Thai East Wind Restaurant

2928 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey
(310) 305-8779

Recent Reviews

Gloria Rojas

The waitress was rude. She could have shown a better attitude. She doesn't care about the economy.

Moises Spielberg

I just had lunch here and they’re not following the CDC guidelines. They have an open kitchen where you can see the entire staff -no one was wearing masks and only one was wearing gloves. The hostess/server (no mask) is handling money, silverware and serving food without washing her hands. There are multiple use soy sauce, salt and pepper shakers on the tables (not one was sterilized during my visit at any other table so I assume the ones I had to use weren’t either). The teriyaki chicken was good especially if you like cold, sticky over cooked rice. I won’t be back. Here’s hoping I don’t come down with COvid19.

Kathleen N.

Super yummy phad thai! Just tried the egg rolls and the dip is delish. Affordable and great Thai!

Donnie Copley

the food was awesome, everything bursting with flavor, the best meal we have had in a long time , worth the drive from any where

Mohamed Braun

This place provides great service as well as yummy food. One of my favourite spots around here. The food came out quickly and the prices are reasonable. I recommend this place.

Axton Cameron

The service is constantly quick, fantastic mood, very kind employees. I will visit here again when I arrive here.

Joey Teo

Tasty food. Curry is a bit heavy on coconut milk.

Jessica Williams

Nice atmosphere and good service!

Lawrence H.

Fast and very delicious duck curry and a side salad with a great peanut dressing. Great service as well.

Sarah C.

I ordered the garlic shrimp lunch special via Postmates. The food was good but I only had four shrimp, which was really disappointing. Maybe that's the norm for a lunch special, but I was left wanting more. Order a meal instead of a special if you're hungry.

Brian Campeau

It is my favorite mango sticky rice in all of LA. They also have a vegan menu And everything I've tried has been delicious

Tristan Wenzel

The food was delicious, and the waitress was nice!

John G.

First let me say I like this place, its cute and the staff is really nice. I usually pop in for take out. Each time I go I ask for extra spicy with fresh thai chilis, I make a point of going overboard with my request. The food is really good but I not even 1 on a scale of 1 to 5 for heat. I look forward to finding the delicious chiles in my chicken coconut soup and there was not a single chili to be found in either dish. Guys really when a customer asks for spicy put some chili in it please.,

Fern Mora

This is a small quaint place for Thai food. We often visit this restaurant because of the selection of Thai dishes. They are always changing the interior to keep it nice. Every time we go here we see something new. If you get a chance stop in and enjoy a quiet place to have dinner where you can carry on a conversation with shouting. Something you can't do at many other restaurants.

Eli Warren

I had an awesome time in this spot. We liked the extraordinary vibes and the menu. The staff members are super affable. I’m happy we finally managed to visit this place.

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