Little Amsterdam Coffee

1412 S Redondo Blvd, Los Angeles
(323) 452-9124

Recent Reviews

Josh B.

I been coming in this place since it opened now let me tell you this I'd the go to place STARBUCKS ain't got shit on Josh and it's a black owned business big shout out to Josh mapped it out and went and did it congrats my boy and I luv the way the shop is it's just a really cool vibe all the way from parking to entering the establishment and the staff are very welcoming stop wasting time go support my black bother

Natalie B.

Josh and his crew are the absolute best and my favorite. their coffee is delicious and it's made with so much intention!! can't recommend this place enough please support and check them out.

Elna S.

My friend and I decided to check out this spot today. It's a hidden gem! Loved the vibe there and all the art on the walls. The barista there was very nice & informative. Sorry we didn't catch his name. We both ordered their famous Iced Amsterdam Latte with Oat Milk. What we love the most is that their iced coffee is available in a 24oz cup! Very very rarely does a coffee shop offer that size. The drink was good! We were bummed the extra spike isn't available yet. But we'll be back when it's available!

Yazmine K.

This is such a beautiful coffee shop with great energy from both the owner and their employees. Decorated with love. The drinks are yummy and they work extremely fast and efficient. There's no better sight than seeing black hard working men thriving in a neighborhood you grew up in!

N W.

I gota latte with 2% milk and it was good. The staff is friendly and the decor is super hip. Art work is displayed and for sale. Because of Covid, there are a few tables set up outside. Its worth the trip

Cristina L.

Checked out this place for the first time. I got an iced dirty chai tea latte. So good! The people are so friendly and attentive. Will definitely be coming back soon!!

Annie K.

This place doesn't just serve coffee, it's a dose of happiness. Super friendly & welcoming baristas, hip little coffee shop, really good latte. I tried the Amsterdam latte (I believe it's a mix of multiple lattes - matcha, chai, etc) with oat milk. It sounded strange at first but it was really good. One of the best lattes I've had for sure. I was also pleasantly surprised that they didn't charge extra for oat milk or extra shots. Hope this place continues to do well. Support your black-owned businesses

Kim K.

My daughter brought me here today since she's been raving about it. The gentleman and woman inside helping us were awesome. Great energy and the Amsterdam Latte on ice was . So delish!! More than 1/2 way done by the time I got to the car. I'll be back!

Lindsey Lynch

Great products and amazing service

Ashtan O.

I came in to get a pick me up. I asked for the gentlemen to make me he his favorite drink and he did! It was delicious. Very easy to find with easy street parking. I would definitely come again!

Marilyn G.

Great customer service. The vibe was pleasant and this place has more depth than it may appear from the outside. They help local artist and even have a free food fridge outside their store. The barista was kind and very helpful. Love this place!

Cat D.

Delicious coffee, great food, and even better staff. Looking forward to making this a regular spot!

Michael A.

Well the Amsterdam latte is damn good :-) I'll definitely be back, and it's great to see young entrepreneurs working hard.

A C.

This coffee shop prob gets the award for best service in LA. The baristas are so so welcoming and friendly!!! Per other recommendations got the Little Amsterdam latte which tastes like a sweet chai with coffee. It's got a subtle spice underlying it. Overall utterly unusual and fantastic!! Also don't neglect the food. Fantastic cinnamon rolls and also got a piece of strawberry cake to go. Both were awesome. Lastly outside is a community fridge to donate food which I loved. This is a black owned business which was thrilled about. Def will be back!

Kendahl G.

I had the most amazing peach lemonade from here. My roommate brought it back for me and had nothing but praise for the kind owner of the establishment. I can't wait to go in person once the rona is no longer an issue.

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