8500 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles
(424) 261-1568

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david kamins

I had a chicken sandwich and fries. I asked for no mayo and to add guacamole, which they did at no extra charge! They also have Taco Bell; that's how they could do that. Gr8 fries too. Yum.

Henry Townsend

Missing items, did not give receipt, did not answer phone. 15 minutes away just wanted what I paid for.

Violet McGee

Good food. Highly recommended KFC.

kush girl

I do not trust the employees of this Kentucky fried chicken to prepare my food. I went there on 4-17-20. An employee had a face mask that was covering her mouth but it was pulled down below her nose. She was breathing on the food!!! This is a violation of the rules set by the mayor of Los Angeles. Considering employees are violating this rule it makes me wonder what other health code violations they have.

Missyelper C.

I'm giving this 3 stars because I love KFC food. I can't give it 5 stars because I was missing items when ordering for delivery. I was missing an entire side order of mash potatoes on one occasion and missing the gravy on another occasion. We all know how important it is to have your side orders at KFC. It's a tradition. Gotta have your mash potatoes!


This place is not well managed.. From the handling of the food to the cleaning of the establishment..plus the service is terrible...

Sidney P

They recently remodeled, but it's just as dirty as the old dining area! If you want to dine in be prepared to wipe the table where you want to sit. ?

Unabashed Hedonist

Tables and floor were sticky. Potato wedges were hot and fresh. Lavatory was clean though. Combined with a Taco Bell - combined menu.

Jordan Raker

Slowest drive thru I’ve ever been to, and it’s consistently this slow. My order is usually right but I have gotten the wrong order before. I decided to go in today instead of the drive thru and still had to wait over ten minutes to get a few tacos.

Les B.

Came to this location at exactly 726am and the doors were locked but employees were inside and outside of the store. Walked around to the back and saw the manager whom seemed high as hell on something sniffing sipping his nose walking towards me and asked why they weren't open as the signs and online state open at 7am. He said,oh yeah (sniff sniff) we open at 8. I'm putting the chicken in right now. Lmao The Kernel is serving more than just chicken it seems ‍

Rami N.

This place always forgets to put stuff in your order when you are going through the drive-through. I don't know about you guys but I don't have time to call KFC and wait on the line for an extra piece of chicken they forgot to add. That being said, The next time I came to the drive-through I mentioned it that they forgot to give me a chicken breast that I paid for. The lady said OK, and then when I got to the window she said she charged me for it because I didn't call and tell them about the missing chicken breast. I didn't want it I just ordered it as a matter of principle. But she was careless. And then I came on yelp and I saw that this place has the lowest reviews I've ever seen any place ever have. So if KFC head office doesn't do anything about such careless employees, Then you can only blame yourself When you come here

Allen Chiquito

Bad day for those of us that got behind at least 12-15 Jr. High school kids (seriously)! So, finally after almost 1-hour I got my order - NOT! It was the wrong order! But they corrected it right away. Again, no where to sit because of the kids, so I sat in my vehicle and ate my lunch. One thing that was “right” with this place is the delicious chicken! They can mess everything else up - but the chicken continues to be great! So, just avoid this place from 1pm - 2pm to avoid the kids!

Todd W.

Slowest frive through ive ever been in. Only 2 cars ahead of me 20 min and Im still sitting here.

Dum B.

Waited for my orders for 20 minutes. I guess the chicken were too fast to catch. Horrrrrrible service. If the headquarters is listening please do something about the KFC loc

J.R. B.

KFC is already pretty bad but that famous bowl is pretty good. Anyways went through the drive-thru tonight on my way home from a long work day, order 2 steak tacos and a famous bowl- no corn (because easy corn never gets done) and a side of black beans. After 20 minutes I get my order, unfortunately the bag seemed full and I trusted I got the whole order. I got home and not only was I short a taco, my famous bowl was literally just corn and gravy. No mashed potatoes, no cheese, no chicken. I never got a receipt and I don't check so I guess whatever, but still, wow. They've been wrong a little before, but this is just comically bad.

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