Taco Bell

2800 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles
(323) 737-5700

Recent Reviews

Robert Moreno

Good service. The pizza order always takes a few more minutes but totally worth it.

Alexandria Maguire

Cheap and easy for Americanized Mexican knock offs

Wade Nash

I certainly love their dishes and service, fantastic area to where I live. The employees are always super nice. Would recommend to others.

Nathaniel Pinkus

I went in to get my food, the staff was friendly and quick. I got my food within only a couple of minutes and everything was correct and the food tasted great.

Ricky S.

Walked in, waited for like 5-10 mins before anybody even came out from the back to take my order. Short lady, close to no eyebrows, came out with a bad attitude, you know those attitudes with a vibe of "EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ANGER"? Yeah well she took our order very annoyed. After, I asked what the code was for the restroom, she rolled her eyes, and told me. I tried it on one restroom, it didn't work (I didn't try the second door cause I expected the same). I went back and asked to doubled check that I remembered the code right, she said "THERE'S ONLY ONE BATHROOM". I went back and tried the other one (YES THERE WAS TWO), and yeah it opened. No toilet paper, and the floor was all wet by the toilet. Can't say who's responsible for that part, but that lady definitely is horrible for business. She might be manager? Not sure, but she wasn't wearing a nametag, I'm pretty sure she does that on purpose. Whoever owns this franchise would TOTALLY benefit from firing her. Not to be messed up but as you can see from other reviews, I'm probably not the only one to think so. Any smart business owner would know that this kind of behavior is what drives customers away. She does smile though, cause it looked like an old coworker came in to say hi and she was all smiling and talkative, but I'm pretty sure she acts like an angel around her bosses. Idk about the other employees since I didn't come into contact with them. Mr/Ms owner, FIRE HER ALREADY OR FIRE WHOEVER IS PROTECTING HER. The place looks nice, and has potential, just get your staff in check.

Jamal Hale

Service was good and so was the mini chicken quesadilla I like that better than a regular steak size ð???

Ace Joka

Taco Bell has lost it's swagger, less meat all shell

Carolina O.

Ordered breakfast combo this morning and was not asked about a drink when I was rung up so I asked if I could do an iced coffee but was told it would be extra even though it didn't say it anywhere on the menu. But at that point the transaction was done anyways even if I did have to pay extra. I Was also given the wrong number on my ticket so when they were calling another number a few times they were looking at me like I was crazy. The steak quesadilla was very sub par compared to other Taco Bell's hardly any pieces of steak and very very small. One good thing I'll say is at least the place was very clean but it was pretty early so who knows really.

Dolly Figueroa

System was down , took ages to get food. Fortunately we had cash. The servers were nice but wait was too long.

M. Lulu Spicy Eyes Navarro

It was decent. The food was lacking product. My very skinny burrito that was lacking ingredients... Actually ALL of my items ... And they were not so giving of taco sauce. They forgot to give me my receipt. And when I asked for the receipt they really didn't know how to retrieve it?!

Steve Anderson

I just love some taco Bell

Joely Simpson

Just stopped by for a quick bite The service and the cashier were fine she was friendly

Marvina Brown

Not the same but i guess its ok. Customer service needs to get checked you still have consumers that still patronize you business because of loyalty

Julie Na

So you ask 2x what type of hot sauce I want, then forget to put it in the bag.... â?â??? THEN you get an attitude because I ask for the hot sauce you forgot to put in the bag!!!!

Carlos C.

If I could give half a star I would. Service is slow especially when it comes to pizzas. Sometimes they got it other times you gotta remind them about a pizza you ordered half an hour ago that suppose to be ready in 10 minutes. Cmon now. That's my whole lunch break. It's the only Pizza Hut Taco Bell in town, they should be more assertive with their employees. Not trying to be a Dick but this place needs improvements and renovations.


Had the taco salad and nachos. It was really good. The drive-thru cashier was awfully nice...Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I will be returning!

Nano Voxel

This never cares about lobby guests. The only focus is drive thru don't bother going inside. Waited for 10 mins just to order then was told the other customer (the drive thru) was a higher priority than I am. One of the worst customer services in the area but nice building.

David Kush

Always go for the crunchy tacos matter of fact I'm on my way right now ð???

Dante M.

Veryn slow service. Went in thinking this was a fast food restaurant. Ordered bean burrito and had to wait over 20 minutes to get food. Doesn't seem as if anyone wanted to work. Really wanted money back, but didn't want to wait any longer. TERRIBLE service and experience. Definitely would not recommend or would advise u to go to a different Taco Bell.

Edward W.

Very rude unprofessional staffSeveral employees on your cell phone while working the bathrooms were a messy dining area were very dirty

Viola C.

