30024 Haun Rd STE 150, Menifee
(951) 301-9433

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Cheap prices but bad customer service. Guy at the front seemed like he didn’t know what he was doing. Order took them 25 minutes to make. And I came in when no one else was in there… I watched several online order customers return their food because it was either wrong or missing items. A waste of my lunch break.I ordered one chicken sandwich, not even a combo. And it took my whole lunch break to get it. Didn’t even get to eat it.

Griffen Stapp

When it’s time for some wings you can’t go wrong with wingstop! Wing are one of those things that everyone either gets right or way wrong, no two ways between it.We were in the mood for some wings and variety, and the choices were phenomenal. Wingstop has numerous wing types and variety order sets so you can get 6 of some and 6 of the others. We decided to try the teriyaki, the garlic Parmesan, and the lemon pepper wings. They even gave us a couple extra wings in our orders, and each was delicious. The lemon pepper wings were not dry like some wing places can be. The service here was great and attentive, the time it took for the food was rather quick too. And the great veggies and breadstick side helps too! Overall reasonable prices as well. Definitely worth a revisit!

Deanna Weaver

First off, my food was not hot, secondly the chicken apparently was not drained. There was a lot of grease at the bottom of the tray. Terrible. This was my second visit. As the first was a tad bit better. I am done with this location.


The employees constantly violate health codes. They force drivers to finish online orders that the store should be completing. Drivers are not trained in handling food and they are not the wingstops employees. The employees need to stop being lazy forcing non employees to prepare drinks. It is against california health code. All food including drinks are to be sealed in accordance with California health code.Instead of doing the proper thing the employees try to create fake policies to give an excuse as to why they cant finish preparing a customers online order. Whoever the manager or owner of this place is feel free to fix your staff. We are not your employees. Health inspectors please inspect this place and fine them if you have to.Edit: I added a picture of a dirty cup that the emoyee handed me telling me to fill it for a doordash customer. I delivered it empty to make sure the customer knows.

Michael S.

Your service still sucks. Over 25 minutes late on an order. Get your crap together. Y'all running this shop like a bunch of sorry ass degenerates.

Michelle D.

I have given this location multiple tries as a general manager of fast food I understand bad days. The last 3 times we have visited this location for takeout. Missing items, they don't want to give ranch, and tonight no ranch and the corn was like a rock. This is too far to drive back we would like to get what we ordered and have it correct. This is unacceptable as for what we pay for a family of 5 . We spend money so expect to get service for what we ordered. Nothing more just what we pay for: get better wildomar.

Karen R.

This place is always busy as expected. I find that this location provides the freshest foods and is cleanest amongst other nearby wing stops. Mild and garlic Parm are what we get each and everytime for about 17 years now The fries here are wonderful and I love that their ranches are iced cold everytime! The new Honey dry rub is another favorite and as always we ask for a 25 minute drop time for extra crispy wings! Thank you

Tyler Clausing

Longest wait times ever, when you ask how long it will be you will be lied to. Tripple your answer and thats what you really get. The wings are super greasy. You order a dry rub and you get 80% grease 10% seasoning 10% chicken and 100% dissapointment. The restaurant itself is a mess, the drink station is covered in wrappers, straws, lids and spilled drinks. Not to mention the floor hasn't been sweped since the 90's and is covered in grease. I feel like every time i walk in i need nonslip boots just to prevent myself from slipping and slqmming my head into a sharpened chicken bone killing me instantly. Staff can be rude but to be fair i probably would be too if i had to work at this place.

Kristopher S.

It would be awesome, and accurate to give this place a negative star rating. I placed an online pick up order before 2p for a 4:45p pick up and asked my son to get it for us. The employees there had him waiting for over an hour and gave no reason as to why the order still was not ready. I asked him to leave and since I was nearby I would pick it up. 20 minutes later, I am there to pick up the order, the counter person, calls my name, I ask her about the wait time, and she offered no reason, she then said "I called this order out 15 minutes ago." I then shared that my son waited for over an hour, and he wasn't given a reason as to the wait, I placed the order for pick up at 4:45p! She looked at me blankly, and just asked me, "Do you want your order or not." This place sucks. Customer service sucks, the manager was nowhere to be found. Buffalo Wild Wings will be getting all my wing business now.

Ian G.

place sucks. worst wing stop ever. owner and management should be ashamed of this store.

Connie E.

The all American burgers are the bomb. The chicken wings are good. All servers were friendly and they gave us veterans discount. It's always packed at dinner time. Love this place.

Filo F.

I used to love going here but lately the food is taste bad and over cooked what happened Wingstop I don't know if it's the manager that doesn't care anymore or bad employees also you need to fix this because I'm not the only one riding bad reviews Please report to corporate or send me the number I will call them because I need Wingstop back like it was perfect good taste I'm probably going back to Buffalo Wild Wings ‍

SeaShelb Tinks

The only reason I'm giving it a star at all is because the food is good, but there are people here who have been waiting on a small order for over an hour. I ordered 10 pc boneless wings and have been waiting on them for the past 30 minutes. People who come in for a mobile order don't get their food right away or their order was lost. The people in the kitchen stand around and enjoy their drinks instead of working on the food. Most of the wings are sitting in the fry net over the oil getting cold. 0/10 do not recommend. However if you still enjoy wing stop go to the one by Vail headquarters in temecula. They know what they're doing. They get food out fast.


Employees with no sense of urgency. The only person here that seems to care about their job is a young man with long hair that's tied up. He's in and out the back bringing out the food and interacting with everyone. The other employees; seem like they care more about their swag and being cool over customer service. Writing this review now hitting an hour being here waiting for my food. Seems like everyone around us is talking about how horrible the wait is... Might just make a wing stop out of town my new main one...

Paul Jessica S.

Can't seem to package food properly. They put wings on their side causing all the oil and sauce to leak out. Customer service is awful and they do not follow order directions.

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