Taco Bell

6254 Lexington Ave, Los Angeles
(323) 249-0692

Recent Reviews

Salvador De La Cruz

Fast service. They have the covid-19 accommodations down for the customers

Brandon Ayala

When I got there, I was the 8th car in the drive thru. Took seconds for them to clear the line and take my order. Great fast food my son says "you're all then best chefs at taco bell"

Phillip Lopez

This restaurant is my preferred one. I go to plenty of restaurants but here I constantly return again and again. The stuff is very warm and the food they place on your table is so fresh and tasty. I am always happy to have a nice meal here. I recommend this place with pleasure.

A -

Rude service. Whoever was on window duty on May 4th around 1:20pm should be fired or send back to training to learn what customer service is.

Heather Mehudar

After INTENTIONALLY CHECKING this app and seeing "take out and drive-thru" were available, I walked over only to find the doors locked and these signs on the doors, because they have "drive-thru only". The second sign addressing "social distancing i side the establishment is completely pointless based upon the first sign. All this fearmongering over a damn cold with a mortality/fatality rate that has already been proven LESS THAN 0.03%. Ridiculous.

Ruby L.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS TACO BELL EVER! I ordered off of postmates and half of my order was missing and incorrect. I called the store only to be put on hold for a half hour. When they finally picked up they muttered a few words that were unidentifiable and then left me on the counter while they chatted it up for another half hour. I hung up and called again only to be blocked!! I had to go through postmates to get my refund. PS just because I'm white doesn't mean I don't know how to speak Spanish and they looooooove to talk s**t about people while they're on the phone with them.

Jeff Ross

Great it was clean people were very nice better than most places in LA 2 Thumbs Up!

Dino WolfShield

It was really nice. Poor cashier seemed rushed and doing everything but had pretty good service. Missed some items on my order but they replaced it free lol

Drago WolfShield

It was really nice. Poor cashier seemed rushed and doing everything but had pretty good service. Missed some items on my order but they replaced it free lol

Hugh J.

the bathroom uhh smelled like s.h.i.t!!!!!!!! i almost died!!!!!! disgusting pristitutes everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom B.

Much, much better than last time I was here. Waited a bit too long as most order ahead with card at machines. Some of us still use cash. Otherwise fast service after order was finally taken.

Sam Niko

We walked, to see the sights. What a disgraceful way to treat the poor. California should be ashamed. Makes you feel..unsure if you even want to eat there. However, Taco Bell was probably the best thing I ate in the city..and we stayed in "Hollywood".

Jaxi Alegria

Found two condom wrappers in the bathroom - one empty and one unopened. Would love to know the backstory on that one.

Tamster W.

One of the worst taco bells. The drive thru line was long so we decided to eat in, HUGE mistake. I don't have high expectations of fast food. You get what you pay for but this food wasn't even fast. It took 18 minutes to get our order. Worse yet while we were waiting 7 other people were waiting for their food. No ones name was getting called. Did they run out of tortillas WTF? When the girl did call your name she screamed it like a threat, with a 'Don't come at me for waiting so long' tone in her voice. Also had to clean our own table thankfully I had wet wipes because the tables were full of hair and dried food. Second star is for the drive thru that has been consistently fast when they don't run out of ice

Kelie McIver

The guy running the drive thru tonight was efficient and bright, so the line moved along quickly.

Sierra C.

Our entire order was incorrect and the number doesn't work to call. Jalen was either completely not paying attention or on something, but either way we got screwed.

Kaladia Chaney

Great quick eating. Food hot to go.

Kevin Polin

Hot n Fast... Very friendly cashier.

Sunny O.

The best part about this place is that they are very conscious of your health habits by tricking you and closing early even if they advertise they close at 3a. It's so thoughtful of them to be putting my health over their own financial success. Truly a selfless business model

Vito K.

My son and I come in just about every Tuesday with our Tmobile Tuesday deals. And have come a bunch of times before that. Each time the food has been good. Nothing wrong with food thank goodness. The customer service has always been good as well. We've actually seemingly have been helped by the same helpful and polite young mannamed Jose. I'm a customer service first type of guy so I really knowledge and appreciate friendly customer service to my family and I. They offer customer parking which is always a plus here in Los Angeles. The inside is normally clean and being kept up with. If you're in the neighborhood and need a quick meal, stop by. Their a really good Taco Bell.

stanley sladek

The location was pretty sketchy along with some of the customers, though the employee was cool and food was good

Shalimar Wadingan

I love tacos and burritos :) fast service and cheaper than a restaurant if you are on the go.