Worst service ever. Fuvked my order .,they gave me tacos with beans n0ot.a vegetarian. Eat somewhere else like next door at mcdonald's or across the street Mad as hell. They don't deserve 1 star. Never going back

Ivan 23 Caravantes

Absolutely gorgeous place, clean restaurant and service was beautiful. Ladies behind the register have great personalities and the men as well. They are very respectful and do their jobs well. I enjoyed everything and every minute spent here. I loved how clean the restrooms were also. Only one thing i didn't like. There was a driver in the drive through that disrespected a female who works the window attendant and i absolutely hater that man in that white Nissan Sentra for doing that to her. I felt bad for that lady, who helps everyone, speaks Spanish and English a like.

alesha New

The food was good. But one person was taking my order then it was a new person at the end of my order. So I didn't receive all of my order, but I paid for it. I didn't receive a receipt and I had to go back out to get more stuff for myself and husband, because I only had enough to feed his two younger brothers. I would have went back but I don't stay nowhere near the to that taco Bell. So check your order and get a receipt.

Shantel Collins

Don't get breakfast from Taco Bell their eggs are horrible. I am pretty sure they use boiled eggs inside the breakfast burrito. Its not good. I will not be buy Taco Bell breakfast every again.

Jose Cardona

Fast service, good and clean

Christopher Murray

The potato tacos are awesome. I also love the nacho fries.


Above average service & the food's usually good...

Jessica S.

First of Jasmine, the girl on the drive thru was with an ugly attitude. She made me repeat myself five times in the drive-thru speaker then she gave me my food and I was missing an order of Nachos. So, I told her she didn't apologize instead she looked pissed. I can see her talking to the cook and they started checking my bag of food. After she gave me my bag of food I checked my chalupas and they were beef when I paid extra for chicken. This time I was pissed I ask to speak to the manager in charge she looks like she just woke up for a nap she didn't even come directly to speak to me instead she went straight to the cook to talk and she never addresses me until I said "Hello is anyone going to help me?" she said "You wanted chicken right?". I was so upset I yelled, "Of Course Obesely I paid extra!". I use to come here before a lot with my family before they had gentlemen as a manager and He will go out of his way to give all his customer the best service ever plus it's close to my house but I rather drive an extra mile than to ever come back to this place! Never again am I coming back to this Taco Bell.

Don S.

I'm a black man not trying to pick on anyone. However the late night staff are rude and ghetto. Ordered a chalupa box the food had no meat. Long story short words were exchange the manager was so rude and unprofessional she called my wife a fat ugly b**** and the males where acting like a bunch of thugs. Went back around the manager got hostile I thought we were going to be attacked but luckily a cop car passed by and we were able to make a break for it. I will never visit this particular location again. This is not a safe location and needs to be shut down. I will be contacting corporate about this issue.

No_Chill_Parenting_Club Collins

Don't get breakfast from Taco Bell their eggs are horrible. I am pretty sure they use boiled eggs inside the breakfast burrito. Its not good. I will not be buy Taco Bell breakfast every again.

Kesha Hill

I ordered the chalupa special and Nacho Bell Grande . This place is so slow and they couldn't understand what I was ordering. I had to repeat my order five times ridiculous. I stopped coming to the taco bell on Crenshaw, right off of Adams because their slow and rude.

A. Chadi

The worst costumer service I ever had since I came to the state rude unprofessional they take too long the drive thru is nightmare the only reason Iâ??m giving 1 star because 0 star doesnâ??t exist

Monique Warren

Good if it is just made. Wish they would bring back the taco light, the light crisp shell was everything

Angel A.

Messed up my order, I clearly asked for no sour cream, asked again at the window when paying and I still get sour cream on my food,smh

Derek Moody

I feel sorry for people who have to get jobs here and the food is just atrocious at any Taco Bell. I'm not trying to pick on this specific location all of the Taco Bell locations are corporate and it taste like corporate lol just horrible food in general. The worst fast food on the planet. If I had to pick something decent from the menu however it would be the Doritos tacos perhaps. Anytime I go to Taco Bell in the town I live, it takes for ever to get my order. Just absolutely the last place I ever want to eat is Taco Bell gross.

Herber D

Bad customer service..they just call you order number,, throw the food on the table and disappear, plus Burritos are so small for 8 bucks..... I never come back again. ð???ð???

Ashley V.

Customer service sucks! Erick A., slammed the pay window at me and has a smart mouth. Erick, nobody forced to you to work at taco bell so don't be angry at the world. Thanks

Trini M.

Don't go here unless you want employees screaming at you for them getting your order wrong. Take a drive to another location.

Dandy L.

Too long of a wait in drive thru, midnight on a weeknight. No excuse to claim they were too busy!!! Several cars got out of line, others cursed, very inefficient, nearly unsafe..... creating such hostility. Drive-thru rage?!?! get it together folks!!!!

Easy P.

Too long of a wait in drive thru, midnight on a weeknight. No excuse to claim they were too busy!!! Several cars got out of line, others cursed, very inefficient, nearly unsafe..... creating such hostility. Drive-thru rage?!?! get it together folks!!!!