8500 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles
(310) 670-4050

Recent Reviews

Tony Stone

Clean, fast and tasty. No problem here.

Anmber M.

I wish I could leave no stars!!! We are from out of town and decided to eat here because they were close to our hotel. The lady who was putting the food together and calling out numbers was beyond rude!!!! My 3 year old spilt her water and we my husband asked for a towel to clean up and she refused and said you can have a napkin and literally handed him ONE napkin!!! And he said I need more water is all over the table and she said I ALREADY GAVE YOU A NAPKIN! So I had to go in the bathroom get toilet paper and finally the guy taking the orders came and cleaned it. With no help from her. Then when our food was ready I asked for plates and she gave me one I asked for another and she said use the one I gave you. That should be enough. And would not give me another plate. So I had to eat off the lid of the Mac and cheese. The food was fresh but the service was horrible.

Wayne H.

Fast service, good food, accurate order.

Sam L.

This KFC is a fraud. Their chicken strips and popcorn chicken are not even KFC brand, they are purchasing them from Smart n Final and selling it as KFC. This place is a dump. Stay away

Don M.

Went tonight on my lunch break around 10:20 and as I get to the drive thru to order they tell me no more chicken for the night only Taco Bell items and popcorn chicken available... How is it that Kentucky fried CHICKEN runs out of chicken almost two hours before closing? Too lazy to make more? Don't want to clean up late? Poor excuse of a team at this location management needs to step up! I won't be coming back here on my lunch and will advise all my co workers not to as well! Just went tonight at 1130 on 11/04/19 I don't know if it's because it's near closing time but my burrito supreme had almost NO meat also my nachos supreme lots of beans but hardly any meat! If I could go back I would have returned my food but since I'm at work I cant Lesson learned I will never go back to this location from now on I'll drive a bit more to another location!

Andy Worth

It's a KFC, they do chicken and stuff. I'm from the UK so it was interesting to see the difference in menu, mash and gravy and some sort of scone instead of the fries I'd normally expect. Enjoyed the buffalo wings. Service was quick and food was hot, so not much else I can say.

Kyle Woodland

This building is newly remodeled, and man, it is like I stepped into the future! I would give this restaurant a 4, however the drive-thru takes much longer than I would prefer. However, they still have the same ol' food you can expect from any KFC.

Tommy Vercetti

Not the biggest fan of KFC but they had really blow my mind with their country fried chicken it was really good and very well made and I love this place it's just well put together and franchised and really well done and just amazing experience

Monét E.

I am very disappointed in the service at this location. They're supposed to be open weekdays at 7:00 AM, however, I showed up around 7:10/7:15am on two different occasions and they weren't even ready! Door locked, employees scrambling around, no food cooked. I asked for chicken and was told the cooks arent ready. It was after 7:15 at this point. The gentleman (manager?) who assisted me is very kind but kind doesn't get me quick food as I am heading to work. I'm not the only person stopping in at this time too. If you're going to advertise that the restaurant is open at 7:00, please be ready at 7:00. A lot of us are in a rush in the morning and come to you to with the intention of getting food promptly.

Stephen M.

Fast food that's anything but. They can't manage more than 1 car per 15 minutes. The food is always sub par. I watched a line of 15 cars at a standstill for 10 minutes while the employees hung out on a night shift. They lost 5 customers servicing 1 car. Absurd. The management must flat out not care. Never going back to this place. Tried 3 times and I always get out of line and take my business elsewhere. It's break taking how poorly this franchise is run.

alice moreno

Alejandra took my order today and made my day much better. Her smiling face and accommodating help with my order was so nice. Itâ??s our first time here but when we visit LA again we will definitely come back to this location.

Frank Devlon

It was OK.

Paige G.

how the hell do you forget to put chicken in a famous bowl ...... you're name is literally KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN ... this place is full of idiots

Brandon C.

Even for a fast food chain, the food quality here is abysmal. The fired chicken tastes like it came out of a factory. The chicken here is bland, stale and possibly refried to hide the fact that it is old. I suspect this place buys the cheapest chicken meat it could find. Even I, as a sheltered college student with no culinary experience, could fry better chicken. Even my dogs eat better than what this KFC serves (yes, I mean that literally, I love my dogs). Even Ralph's fried chicken is better than this place. As if the food here wasn't bad enough, the place is always filthy. It's as if no one ever cleans it. I wish I could give this place 0 stars, but Yelp is too merciful for me to give this place a taste of my honesty.


MACARONI AND CHEESE ANYONE?They have a Mountain Dew drink only available at KFC that is bright yellow.Chalupa Box for 5 Dollars is great and includes a drink.Unfortunately my KFC in Santa Monica was replaced by what else?a Starbucks.

Prince of Egypt

Alexandra she's amazing and very kind I really like this spot because of her and how she treats all people with a friendly manner, thank you so much and God bless you

Annette L.

Food was good but they missed putting my biscuit into the $5 2-piece box and the cookie into the $5 mac & cheese bowl box. Check your order before you leave because they won't. Get it together Westchester KFC...

Cheryl F.

Went to this KFC last Sunday afternoon. I was in the drive-through, had already ordered and there was one car ahead of me and 2 cars behind me. Three boys, aged 12-13, walked in front of the car in front of me to the drive through window and placed orders. The employee took the orders and the boys stood at the drive through window until their order was ready (about 10 minutes) holding up the rest of the drive through line. This is unacceptable! The employee should have told the boys to go inside. Also, I have received the wrong order more than once at this location! I won't be going back!

