Little Amsterdam Coffee

1412 S Redondo Blvd, Los Angeles
(323) 451-1550

Recent Reviews

Noah A.

My first time coming here and I absolutely loved the vibe. The artwork on the wall really seals the "local coffee shop" vibe. And, they have very good green tea! I hear they're moving to a new location, but I can't wait to see what they do over there!

Shani P.

What a cute place! The moment I entered everyone behind the counter was fun, kind and just full of joy. It actually made my day. I ordered a vanilla latte with oat milk and it was delicious. Flavorful and not overly sweet. It came out to $5 and some change. While I waited for my coffee I took a walk around the shop and the art on the wall is amazing and extremely affordable. I plan to make this my coffee place on my commute to work and I plan to purchase art from them the moment I am able. Such a gem!

James C.

Stopped by here on a whim on my way home from school drop off and really happy I did! It's a hipster vibe inside and the barista was very friendly and helpful. I had the Amsterdam Latte with oat milk and it was delicious. I'll definitely be back.

Benjamin F.

Just moved to the area and discovered this spot. Love the vibe, and it's great to see an independent coffee shop in the area. They also support local artists and have a gallery wall. Great coffee, exceptional customer service, awesome atmosphere. Can't ask for anything more!

Ashle Bush

Awesome as always lattes without chaga are useless to me now can't live without the chaga

Fallon H.

This is my new favorite coffee shop! From the art on the walls and powerful graffiti and good music (dmx was blaring through the speakers on my visit in tribute) to the delicious iced vanilla latte I ordered while having friendly banter with the Barista Cj was just perfect!! It made my day better being in such a positive atmosphere and in a black owned space. I will be a regular now for sure :)

Nicholas A.

I really wanted to like this place since it is local and seems family owned. Staff is actually very nice and helpful. However, they did not perform the most basic of tasks well, making an Americano. It is even one of the top listed items on their menu. The drink I got lacked any flavor, I might as well have just ordered water. I judge most every coffee shop I visit based on this drink since it is indicative of whether they can make proper espresso. Everyone in the reviews here seem excited about this shop but without the drinks being up to par everything else is just fluff to me. I may stop by once more to see if I get better results, but then it would likely be inconsistency as an issue. I suggest the staff be better trained on the basics of being a good barista if selling coffee is the prime business.

Vivian W.

- BLACK OWNED , support local!! - super dope art all around the shop - really nice and friendly staff - legit coffee (and not weak) - phenomenal prices !! 4 items for $12!?!? #amazing

Caleigh H.

Pleasantly surprised by the safety. Outside seating, hand sanitizer provided, prompted open door, and kindness!

Maegan La Mamita M.

I recently moved to the neighborhood and was looking for my local coffee shop and I think I found it. Black owned, cool decor inside including art for sale and the coffee is bomb. Have had iced and hot coffee and it's strong and tasty.

Nancy I.

Stopped in to Little Amsterdam coffee shop and had one of the best lattes with oat milk!!! Was held by the owner who was also very gracious and friendly... I will be going back again often!!

Tara J.

Visited this coffee shop earlier today. It's perfectly nestled in the mid-city neighborhood near other shops and eateries. This coffee shop also serves as an art gallery and host to a community fridge and other community events. The coffee is great and the customer service is excellent. I plan to make this a shop that I put in my rotation whenever I'm on that side of town.

Danielle S.

I love, love, loooove this coffee shop. Little Amsterdam got me off of Starbucks and I do not miss the franchise whatsoever. I found this shop at the start of the BLM when people were sharing small black owned coffee shops in LA. Very thankful because if I had not seen them on the list, I may not have found the shop. The day I walked in, the owner Josh was so kind. I go so much that I adore all of the staff. The only thing I love as much is the iced Little Amsterdam Latte (sub it with oat milk). It's the perfect combination of ingredients and something you can't get anywhere else. Get it and fall in love with it too.

Mike S.

Really wonderful coffee. The Amsterdam Latte is excellent as is the service and interior. I can't wait for covid to end to enjoy coffee inside!

Elizabeth T.

This spot is just so cool. I'm so glad I discovered it! The service was so friendly and the atmosphere is really unique. I love a small business with a story. Little Amsterdam has that ten fold. Their slogan "art, coffee and music in one cup" is definitely my style. The space itself is like an art gallery. Names of inspirational figures cover the wall on one side. Artwork hangs on the other. Across the street is a Lakers mural. They're also holding an Appreciation Hour for healthcare workers right now, which I think is amazing in light of everything. It's also worth mentioning that it's a black owned business. I tried their signature Amsterdam Latte (iced with oat milk). I asked for it less sweetened than normal but it still came pretty sweet. Caramel limes the side of the cup and the ice is perfectly crushed (appreciated that touch). The drink itself was smooth, refreshing and *a moderate amount* of sweet. I was a big fan of the overall experience!

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