The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

8601 Lincoln Blvd #140, Los Angeles
(310) 665-9814

Recent Reviews

Marcie Findlay

A wonderful coffee establishment with lots of history, worth a shot. A wide variety of beans on offer for the discerning palate. There is place to sit and have a bit to eat, eg a brownie to go with your coffee. However space is limited. Also this place specializes in coffee and doesn't sell tea!

Al Sierras

Nice location to relax and sip from your favorite beverage!

Car Tab

Music was a bit too loud for such a small space, on a busy traffic corner. Loud music and loud voices leads to a hyper energetic environment that isnt always pleasant

Doerte Sennecke-Chow

The coffee is decent and there was plenty of seating on a Thursday morning. The staff is neither friendly nor mean; they do their job.

Kim Ja

Very good Dark chocolate iced blend!

Justin C.

Bottom Line: I don't care for the service here. I work nearby. I come here often. I've purchased big coffee-to-go orders for work here. The last 3 or 4 months, service sucks--even the shift manager's. (Check my other reviews, I don't just slam businesses). They should probably get a 2.5; I rounded up. 1. Update the bakery items in your app. I've asked various people here, including a supervisor. They just say it's up to them if they do it. Oh for real? 2. When you charge someone for something you don't have, it's not the customer's fault. Joel was ever so happy to tell me his name while trying create a negative situation. Nah, I'm an adult. If your in-store management can't handle it (she refused to come out and engage), I just deal with corporate. Other than that: They usually get the orders correct. I just wish it had better customer service training and silks displayed considering this is the closest to work. Orders: 3 Service: 2 Average: 2.5 Final Word: Any questions?

Chelle Brighton

This is one of our favorite place for coffee. Lovely environment. Easy parking. Friendly staff as well.

César Vásquez-Carrera

Awesome, quick, and friendly service!

Jason Robert Litten

Pricy but good otherwise, they have wifi.

Rawad R.

Internet sucks so bad. Coffee shops without internet are useless these days. We've complained many many times and ownership seems to care less. It amazes me how store owners can be so careless about what their customers think. That said, the staff who work there are amazing and helpless regarding internet.

Mazariegos Estrada CarlosJavier

very good coffee, at its point

Christine Cliver

Latte. That is all. ♥️

Chulx M.

The mango iced tea HERE is ! S/o to the barista who served around 6:40ish today. Hella need a tip more next time!

Annie Walsh

Exceptional coffees with delicious food which is rare. Always packed, service is great. Sometimes there is a seating shortage but I still find myself going there a lot.

Dale Bryan

always enjoy coming here. Great tea and good food. I tried the egg salad sandwich and I have to say it was delicious. This isn't a mushy egg salad. This is huge chunks of egg with "omg" bacon on it! It has a very subtle mustard seed spread that went lovely with it.I tried the coconut creme tea and it was fantastic. It had a very creamy quality and was perfect for a hot summer afternoon.

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