Pre M.

I choose to go to Taco Bell for a quick meal and find certain Taco Bell items very tasty BUT that being said I am pretty upset with my order that I literally picked up 5 mins ago. I ordered several items including regular nachos and three soft chicken taco SUPREME, the cheese for the nachos was literally watered down and lacking flavor and the chicken SUPREME tacos were not even supreme just regular. I am so annoyed, not only did I have to pay extra for it being chicken but also for them being SUPREME tacos which are also more expensive than the regular....I paid extra and did not receive what I requested!

Nicolò Spelgatti

I honestly was very disappointed by this "Taco Bell". I entered the restaurant with the expectations of a guy who has always seen the international image of the chain, as a place to eat fantastic Tacos,

Alex Ramirez

Call management never have a problem with the food great parking clean tables

Nathaniel Richardson

Needs more staff. Nothing horrible happened, just needs more staff.

Kevin Fraggi

Wow! Great customer service! Didn't get the name of the manager tonight (10/30/19), but he did a great job of explaining to me about menu items and helped me greatly with my order. Quick and efficient service! A+

tedla mulugeta

Its Taco Bell... Its fast food, when its hot its good, tbe prices are reasonable. Happy hour,5 to 7 weekdays, means $1.00 drinks. This Taco Bell is clean and the staff is friendly. Drive through open 24hrs.

Arthur R.

Good place for late night eats but during the day their only 1multi gender restroom is often always occupied. The free WiFi is a nice addition.

Mostafa Mahmood

Went over there to get a combo meal; saw it in the app, they said it has been discontinued. So my point is that if the location doesn't have the food why that kind of bad marketing in the app...

A B.

THEY STOLE MONEY. MUST READ. I went to this Taco Bell last night at 2am. Maya be they think they can scam drunk ppl and they won't notice. My order was $30. I thought that was expensive..... but was drunk and not paying attention, so what they were doing was adding things to my order that I didn't order so it was more expensive, ALSO when I looked at my bank statement today they charged me $40, NOT $30. So they add things you didn't order. Only give You what you REALLY order so you don't notice. THEN They are up charging EVEN MORE when they run your card, and then pocketing the money. Running such a scam.

Saleem B.

Waited 20 minutes for 3 regular tacos and was given the 3 worst tacos I've ever eaten at a Taco Bell.

Parker R.

If I PAY for extra Fritos in my Beefy Frito Burrito, I expect EXTRA FRITOS in my burrito! Ordered multiple times, every time it's like they see "Xtr Fritos" on the order monitor and they say fuck it and cut the amount that's in a normal one in half. Even while ordering I've made sure to explain to the order-taker they always fuck up and to please make sure to put extra Fritos in, they don't. Now I know it's not a super huge deal, it's only extra Fritos. But, if I'm PAYING FOR IT, I should damn well have it. This place sucks.

Tom W.

Drunk Review: These Fools had the nerve to have signage all over their drive-through for a toasted cheddar Chalupa... Buuuuuuutttt.... when you ask for it they say the promotion is over... Riiigghhhtttt... obviously. THEN By default, you order Old Faithful-- Taco Bell's greatest creation ever... The double deck-er taco!! .... but THESE BI***ES say they've discontinued that product as well... - I've never had an urge to "monster truck" my way out of a drive-through as I did today...

Master TechPaul

I love the tacos, drinks, and the freezes. I have T-Mobile so I get free tacos and free freezes too. If you have T-Mobile download the app T-Mobile Tuesday and then sign up. Plus there is also other offers too. Go check out!!

Charles Curtis

The food is Fast & Fresh depending on who the manager is and how many people in line or I mean in the car line ordered big orders but today it was like a damn near a 45-minute wait and it messed up my order didn't give me two of my tacos with onions I recommend a soft tacos supreme or just two soft tacos. I also like to Crunch burritos with the Fritos in it other than that if they're taking too long to get your money back and go down the street to Cactus

Milk Money Services, LLC

We walked, to see the sights. What a disgraceful way to treat the poor. California should be ashamed. Makes you feel..unsure if you even want to eat there. However, Taco Bell was probably the best thing I ate in the city..and we stayed in "Hollywood".

Deysi Henriquez

If your in a budget and feel like a quick bite and be satisfied well the taco Bell beefy burritos are the best for just 1.29 each I personally love them ...


The burrito is the worst that I tried before. Drinks is diluted. The tacos still can accept.

Rick Grunden

Grilled Steak, stuffed burritos and mango iced tea made me sooooooo happy.