Taco Bell

8500 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles
(424) 261-1568

Recent Reviews

Dimitri Loginowski

Well prepared. Convenient. Pretty fast service.

Alireza N.

Honestly, a horrid location with horrid and rude staff. I understand that there's a COVID19 situation going on, but that doesn't excuse you from speaking to me like my dietary restrictions aren't important. I asked for simple substitutions like sauce or for an additional biscuit and I was yelled at and degraded by the dumpster fire who was working the cash register inside today. On top of that, he didn't even speak English that well. The oddest part of the experience is that the other employees who are fluent in English didn't even bother stepping in to help. They just watched in horror. On top of all of that, the rude cashier wasn't wearing his mask over his nose and one dude wasn't even wearing a mask at all!

Kyle Hunsberger

If you like Taco Bells, then you'll like this Taco Bell.


Whoever was working the driver thru is incompetent and should not be in customer service I should not have to repeat myself at least 6 times and then talked down to when I ask to speak to a member of management I'll never spend a dime in this place ever again

Brett Perras

Great road trip pit stop. Used brm then got fast great service by the 2 lady's working. Thank you

Robert Truxal

Messed up every item I ordered. Asked for no tomatoes and they were overly generous with then. I asked for no meat on two items and again tons of ground beef and chicken.

Unabashed Hedonist

Service is a bit slow, food was tepid temperature wise. Floor and table were sticky. Lavatory and drink station were clean though. They just need to kick it up a notch a bit to be better.

Carlos Lemus

Girl at the window was very patient and very nice. The food is what it is,and if you love it, it's a 5 every time. But the service is what I base my grade on.

Blurry Face

A lot of staff in my experience has serious attitude problems. Not sure if it is an issue of the management or franchise owner or some other factor but my 3 worst fast food experiences occurred at this location

JaVette Youngblood

The food and service were great

Al Cordova

Good service and interesting people, you will have fun while enjoying chicken and tacos.

Kristy L.

This place is supposed to open at 6am. Came at 8am for drive thru and they claimed to not be ready. They're also supposed to close at 12am, came here 30 min before closing and the entire store was shut down already. The cheese in the quesadilla wasn't even fully melted and the crunch wrap supreme was still cold...so it was obvious they just reheated an old one from the night before..

jaeyoon Kim

24 pieces wing with ho sauce is amazing. It is good place to have some chicken and tacos.

David H Lien

Price of Taco Bell's gone up if you're not really craving Taco Bell that's the only time I go to Taco Bell is when I'm really craving Taco Bell and willing to pay the price

Todd W.

Slowest drive through on the planet. Avoid unless you have 30 min. Yelp requires more wirds, why?

Nick Pfeifer

Horrible customer service. Closed the drive thru lane and didn't inform anyone while there was still plenty of time before closing. We all day there for 20min before realizing. Just rude

joe medina

Place close and it’s al ready 7:30 am, very bad service No one bothered to open the door

Analis De La Rosa

They got my last 3 drive-through orders wrong every time even when being extremely specific about what I do not want on my food. I almost feel as it was a joke. last order they didn't even get the right food placed in the bag and then they added stuff to the food that was some of the correct items that we specifically asked not to add.

Robbie P.

If you want bad Tacco Bell go here, if you want your order wrong head on over, if you'd Ike your order fixed don't bother though. The staff here really is something else, something like horrible. I don't mean like oh we had a bad day horrible I mean like oh we just are miserable and don't give a f*** type. Now this goes specifically for the lady who does the drive threw and the people that I've encountered like cashier. Every time I go here they get it wrong, I order chicken and waffles just last week and they put chicken strips instead of dark meat. After I went back inside and asked for the correct meal they returned to me with chicken strips in a kfc box with a biscuit and mashed potatoes with 2 waffles on the side!!!! Hahahahaha What a joke lol I was like ok I'll just leave now and eat what ever you feel I should. When I want to roll the dice and see what number meal I'll get or what taco may end up in my bag as burrito I'll head here! Absolute trashhhh baggg location! Every time too!

Christina B.

Sabrina - you suck - trying to tell me I can't add on cinnamon twists at the window. Happy thanksgiving to you too. Employees at this location always suck - are rude, incompetent and forget things. She tried to leave a taco out of my bag too and laughed at me for asking for it. Jokes on you.

Mariyah Taylor

It was very nice we didn't have to wait in the line they gave us our food on hand

Sierra Dawn

ordered two cheese quesadillas. took 30 minutes before i went up to ask about my order. they hadn't even started making it yet. and then i had gotten food poisoning.

Sarah Dixon

Its tacobell..... its good for fast food mexican. :) The line took 30 minutes so that aspect was slower than im used to.