Joseph K.

funny, i was already waiting like 12 minutes in line, like 10th in line and twice, someone inside popped their head outside to look at the line of cars in the drive thru. someone started to honk once quickly- just a beep once every minute, like 3 times. lady pops out the door "who's honking their horn!? there's only 3 people working inside!!" every car, someone was asking "were you the one honking your horn!?" lmfao

Barbara robinson

I went in to order hot wings they were nasty and hard. I also caught the manager Stephanie scratching her face while getting ready to prepare food! She had the audacity to tell me do tell her what do!! When I asked her to wash her hands. Next time, I will call the Health Department. The chicken is full of more fat than meat. There service has gone down. I have been coming for 20 years, they just lost a customer.

Matt Oni

Been here at least 8 times. Each time the order is wrong, so you have to remember to check the bag. Every time I go I have to give the bag back because they forgot something. This time I forgot how bad they are, I left with less food than I paid for and without a receipt. Get better service to prevent the long lines. Hopefully a better location nearby opens.

Andrea L.

The issue here is the service. Every time I've been (and only because of a fried chicken craving), I've stood in front of the cash register, ready to order, and the staff doesn't even acknowledge my existence as they slowly get other orders ready, almost as if they're forcing themselves to stare at the chicken and only the chicken as they're picking through different pieces and pretend customers aren't waiting in line. Five minutes in line and no service - not even a glance - whatsoever doesn't warrant spending my money here.

David L.

Horrible experience. Now I know why so many KFC's are closing. I was in the drive thru for 30 damn minutes just to order & get my food! Whatever happened to fast food? Then on top of that the customer service was as bad as I've seen it. Just to top it off, they didn't get my order right. I will never be back, y'all lost my business

Westcoast D.

This place is horrible I went through the drive thru around 830 and did not get a receipt the chicken was dry and stale the wings were very old on top of that no utensils this kfc used to be great I don't know what happened as much business that they get you would think that they would have fresh chicken in rotation

Jenin G.

Great place to get fried chicken ! Has such a yummy taste ! I always love going to this spot because they know how to make it and not over fry it .

Nathan J.

I use your really enjoy KFC now I can't never eat it again after they traumatized me with the uncooked chicken and long black hairs I got in my chicken !! It's like chewing in rubber with long hairs wrapped around my teeth ! Never again !!!

Steve B

I had been here several times. This is your regular KFC which is a little small compared to other KFC stores. In my experience the staff are attentive, cordial and got my orders right. Food is prepared in a timely manner. There is adequate parking space. This may hard to find if you are not familiar with the area as your view may be partially blocked by taller building if your coming from Manchester Avenue.

Logan Howlett

Best fried chicken in the west! I still love thr Original recipe. Usually order a couple pieces and a number 6! Ya dig?

Donask Wontell

I think her name was Angelica. I apologize if i got it wrong. Excellent customer service. That alone got 5 stars. It was late evening. And they had hit wings!! The last 2 places i went didnt have them. They were perfect. They had to make a batch, so i waited outside. And she actually brought them out to me! Over and above the call of duty.

Albert Garcia

Two peace, mashed potatoes and gravy corn biscuit meal

K. Castillo

Just left and I wasn't happy with the 1 piece of crispy chicken wing they had left. It should be a crime to sell any piece of dries up chicken, tasting like crunchy sunflower seeds. I'm sooooo disappointed after putting them at the #1 location for the best tasting crispy chicken. I bought other things but that messed up my taste buds & ruined my appetite. ð??¡ð?? 

Rosa Williams

Make sure you get what you order. I ordered extra crispy and received original recipe. Second (2nd) time this has happened.

Mike Erickson

Decent Taco Bell, but usually slow, dirty and/or littered with homeless.

nejc ravnjak

There for a vecation and must say the chicken was really good. Tried also some foods never tried before in KFC (as they are also not possible to get in Europe) an i was surprised how good they where. Would appreciate not having gravy on my mashed potatoes but was still really good ð???

A2 H.

I would give this place negative stars if I could. Just got done expelling all the nastiness that I consumed from this place at around 11:30am this morning. I should have known better. The cleanliness of the place was substandard. I did notice workers prepping food had no gloves on. It's been a miserable 9 hours or so. Glad it's over.

Y Estrella

Probably one of the best KFC I been to in a while. The cashier, Asusena, had great customer service. They were fast and the food came out great. It has become my official KFC to go to.

John Lin

Like the people work at this place. They are very nice. Wish they start to serve vegetarian meal.

Yvette Estrella

Probably one of the best KFC I been to in a while. The cashier, Asusena, had great customer service. They were fast and the food came out great. It has become my official KFC to go to.

Russell Rubin

No chicken other than tenders at 11:30 on Saturday night. Okay i will have fiesta taco salad with beef. Sorry we don't have shell. So they made it without shell and forgot meat. If you not interested in operating then close the store earlier.

Tyler Ann Sands aka Sister Gramps

I've been craving KFC for over a year. Went in had the 3 PC meal. I was completely satisfied. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean, quick service and everything tasted great. Parking lot, restrooms, lots of seating, drive thru and what's great Taco Bell was located inside with KFC.