La Reyna Tacos #2

2016 E 7th St, Los Angeles
(213) 840-9256

Recent Reviews

Ashly M

Make sure to follow their instagram @lareynatacoss for locations & menu options

BonnieBunnyProduction 0812

Love these tacos delicious and affordable

Wim May

Great value on a solid burrito.

Justin S.

BEWARE!!! They overcharged me $2 a taco. We had 10 tacos and it was $20. The lady in the counter is very sneaky.

Jessica E.

So delicious!! All the salsas are perfect and flavorful. Some of the best tacos I've ever bet had, and I'm from LA. Also, the staff was so super nice and sweet!!

Yvette Seeber

Love, love, LOVE cabeza tacos

Becca Pereira

Carne asada, pastor and carnitas were delicious, great tacos for the price !! Also lady working was very sweet :)


Best lengua I've had in LA so far. The super burritos are huge and also the best super burrito I've had in a long time. The orange salsa is also fire.

John Evans

These guys are great. Awesome food, and they're here late, so it's perfect for when the bars close.

Brandy Thomas

Super friendly amazing food

Nadeem Yahya

Very delicious burrito

Ady S.

BEWARE THEY WILL TRY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE BY OVERPRICING! (I used to frequent this place when they had the restaurant and the stand outside, but now it's just the truck) The lady tried taking advantage by charging more than what is advertised on the menu. I ordered 4 tacos with " everything " and she said it would be $22.00. I was very surprised after seeing that each taco was $2.00...I asked her "I'm sorry what is the total for the tacos ?" And she said $8.00 after I asked. I had came here from tonys saloon to eat. Next time I will just go to Pizzanista lesson learned, luckily I had only one drink that night anyway if they keep this up they will eventually do it to the wrong person.

Carmen R.

Very fast service. Great price and amazing flavors. 100% better than the hipster tacos you find 50m away at guerrilla tacos.

Scott O.

Look for the Taco Truck parked on 7th Street !!! Opens At 5pm. You will be Very happy you did for many years. Grandma's recipes, food IS Amazing. Get your food at La REYNA TACOS , from the Taco Truck , get it All, All the time and you'll be HAPPY SMILING SINGING, like me.

Jerry T.

Tacos are just okay - it's very average for a roadside taco truck. I was told to get the burrito, but I wanted to try a variety of different meats so I settled on 4 tacos: 2 al pastor, 1 carne asada, and 1 pollo. Each taco costs $1.25 and has a double tortilla fried in (al pastor?) grease. Tortillas aren't made in-house, but that's pretty typical for taco trucks in my experience. There's two sauces that are provided - a red sauce and a green sauce. The red sauce is AMAZING. I would gladly pay $10 to take home a bottle for myself - I could literally drink this stuff. It's VERY hot, but also intensely smoky, like a good chipotle sauce should be. Al pastor (4/5): It's good. Definitely a little bit on the greasier side but the all of the fat that it's cooked in definitely enhances the spices and brings out the natural smoky flavor of the meat. Carne Asada (2.5/5): Rubbery and kind of flavorless. The pieces are also a lot thinner and smaller than what other taco trucks provide, leading me to think that they're using a cheaper cut of meat. I wasn't a huge fan. Pollo (3/5): Flavor was on point, but the texture was too rubbery for my liking. Although to be fair, I've yet to have a pollo taco that blows me away/is juicy AND flavorful at the same time. All in all, La Reyna is a decent taco spot, although if I do come back I'll have to try their burritos instead of their tacos. At $1.25 per taco, I would recommend this place on pure point of value.

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