El Guanaquito

6706 S Normandie Ave, Los Angeles
(323) 750-7873

Recent Reviews

Rico Villanueva

Good place to go for Salvadorean food. Great Pupusas and the pan con pollo are delicious. Friendly server's.Parking: The parking location is across the street.

Marcela D.

I made and order by phone and they told me it would take 35 minutes and I didn't mind waiting. The only thing is that when I got there I needed to wait more than that since the food wasn't ready so I didn't get the point of ordering before. All the ladies in the kitchen instead of doing their job they were talking and laughing with each other. In the end when they gave me the food they told me it was a certain amount that I already paid and they wanted me to pay again because they weren't concentrated on what they were doing. And I told her I paid already but she still told me "Just making sure" and she did a nervous chuckle. She thought that I would forget and pay again. They might have changed the name but not the STUPID WORKERS who never change. I wouldn't recommend coming here especially when I had came here way before they changed the name and I thought it would be better since they changed the name but instead it became worse. Try to go somewhere else.

Angel Rubio

Best place to get authentic food platesThey have the best burritos

Elaine Jones

I enjoy my pupusa awesome service!

Francisco Cruzlopez

Pupusas are a good size and stuffed. Delicious revueltas and plátanos. Definitely want to try the rest of the food.

Mary A.

Food is good but service is garbage. You have to wait so long for your food and while you wait, the workers make sure to give you attitude. Not worth it to me, so many other Salvadoran restaurants you can choose from.

Polanco 23

We love eating Pupusas from here, the staff are great people too.❤

Ahmad Hackett

Everything made fresh and hot. Love the pork and cheese pupusas here

Jairo P.

The worst in the area. Food is ok but service is horrible. Angry servers and I waited for to go good for an hour and 30 minutes. When I asked if I could cancel they said no. Would not issue me a refund.

Maria Gonzalez

I've order pupusas, queso, frijole, calabaza and queso, but I got the right ones queso calabaza, queso frijole, but I didn't get frijole and queso, I got rebuelta which I'm alergic to pork and I called to let them know that I didn't get the order right, spoke to owner and on the background heard the owner say that I didn't get anything of the order and plus the other two pupusas were reheated???.

Miguel Molina

Very good.

Linda Mercado

Really good pupusas. They have a $1 special Tuesday's, Wednesdays,and Thursdays.

Princess K.

The pupusas are good the soup is not the best, customer service is also not great. last time I went the lady making the tortillas by hand grabbed her phone for a text or something and went back into making the tortillas without washing her hands or anything never went back after that .

oscar azucena

Authentic! The prices are not bad and the service is also good.

John Rodriguez

Can qualify but I still wsiting forte mg son j

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