5757 Wilshire Blvd UNIT 106, Los Angeles
(323) 931-1013

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Johanna S.

Nice location with a big outdoor area with plenty of tables. Really nice to sit outdoors and relax. The store inside has also quite a few tables and the staff is for the most part pleasant. Parking is validated in the structure for the building. Drinks and food items are great as will all locations. My go to is the spinach wrap.

Samsam Pourtaimour

It's cool place to hang out and have a espresso

Mary T.

If you want to run and grab a cup of coffee on your 15 minute break, I suggest you skip this Starbucks location and go to Coffee Bean across the street. I ordered 1 drink and waited over 20 minutes to receive it. There wasn't even anyone in line when I ordered my drink, which tells me all of their time is being spent on mobile orders from their Starbucks App. There needs to be a balance of catering to customers who order through the app and customers who take the time to come into the coffee shop and place their order in person. A customer who orders in the shop should not have to wait 20 minutes for a drink. And to make matters worse, my drink was nasty. I will stick to Coffee Bean, better service, better quality, and better atmosphere.

Anthony E.

I'm a patient person at Starbucks and I gladly wait my turn. This morning their printer went down and was unaware of it. Waiting for my drink, I overheard the barista mention that the printer went down and began to ask for orders verbally. KUDOS to her. I decided to ask for a refund, the cashier did so. I indicated that my drink "got lost" due to the printer malfunctioning. I got my refund. No "I'm sorry" or anything. I was a little stunned.

TAS Grade 6 Critics Corner

Are you having a down-in-the-dumps day? Or are you just thirsty? If you are either of these, then you should go to Starbucks because the drinks there will brighten up your day! There are many choices of drinks there, the quality of the food and drinks are great, and the price is just right. There are different choices of drinks, different choices of food, and different sizes of cups to choose from. The ingredients in Starbucks are all high quality and delicious, so many people go. Starbucks is also environmental, they use paper straws for the drinks instead of plastic. Starbucks base their prices depending on what drink you order, what size it is, and what it is made out of, and of course, because of the high quality stuff, Starbucks’ prices are higher than normal stores’ prices. As you can see, this is why I recommend you go to Starbucks so you can have a sip of their drinks yourself and find out how good it actually is.

Jaye Restivo

Love their Spinach breakfast wrap. Yummy any time of day!

Sandra Freedman

I know there’s a bunch of Starbucks everywhere but this location has incredible staff! Every time I come my coffee is made just right and everyone always happy and delightful to be around


This Starbucks on Wilshire Boulevard is one of the nicest Starbucks I have visited. Spacious area outside to enjoy California weather. Tables inside too. Solid Internet. Fast and friendly service. Relaxed atmosphere.

Eric V.

Coffee is great. It's Starbucks! But this store is always dirty. The tables, floor, and the napkin area. Never any milk or half and half. And nobody ever has the curtesy to get it refilled when it is out. I always find myself taking it up to get refilled. Used to get in line to order, but have begun to mobile order. The faster I get my drink and navigate the milk conundrum, the sooner I get out. The staff is always friendly and I think prides itself of cranking out great tasting drinks. My Americano always tastes amazing from this place. This place has so much traffic and people just zombie in here for their fix that they don't notice how dirty this place is. Or maybe they don't care. By the way I got to say in my opinion this Starbucks does not have any friendly people at all. Just a bunch of robots getting coffee and leaving. I only come here cause of my Starbucks fix and it is the place close to my moms PT appointments.

Daniel Katz

Pretty decent service. Definitely not a well kept store in terms of keeping up with cleanliness. Tables are usually dirty and floors have many many dirty stains. Employees appear to be friendly, welcoming guests as they enter the store. Was shocked though watching an employee try to "squeeze" coffee out of an obviously empty urn. Was quite bewildered watching that unfold. Had to tell her that I'll wait for fresh pot to be brewed.

Monique Bradley

Very clean from the patio all the way to the restrooms. Store was very beautiful with a nice chill vibe to do computer work or just relax. Customer service was very nice as well.

Gary Eckstein

Typical Starbucks. Lots of indoor and outdoor seating.

Tom Mills

They serve coffee. You might have heard of them.

Joe Jamato

Good central location, good customer service, high traffic with order to pick-up was fast.

Miguel Rod

Fast service

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