The Mermaid - PATIO DINING

428 E 2nd St, Los Angeles
(213) 947-3347

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Raul B.

This place has some good drinks. We needed a night out and found this place. The seating was out doors with the tables spread out and the security guy was on people that weren't wearing their mask when you got up. I appreciated the effort. We ordered the sewage and it was delicious. Their bar food was tasty as well. Loved their wedge fries. If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind, this is the place. Will be going back soon.

Diana M.

I loved this place! There were picnic tables spread out all over the parking lot and an organized waiting area to get in. They do time limit your table, which is understandable especially on a weekend with people waiting to be seated. The line moved pretty quickly, we were seated probably 20-30 minutes after getting there. Worth the wait!

Charmaine G.

Love their hot tottie. Been looking everywhere for places I can get a hot alcoholic beverage that isn't super sweet or too heavy. It's warm, refreshing and I loved the vibe there -- mostly 90s and early 00s music. The park benches are a cute. Long lines after 11:30 pm so be mindful of that.

Zule M.

This was my first time at The Mermaid, however I have been at this plaza before. They have tables setup outside for all of the surrounding businesses to utilize. We found a table and sat down before we went to order and it wasn't until then that we became aware that if you are ordering at the Mermaid you let them seat you. By the time we spoke to someone there was no one in line so really there was no reason for us to move. We spoke to a blond waitress and explained that we we didn't know we needed to be seated by them, but she assured us it was fine that everyone uses the tables and she would bring us a menu. So we're good then right....? It was a busy Saturday so we were still waiting for the menu stand they take to tables so we tried flagging down another waitress just to ask for a menu. We tried calling her and she just walked passed us. We thought maybe she didn't hear us, but when she came back out she didn't greet us or ask what we needed she just said that if we want to be serviced then we need to wait in line to be seated. She keeps walking without even letting us explain that we had already spoke to someone and she did not inform us that it was an issue. She doesn't even respond to us just goes to the blonde waitress and asks her to confirm our story as if we're lying! My group and I were in shock. Our first time here and this is the service we receive! This waitress was a brunette with highlights and short hair. She was INCREDIBLY RUDE! Firstly the tables do not belong to The Mermaid as far as I'm aware since other businesses are using them as well. Even if they did, you don't just address your customers that way. How about you found out what's happening before just deciding we're not "worthy" of your service!? Watching her work made her service look even worse, no smile, judgmental stares, where does it end??? @The Mermaid, seriously need to reevaluate this waitress because she was horrible. The blond waitress had no problems with us sitting because we explained to her the situation and she was great! She was helpful and had a great attitude. The drinks were great and the food was good, but having a sour, classless server will ruin an experience. I would love to come back to try the menu and other drinks, but would hate to have this waitress serve me again.

Gia B.

Went here last night. The place had a shared outdoor seating area with all the other restaurants in the plaza. We didn't know we're supposed to wait for them to sit us, but my friends found a table and sat there, however, we also told the blonde waitress (she might be the manager) if it's ok for us to sit there, and she said it's ok and she was going to give us the menu later. We were waiting and we called over a waitress with short black hair if we can get a menu. She clearly heard us but she just gave us a judging look, and walked back inside the restaurant. We gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she didn't hear, but she came back out and rudely told us we can't just order and we're supposed to wait to be seated. We tried to explain that we already spoke with the blonde waitress but she didn't seem like she want to listen and proceeded to confirm with the blonde waitress whether we're lying or not. The blonde waitress was happy to serve us and gave us the menu. I've worked in customer service before, and this is not how you treat people. We didn't even do anything bad for her to treat us like that and if she thinks we're in the wrong, she could've told us properly what she thinks we should have done instead of being rude,, giving us a judging look, and ignoring us. I'm giving 3 out of 5 stars because the drinks were good, but the service was terrible only because of that one waitress. Also, be careful before you leave a tip because they already added an 18% service charge on the receipt and it was my fault for not seeing it. I try to tip more during this pandemic and the other servers were great, but we had a terrible experience from the short haired waitress. Drinks reviews: - Toki Highball: if you like whiskey, you'll like this drink. My friend said it was pretty much soda water and whiskey. - Margarita: my friend enjoyed it and she loves margaritas - Drink like a Fish: super beautiful cocktail, definitely instagrammable if you like those kinds of things. My friend said it tasted good! - Jolly Ranger: this is the one I ordered. If you like sweet drinks, get this one. Yes, it reminded me of a Jolly Rancher.

Xyanna T.

Came here the other night for some pretty drinks and vegan grub. I ordered the smokey eye with vegan jackfruit tacos ( no cheese & sour cream). The drink was bomb, I loved the spicy and sweetness of it, my fav. The jackfruit tacos were pretty bomb, I like how they were topped with fermented red onions, super bomb, and savory chili sauce on the side. I do wish they had vegan cheese so I could order the nachos though.

Micheal Kendy

Great bar. Super friendly staff and crowd. Great drinks at amazing prices. A really nice addition to the neighborhood.

Jay R.

Let me take you on a little trip, the lads and I started our night at 11 pm drove all over Dtla and little Tokyo and every bar was closed. Finally came across "The Mermaid" bright neon lights and a line wrapped around the corner The spot was definitely worth the wait, I had the famous smokey eye, and Paloma, both were great. Great ambience and service, will say drinks plus tax and gratuity so will not be your cheapest night out but very well worth it. No questions asked, me and the lads will be return customers =)

Anthony Payne

Bad experience the company would not let us split our group up to follow their rules and denied us service. The company was very unprofessional with their approach or reasoning. Place looked great and was excited to check it out but unfortunately couldn't.

Tina M.

The Mermaid is a hidden gem located in Little Tokyo. All of their drinks are dangerously good but my favorites are the fish bowl and the mermaiden voyage. The staff and service is top notch, they have ample patio seating, and the food is note worthy. I definitely recommend the wings and jackfruit tacos. If you haven't been here, you should check it out.

Kat Kaliente C.

One of my fav places to hang outdoors for drinks, yummy eats (def recommend the wings!) and a safe hang w friends. Even at the height of the pandemic, the mermaid provided a safe lil respite and I appreciate that. The Mermaid is my go to for a start or end to a night out.

Jennifer R.

I can't say enough good things about Mermaid! The outside dining ambiance is amazing! And while we can't wait for the inside to open back up, we still enjoy it just the same! The customer service is top notch and the food and drinks are tasty. If you're looking for a gem in Los Angeles, please go visit the spot!

Chris L.

I love this place and what they have to offer. From specialty "tiki" style cocktails to quality craft on tap. Their current outdoor setup feels fun and the staff is always attentive. Can't wait to get back inside to enjoy the underwater decor. Food is great too, this place has something for everyone.

Danny V.

This place is a gem in DTLA. Staff is amazing and provide excellent service in these Covid times with all the restrictions and regulations. Bartenders are very committing to making tasty drinks and food is so good. (The wings are a must) Definitely a place with great attitude, service and overall atmosphere. Great outdoor area and I can't til they reopen for inside hangs again.

L T.

This one star is for the manager and the staff for their service . I'm not sure if they were having a bad day but, don't take it out on your guest

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