Taco Bell

6254 Lexington Ave, Los Angeles
(323) 249-0692

Recent Reviews

stanley sladek

The location was pretty sketchy along with some of the customers, though the employee was cool and food was good

Shalimar Wadingan

I love tacos and burritos :) fast service and cheaper than a restaurant if you are on the go.

Nicolò Spelgatti

I honestly was very disappointed by this "Taco Bell". I entered the restaurant with the expectations of a guy who has always seen the international image of the chain, as a place to eat fantastic Tacos,

Alex Ramirez

Call management never have a problem with the food great parking clean tables

Nathaniel Richardson

Needs more staff. Nothing horrible happened, just needs more staff.

Kevin Fraggi

Wow! Great customer service! Didn't get the name of the manager tonight (10/30/19), but he did a great job of explaining to me about menu items and helped me greatly with my order. Quick and efficient service! A+

tedla mulugeta

Its Taco Bell... Its fast food, when its hot its good, tbe prices are reasonable. Happy hour,5 to 7 weekdays, means $1.00 drinks. This Taco Bell is clean and the staff is friendly. Drive through open 24hrs.

Arthur R.

Good place for late night eats but during the day their only 1multi gender restroom is often always occupied. The free WiFi is a nice addition.

Mostafa Mahmood

Went over there to get a combo meal; saw it in the app, they said it has been discontinued. So my point is that if the location doesn't have the food why that kind of bad marketing in the app...

Master TechPaul

I love the tacos, drinks, and the freezes. I have T-Mobile so I get free tacos and free freezes too. If you have T-Mobile download the app T-Mobile Tuesday and then sign up. Plus there is also other offers too. Go check out!!

Charles Curtis

The food is Fast & Fresh depending on who the manager is and how many people in line or I mean in the car line ordered big orders but today it was like a damn near a 45-minute wait and it messed up my order didn't give me two of my tacos with onions I recommend a soft tacos supreme or just two soft tacos. I also like to Crunch burritos with the Fritos in it other than that if they're taking too long to get your money back and go down the street to Cactus

Milk Money Services, LLC

We walked, to see the sights. What a disgraceful way to treat the poor. California should be ashamed. Makes you feel..unsure if you even want to eat there. However, Taco Bell was probably the best thing I ate in the city..and we stayed in "Hollywood".

Deysi Henriquez

If your in a budget and feel like a quick bite and be satisfied well the taco Bell beefy burritos are the best for just 1.29 each I personally love them ...


The burrito is the worst that I tried before. Drinks is diluted. The tacos still can accept.

Rick Grunden

Grilled Steak, stuffed burritos and mango iced tea made me sooooooo happy.

Gustavo Godinez

Great staff and good food! Closest restaraunt to my route. I usually don't buy fast food alot, but they make better food than the average taco Bell so I've been going ALOT. ð??

Brian T.

Unless there's a T'bell in hell, this one has to be the worst in existence. Every single time I go in there are at least 3 homeless people taking up residence inside the restaurant. Today one of them bought nothing, but filled a large bag with 5 pounds of ice, leaving the machine empty for the rest of us. I've been physically assaukted here, and someone is almost always getting at least verbally harrangued by these vagrants. They have a security guard that does nothing but act like a weirdo and talk loudly to the staff, but I've never seen him deal with any actual safety or security issue. This Tbell is a shitshow and should be closed down.

Niara J.

Overnight staff is absolutely rude. This is by far the worst Taco Bell I have ever been to in my life. I wish I could record the video because the Hispanic guy pointing at me called me a bitch all because I wanted a soda. The black girl told the Hispanic employee to just walk away and ignore me because I went to the drive threw because the inside was closed. Instead of just saying that. This is my 3rd time coming to this location. The second time I got food poisoning and decided to give them another chance since I just wanted a drink. BIG MISTAKE. You think it's worth it because it's walking distance but it's not worth the hassle. Terrible customer service every single time. The food always cold and it smells like homeless people. Honestly, why is this location even here?

Anthony O.

This is THE WORST I REPEAT THEEE WORST TACO BELL IN THE USA it's unfortunate that we live right next to it and that's the only one around the area but literally their food is trash the nacho fries aren't even orange and they never care to give hot fresh fries always cold and limp despite dealing with the horrible food and service we went tonight cause that's all that was open and this time THEY HAD ROACHES ROACHES IN THE FOOD running out the box when we ope to infest our brand new apartment that we just moved into. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE FIND ANOTHER TACO BELL

Stacey Hubrig

I love taco bell. Except for this location doesnt accept Food stamps which totally is inconvenient when thats all you have at the moment. I absolutely love their quesadilla sauce that they make, it makes it have a little bit of a kick to it. I also love their caramel apple empanadas, soo good!!

