Falafel Queen

5101 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles
(323) 413-2595

Recent Reviews

Erma Stewart

Amazing food. I get the Falafel often but venture out here and there. Big portions.

Josh Thierry

Delicious, affordable falafel and shish kabobs. Everything cooked to order and the service was on point. Just stumbled upon this spot and will definitely be coming back

Bren L.

I've been trying to stop in at more local non-chain places these days and drove past this one and decided to get a quick bite. I had a beef shawarma as shown in the photo. The food was cooked to order and was reasonably fast as such. My only complaint is the price. $10.02 (tax incl.) for a shawarma seems a bit steep for street food. Next time I will have to try some falafel which is a make it or break it for middle eastern fast food.

Arie J.

Wow! Amazing! Can't believe it took me so long to find this place! My only regret is that I can't think of anything more to write to recommend this gem to others. This is my new favorite lunch spot. Wish it was closer to work but it'll give me another reason to wait for the weekend!

Hannibal W.

Food is great, excellent falafel with all the right ingredients. The side dishes are also excellent vegetable salad with vinegar dressing. great lunch spot.

Bryan B.

Meh. It's fine. Nothing special. Schwarma chicken was mediocre, dolmas were fine, spicy eggplant was flavorless. It's cheapish, but I'd rather pay the extra few dollars to go to Pita Cafe it MizLaLa

Robert Smerling

A must go to the falafels are fresh and the owner is very nice and is grateful that you came in to his place

Sean D.

Love this place! I'm a regular. The falafel is fresh and affordable, made to order. Owner is a great chef and very friendly! Don't let the decor fool you, this place is a gem for healthy Mediterranean.


Delicious falafel pita sandwich. Outdoor patio seating. Former Falafel King (Westwood) chef.

Virginia Killebrew

Great customer service clean social distancing must have mask

Gregory C

Benito is the King of Falafel Queen. Let him take care of you. The Falafel is fantastic, the lamb shawarma is also really good. So great to have this in the neighborhood! I'll be back for more soon.

Tatiana Valencia

The chef is from the Falafel King ithat was in Westwood Village! No wonder it's delicious!!!

Shawn Levi

Amazing food, amazing service, amazing prices, healthy and hearty

Amy Hoffman

Delicious place. Highly recommend it. I've been driving by for a year planning on stopping in but never having time. Stop by today for the first time and absolutely was blown away. Best falafel since Israel! The shawarma was amazing as well. The baba ganoush and first time I've tried eggplant and yogurt with onion which was crazy and delicious.

Unhappy T.

The food at this place is just perfect. But even better was the conversation with the nice owners. Yummmmmm!

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