The macaroni and cheese plus a drink for 5 bucks is the bomb.I go to a location by LAX that is both a KFC and a Taco Bell.The chalupa box for the ssme price is excellent too.

Mohammad Rony

Great but we visited KFC.

Ed P.

Yo, honestly if you need tacos and chicken and bowls of that stuff use the Drive through only here. There are no napkins, sauces, condiments, utensils, straws, etc to probably discourage the homeless patrons (of which there are many) and that's fine... but it makes for a very regrettable sit down experience. I asked for them and it took longer than my food to get so my food was cooled off by the time I was saucin' Don't ask me why, but I just wanted to sit down and eat some tacos and chicken and it was uncomfortable. It's bare tables and a soda fountain with nothing else. Drive through works every time tho.

Cece S.

CANT MAKE THIS UP... waited 40 minutes in the drive thru line around 11 pm at night, 3rd car in line wondering if the person in front had just ordered the entire menu but NOPE. When i finally get to the window to pay there's 4 ladies laughing their heads off while smoke has filled the entire place. She opens the window bloodshot eyes, barely speaking properly as another runs by dropping food and drinking a modelo beer. I move up more to get a better look inside to witness 2 others smoking in the back cheerings their beers while 10 cars are still behind me waiting to order by all means DO NOT GO TO THIS TACO BELL.

Modesty B.

If there was option for zero stars, that would be my vote! Every since they so-called remolded, the service sucks. I came to this location, went in drive-thru literally in the drive through almost an HOUR, and there were only seven cars ahead of me! #mindblowning They took 10min per car. What should have been a "quick run" through Drive-thru, ended being the worst decision of the evening. When I finally get to window, the guy reads me back an order I have not made. Hhhhhhhhh Then he says there is only one person working "Taco Bell" smh. Once I finally get my food, I have an item missing. Such a frustrating experience! This location is understaffed and has poor customer service. The guy at the drive-thru didn't even apologize for the long wait. I wish I had read reviews first...I would have saved at least 45 min of my time

Ramy Z.

There has not been one time I've been to this Taco Bell that I've gotten my order correctly. I refuse to come back to this place anymore despite how close it is to home. We always place large orders at the drive through and every time we have gotten our food, there are several items missing that we have paid for. Needless to say, it's not about the money, it's more of the principle and the fact that we've given them several chances to turn the service around and it hasn't happened.

Devon H.

What a mad house, I was the fourth car when I pulled in the drive through... 32 minutes later I finally got my food. The inside wasn't too packed either. Not sure if it's understaffed or just poorly managed but something's gotta give

hide inc

My frito burrito& beefy quesadilla were hotter than my nacho bell grande box

Irene Mendez

It was my first time to have breakfast it was delicious.ead good service at this place highly recomended

Leigha L.

This place is NEVER open in the mornings. It's 830 right now on Saturday and no one is there working. The hours online sat it opens at 6. It got remodeled and I'm honestly not sure why since they have awful service and take forever to get your food to you and they're opening times are all over the place. It's the only Taco Bell near or else I wouldn't even come here.

Joey P.

I'd love to meet the people who shelled out all that re-paint cash but ignored the one star work this place puts out. I mean, check out the first pic you see on Apple maps. A taco missing most of its contents. They're not even apologetic about their 10 min drive through line for a burrito. Some people will never realize when you put pride in what you do is how you go places in life.

John Sweriduk

bad staff bad food.

Patrick H.

This location has pretty unprofessional staff. I've been here multiple times after they've opened only to have the staff not working. Right now it's Sunday at 8:16am, and according to their website they should be open. I'll start adding reviews as I try to go and they're closed during posted hours. I gave 2 stars because sometimes the staff is funny. But really, come on, be open during posted hours! I spent 10 years working in retail so I can be sympathetic to not wanting to be at work, but if you hate your job so much you don't open the store there's a pretty big problem going on!

Mora F.

Yep as others have said, ridiculously long wait! Barely moved in line in the last 15 minutes and now stuck and can't leave. Saturday 2:30pm. I actually called them while waiting in line and they said they are alternating between the drive through and counter. Can they please hire more employees???? How hard would that be????

Daniel M.

Longest line ever. Unbelievable, I have never seen this before. It's 9pm on a Saturday night. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Cheatin B.

Twice I have been in the dine in area and there are transients they are encouraging by giving free drinks to. Then these people go table to table asking for food. The lady next to me gave up her cinnamon chips because she was scared. And talk about the filthy dining area and bath rooms. It is clear no one even cares. I cannot believe the food prep areas are kept sanitary if the overall cleanliness is so bad. Clearly on auto pilot, with no one at the helm.


Very dirty and the shell taco was stale did not taste good.