Joey Valenzuela

Excellent, place was clean, service was awesome & the lobby was nice & cool. I highly recommend this location

Peter Castillo

Typical Taco Bell, but bummed I couldn't get an enchirito as they won't go off menu.

David Thorne

Decent speed, did not get order right after repeating multiple times.

Peter Castillo

Typical Taco Bell, but bummed I couldn't get an enchirito as they won't go off menu.

Steve K.

I don't think they're open anymore. Says 7am is opening time every day. I went by around 9am and it was closed. Chairs still on the tables. No cars in lot. No cars in drive thru. No one inside. Not sure what else to make if it. Anyone know?


Nice Tacos but can't be compared to what you get on most food trucks in LA.

tai hayz

The food is ok but the workers need to have better service for the guest.

Robbie Z Music

Absolutely ridiculous! Online it says that they're open until 4 AM, i come here at 1 am and their dine in is closed. I go to the drive tru without a car and they would NOT let me order. I get it, it's a drive tru but it's not correct on their side to list online that it's open until 4. So I paid 20 dollars for the uber to there to be told that i cannot order. The staff was extremely rude and ignored me. One of the people there was very rude and it sounded like he had a personal problem with me... 0 stars.

Johnne Tyson

Why do I easy this stuff. Makes me sick every time. Doesn't even taste great. Nacho fries were cold. Nacho Grande Box chicken tasted weird. Those are their promotional items right now. Just not good. I remember when Taco Bell was one of the best... What happened?!

Kathy G.

This is by far the worst Taco Bell in all of Southern California. The manager was extremely rude, he was standing there eating a burrito and not caring about the customer service or how the employees were rude also. The place was extremely filthy and one of the people who work there was sweeping while customers food was being prepared.. be Very careful eating at this location. Its nasty, but I guess it matches the nasty Management.. I've sent a email to the corporate office. Let's see what they think... and there was like 5 kids hanging out in the parking lot , popping wheelies and smoking, blocking the customers and the old security guy was just sitting at a table. They don't deserve any stars. Terrible

Erica M.

Brain dead cooks. Ordered one item with no one in drive through and they got it wrong. How does a bean burrito with extra red sauce and receipt says so but got a plain No sauce no cheese burrito was flat out gross. Major loss of points today. Also no one answers the phone.

Shannon N.

Sometimes, you just want quick and easy. Happy to say this last-minute stop was a worthy one. Large parking lot, no homeless, no line. They did have two order screens (one was broken) that I played with just to see their menu, then I decided to just place an order with the actual human at the counter. She was nice as well as the guy who handed me my food, and this whole experience from ordering to receiving took under five minutes and I was on my way. Crispy tacos were just how I remember them, and the chips with guacamole 'sauce' were okay; this was more of a paste consistency but it tasted better than it sounds. I think I'll try the nacho cheese or salsa variety next. And yup, there will be a next visit!

Sarah Thrush

Place is not that clean and its just because of the location maybe. But the food is good and staff are nice. Food can be better but its acceptable.

Danny Brainard

Idiots. Fâ??d up a simple order which we didnâ??t catch until we got back to the hotel. How do you screw an order this bad? Got half of what we ordered. Got about 15 packets of hot sauce though. Hey Manager, get your crew together, or find another job.

Angelica V.

For years I've been a Taco Bell fan, but this store's service is absolutely horrible. I stopped by yesterday afternoon and only ordered 3 loaded nacho tacos. I waited 15-20 minutes, and it's not like they were not busy. Some tall guy in the back would stare at the customers waiting, knowing that we may have been standing there for a while, but did not bother asking if we were still waiting on our orders. It was about 2-3 customers, including myself, waiting actually. That being said, I don't understand why a "fast food" place is taking forever too fulfill a simple order. Once I did get my food I walked about two blocks away, which is where I work, and the tacos were COLD! The meat was COLD and the flour tortillas were COLD! The only assumption I could make from waiting a long time for my food to be given to me is because (ex. The meat was being cooked). Yet it was COLD?!! This store needs a better management system, food was just gross and disgusting. I won't be coming back here.

Angel L.

The Taco Bell manger has to be the worst manager I've ever came across, he threatened us at the window instead of being helpful saying next time he'd refuse our order.

David C.

This Taco Bell has great customer service however their food quality isn't up to standard. There is barely any meat in there food at all. You might as well eat vegan Taco Bell.

S F.

Quite possibly the slowest Taco Bell in the history of Taco Bells. I nearly left without my food.

Martin Rodriguez

A marked improvement in the cleanliness and quality of food over the last year. Well done! They just got the self-order kiosks this week, which may or may not speed up the service.

Radeepa Kiribathgala

I always go to the drive thru. Most of the time itâ??s busy. But they are quite good you donâ??t have to wait long time in the line. The best deal you can get from them is chicken or beef mini quesadilla from the dollar menu.