Everbowl - Menifee

30024 Haun Rd #140, Menifee
(951) 566-2697

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"Apple Up" is my personal favorite, always fresh ingredients and the girls working the front are always polite and kind. I love stopping by as a treat because they are a bit on the expensive side. Nobody's fault though

Autumn L.

Stumbled upon this place randomly while I was in the area. I frequently get smoothie bowls from another place but this one definitely tops all the others I have tried. Hoping one pops up closer to my home.

Daniel P.

2 stars for the customer service received here. We walked in 30 minutes prior to close and tried ordering 2 smoothies. The girl said they cannot make smoothies because they close in 30 minutes. First impressions go a long way....

Erin W.

I just came on here to give an extra huge shoutout to the worker who closed on Labor Day. I didn't catch her name but she was very sweet and had excellent customer service even when she had a huge rush towards the end of closing. Thank you and our acai bowl and smoothie was amazing!

Liz D.

I would not recommend, small portions for the price. The banana slices were too ripe. Not much of a variety of choices for açaí bowls, smoothies, and no fresh juices as usually common in these types of shops. I ordered the tropical bowl.

Chuck Davies

To much sugar for acai bowl but service was good and friendly

Lucy Vizcarra

For the price of this medium sized fruit bowl, it wasn't really worth the price. It tasted really really sour. And the fruit weren't fresh, the fruit seemed like they were sitting too long in the container. And to top it off I was wondering why I paid $15 for this medium sized bowl, well it appeared that the cashier input her own tip in the total, which I didn't notice until I left the store. Not cool bc I was not going to give a tip since they weren't friendly and welcoming.

Margaret Martinez

My husband and I ate here for the first time tonight. What took us so long to discover this gem? My husband ordered the "Blue Lagoon"(which we shared), it was so delicious and healthy. We will certainly be stopping by more often in the future.

Kevin M.

We had the Nanaberry Bliss smoothie and the original everbowl. The food was as ordered and good. When we got there at 10:30 in the morning to pick up our order, the door was locked and it took some pounding to get someone to open the door. Thought that was really tacky. No explanation on why when we asked.

Heidi L.

I was a loyal customer to Nékter since they opened (even went to their grand opening) but they have continuously dropped the ball over the last year or so. I finally gave up on them after my last trip last week. After numerous times in hopes they would get it right, things just got worse and worse so I'm over it and will never go back especially after finally trying Everbowl. I've been wanting to try Everbowl for a long time but again I was loyal to Nékter. I finally tried Everbowl yesterday with my daughter. I love açaí bowls and my daughter loves smoothies. I had the Everbowl açaí bowl and my daughter had the pitaya wonder smoothie. I ordered a size medium ($9.99) very comparable to Nékter's size and price (they only have one size but Everbowl has three sizes-small, medium, and large). The girl accidentally made me a small ($7.99) but no biggie it was probably best I went with the small as I wasn't super hungry. The smoothies come in one size (16 oz for $8.49-a little overpriced in my opinion but whatever). Both things we tried were incredibly delicious. I actually prefer the taste of Everbowl's açaí blend. It was thick and a little sweeter than what I'm use to and I LOVED it. My daughter loved her smoothie. She usually gets the pink flamingo at Nékter and the pitaya wonder was comparable just not as "pink" but this didn't bother her. She really enjoyed her smoothie! I wish I tried Everbowl sooner lol it's amazing! I would love to see this establishment make fresh juice (maybe something to consider in the future). My husband prefers fresh juice and this would have us coming here multiple times a week lol. Thank you Everbowl for a good healthy snack, we will be back.

Lia B.

New to the area and finding vegan options hasn't been easy. The employees were knowledgeable and friendly. I like the fact they have various bases to choose from other than just your traditional açaí/dragon fruit (like most places). I prefer my bowls to be sweet and a bit tart, otherwise it would have been a 5 star for me.

Pamela T.

the best customer service, the kids were great. Looked about 18-19 and had the best service. Very fun and friendly glad to have gone to this location 10 out of 10! The 2 teens were working today around 5:00 pm didn't get their names but very appreciative of their work and service!

Pamela V.

the best customer service, the kids were great. Looked about 18-19 and had the best service. Very fun and friendly glad to have gone to this location 10 out of 10! The 2 teens were working today around 5:00 pm didn't get their names but very appreciative of their work and service!

Lily L.

Hmm.. not sure what to think?! First time here. Usually go to Nekter and other places. Happen to be in the area. I ordered the medium size tropical bowl. Price is ok though I noticed other previous complaint about they charges more (maybe they listen and drop the price down). I was surprised the blended ingredients and fruits is already premade which I'm not use to if it's supposed to be "fresh" compared to other store. It's kinda sweet, taste like there's sugar added. I might give it a second try or not.

Sharlene S.

Love coming here! I go every once in awhile, and realize how much I enjoy it when I go. The staff is always nice, and helpful when it comes to questions on the bowls/smoothies. Sometimes I try new things, but I stick with my usual. The everbowl, but I ask for extra strawberries in place of the blueberries. Then ask for agave (when I remember lol).

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