Link N Hops

3111 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles
(323) 426-9049

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Great drinks and food. Love the vegan options.

Gratitude Attracts Blessings - Sam

Great find. Mark greeted us right away and we ordered what we saw someone else was eating. The sausages are huge. Look at my picture with my arm next to it.

Mitchell Hudson

Great food! We had sliders -- lamb was amazing, garlic fries, and an excellent mushroom flatbread. I'll certainly be back.

Marissa Johnson

This place has delicious food! This is THE place to get a hotdog. They also have Mario Kart nights and trivia nights.

Suzanne Griffin

4 stars for the atmosphere and food. Service was pretty crap though. Would have ordered another drink or food if our waitress came by the table more than once every 20mins.

Nikey Castillo

One of my favorite pubs in NELA. Excellent beer choices. Right next to a great pizza place too

Lisa Allen

A nice 🍺 and a pretzel 🥨 or hot link is just what you need. Awesome selection of brews and a selection just as big of links.

Paula Dunn

Saw this place a few times and decided to stop by even though I was going to have dinner. I stepped in and ordered the sumo dog. The sumo dog had toppings you would get on a hot dog and also added other toppings such as seaweed. The sumo dog tasted great. It was a little small but the hot dog was bigger then normal size. Service was great.

Elizabeth Araujo

Food was so good. I had the Spain link. Also I don't like beer so I drink the ginger beer and it is awesome extra crisp tasting. Oh and let's not forget the mouthwatering fries

Daniel Hazelwood

Great food and great service!

Erik Casillas

Always a great time! Great selection of craft beers!

Mike R.

This place is terrible. Not only is the service terrible and rude, the food is awful. Not fresh at all. I got stomach poisoning from this place. Avoid it at all costs.

Cristina C.

I had the Debreziner which is a Hungarian frankfurter. It's a delicately spiced pork-based wiener and it's tasty. The bun that it was served on wasn't exactly right - it appeared to go into disrepair on me as I ate it. In spite of the fact that it was toasted, I'm getting it was stale. They have a decent outside porch which is all around shaded from the early evening sun. Indeed, even on a 90+ degree, it's exceptionally lovely.

Tom Duffy

Had a great Italian sausage ever beer great selections both and dog friendly

Tal Says

I like the bar. Decent food and a good variety of beer but when you want to watch a sporting event such as a football game or baseball game they have it on mute and play Britney Spears instead. If you like pop music with your sports this is the place if not then MoveOn.

Derrick Segee

Burger wasn't special like I assumed it would be, should have tried the sausage which is referenced in their name .the fries and great and the waitress was great also.

Jade Johnson

Rating from a vegans perspective.. They've got the Beyond Burger and Sausage! The loaded vegan fries are very tasty, although heed the warning about the jalapeños, they are spicy! You do get a reasonable amount of food per meal, between the 2 of us we had a burger, link and loaded fries and it was enough. Good beer selection! Relaxed atmosphere with a few different sports events being shown on different screens, pretty standard sports bar in that regard.

Thomas H.

Casual and fun place to enjoy a cool brew and a tasty brat, either traditional style bratwurst or knockwurst, or go exotic with their more unusual combinations (e.g., rattlesnake!). TV screens galore, we took in the NLCS championship game seven Dodgers vs Brewers, and the whole place was jumping and cheering as the boys in blue clinched it. Review is for the Atwater location, ymmv.

Eddie Filian

Not only is the food and beer is great but the people who work there and the regulars are amazing!!!


As fate would have it, I’ve now had the chance to visit both Link N Hops locations. (On different days…) We started in Atwater Village in July before a “Poetry Circus” event happening nearby in Griffith Park. As a vegetarian family, to be able to go into a beer and sausage place and have so many options, is quite a coup in the comfort food world for us. They have 4 kinds of vegan sausage available to build sandwiches around, plus a Beyond Burger which doubles as perfect for gluten free people…like my wife.I had the Smoked Apple Sausage with onions, cheddar cheese and sweet peppers. And I added whole grain mustard at the table. This was messy but DELICIOUS.I complemented this with a sour beer from their extensive beer menu. I made a note that thi was from San Diego, but by the time I was ready to write down the actual brewery, I was well into the beer and what I typed made no sense…let’s just say, whatever this sour beer was, it was perfect. I loved it.Actually everything was delicious. (And that’s not just the beer talking…) My wife dd have a Beyond Burger, wrapped in lettuce to complete her gluten-free comfort food fantasy…it was perfectly cooked, pink on the inside, just like they recommend you do.We shared a side of perfectly thick french fries which came with two choices of sauce (we got BBQ and curry ketchup and enjoyed both.)This was the perfect comfort meal. With a location, slightly closer in Sunland Tujunga, we’re getting really close to the “it’s all over” benchmark for when an insanely crave-worthy vegetarian sausage experience starts to drain all the money out of our bank account.Speaking of the Sunland Tujunga location…I was randomly driving home (to Van Nuys) from La Canada Flintridge (Sunland Tujunga…La Canada Flintridge…what is it about these towns along the 210 that need to team up???) hoping to spot something to eat and how delighted I was to find another Link N Hops! I was again coming from a poetry reading (what is it with vegetarian sausage and before or after poetry events???) I again get the Vegan Smoked Apple and fries which was again delicious…I also thought the woman behind the counter was so incredibly friendly and endearing. Besides the fact that I love the food, she made me feel so welcome at the restaurant. What a wonderful beacon of customer service light!We’re just waiting for another Link N Hops to open even closer…maybe just over the mountain in Burbank…then North Hollywood…then Van Nuys…then it will, truly, all be over.

Link N Hops

3111 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039