are ALWAYS amazing

Eddie Osorio

200 homes in 3 major cities were being "threatened"with emanate domain by the local government to build a freeway. This community center has been fighting against them and the state government to equate fair housing for our people.

Jenn Havok

Great space for indigenous teachings & cultural traditions. Highly recommend Warriors Community Self Defense classes; for kids & adults. Best way to stay updated is by IG.

Evy Moon

A very happy place takes you back to when you were young.....

HairFreek Barbers

We live a block away and never get invitations or flyers to their events. I only see them taking place while I'm pulling up from the market or heading out somewhere. It's never convenient.

Kathlene Terrazas

They act like they own that corner...

irving Vasquez

Love cafe

Kelly Donahue

Great spot to explore culture different than our own. This place has a purpose and is a gathering place for all.

Plaridel Inkana

amazing place to hangout and see friends

Rey Sepulveda

Best place fur community space. Check out the Mujeres market they host!

Nancy Juarez

Went too early. Not too many stands

Edgard Figueroa

This place has no class and the staff is completely unqualified to perform their duties

Corona Lennon

Deez guys is da shee-it!😍😍🙏

Miranda Tee

Great place for kids to learn about the community and thier heritage, also we went to the ju-jitsu class and teacher is very attentive and patient. My niece loved it and we will be going back.

Whitney Camarena

AMAZING space that is BY the community FOR the community. Doing so much for the next generation and providing hope. A truly beautiful space run by beautiful people. ����

Richard Oaks

Kind hearted community builders. This is first hand experience not randos swooping in to complain like some other reviews.

Warrior Ale

It awesome and they have lots of fun activities


Very nice Art and very nice price.

Roberto Macmanus

Excellent environment with culture, arts, music and good food!

Deborah Fagan

Love this place!!! They have events on the weekends with art and music. Great place to buy amazing artwork and meet the locals in the neighborhood. Check out their website for the latest updates!!

gustavo Rich

Very friendly environment and and people here are very welcoming. Come on by !

Estefany G.

An autonomous community space that is sustained through donations and local residents who volunteer their time, love, and services to holistically support its community.

Michael B.

EastSide Cafe is a volunteer run organizing space that offers free/donation based workshops and classes to the community of El Sereno such as co-ed jiu jitsu, ESL, music and even an open mic. They are open and inclusive to everyone in the community and encourage community participation. Everyone involved is there to share their skills and knowledge. It is a space that every community should have. If you live in the area please stop by and check it out.

M G.

No coffee, but lots of community value. I take jujitsu classes on Tuesday nights and son jarocho classes on Fridays. The ESC offers tons of programming -- both weekly classes and events -- by and for community. They'll also let you have events there for a small donation (movie nights, birthday parties, pláticas from visiting artists and organizers, etc). Go check out the space. Their website has a calendar that's pretty up to date.

Janelle Gonzales

It's an incredible space, with incredible people. A space created for community by community.

Tracy Bueno

Everyone at Eastside Cafe has been sweet and kind and give so much to the community. #saveeastsidecafe #notogentrification

Sofía Campos

Power to the Eastside! Love and solidarity from highland park. Hope folks keep sharing and giving #saveeastsidecafe

Adelita V.

It's a nice addition to the neighborhood. BUT don't be fooled! It's not a cafe at all. I see they have a lot of activities available for the community. They offer dance classes, ESL, AA or NA (not sure which), events... But they don't reach out enough. I've been living a block away since before they opened, and I never know what's going on there. They don't inform the community at all. They have a few flyers on their Windows, but I drive. Their window flyers aren't visible from the street. They have bake sales, dance recitals, live music, but I only find out if I happen to be passing by. And usually I'm on a schedule and can't attend at the moment. It feels a little like a snooty social club. East side cafe...I am willing to change this review if you show more interest in the community. I would love to participate in your Dia De Los Muertos events if I knew when and where to go.

James T.

Such a great grass roots space made and sustained by the community. Anyone can volunteer and use the space to lead workshops or show informative movies. Glad ESC exists! Best way to stay updated is through Facebook

Andrea V.

It's rare, finding a fully donation based operating space where no one is turned away for lack of funds and where "Todo es para todos!" Everyone who teaches or leads a workshop or movie showing is a volunteer. The money goes towards paying rent for the space. They offer a variety of classes (Yoga, Zumba, Walking Group, Open Mic, Narcotics Anonymous...) , all by donation. *****It's best to stay connected and in the loop of which classes are currently being offered through Facebook. Great space to volunteer and network! Everyone is humble and of the people, looking to better the community. Love this beautiful community space!

Sunny D.

This is such a cool little place hidden beside Huntington drive. I went here for an art showing of local community artists and was able to meet people from the surrounding neighborhood. It offers so much more than just programs for locals, its about empowering, educating and uniting a community. If you live anywhere nearby I suggest you "like" them on FB (http://www.facebook.com/search.php?q=Eastside+Cafe&init=quick&tas=search_preload&search_first_focus=1311221402669#!/eastsidecafe) and check out one of their events.

Adolfo H.

This is a community space that has so much to offer that it is only one of a handful of spaces fighting the good fight. This place offers everything from self defense for women, to Son Jarocho music classes, to film nights. The place is not just about the programs that it offers to the community but more importantly it is about the members of that community. I can tell you that this group of people are some of the most decent and friendly people I could ever have hoped to meet. Check out their events and support. This was written on their site...... "The Eastside Café is committed to the belief that all people and all communities have the right to self governance and self-determination and that we possess within our own communities all the knowledge and power to make this a reality. We are not involved in a struggle for power: we possess the power already and are working to create a positive alternative to the negativities of our present situation."