Yellow Basket Restaurant of Menifee

29966 Haun Rd, Sun City
(951) 301-8322

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Christopher C.

Idk why the 2.5 stars. But they have the best breakfast sausage sandwhich of all breakfast sandwhiches. They don't use a sausage patty but sausage links. Location is right off the freeway so it's definitely a pitstop when I pass through Menifee.

Dee Keck

I asked for a grilled chicken breast "sandwich" with no bun. It came beautifully wrapped in lettuce with a giant tomato slice in there. It was tender and flavorful, I was pleasantly surprised.Food: 3/5

Neftali F.

What is wrong with this place?.. do they really just not give a damn? Every time I come here, I'm more dissatisfied and disgusted, then the last visit. I brush off how crappy food is, & how overly priced it is ,when I need a quick bite, but I'm officially done trying this place..... look at these "yellow peppers" compared to some I had at home... would you bite into these nasty looking spoiled greenish chilies? This place should be shut down. I constantly hear of ppl getting food poisoning here. This place is a disgrace to all burger joint and doesn't belong in the food industry...

George P.

Ordered a California Burrito with asada.... the burrito had 3 chunks of fat and it wasn't even chopped or diced. It was the worst. I called, to just notify the restaurant about the situation and they said that they could give me a discount lol! I just feel bad for the traveller's that stop here and get food to-go because it's located right of the freeway. I Was giving this place a second chance and then I got this California Burrito with fat chuncks in it! That's it for me. Good luck everyone elese

Jeanna Calloway

The pastrami was amazing!!!! my sandwich was so big I could only eat half, but it was definitely yummy..... The restaurant is clean, the employees are super friendly and it was just a great experience. I will be back

Chance L.

A3/Overpriced. 20 dollars for pastrami!? It isn't even that good The chicken nuggets aren't good either. If I could, I would've rated it a quarter star

Cin C.

We were in the area and decided to stop here for breakfast. We thought this would be a great new place to try. The outside looks like a regular place. Inside was decently clean. Had plenty of booths to sit at. They even have an outside patio area. Customer service was OK nothing exceptional. Could tell that the vibe was definitely a little discriminating a little racial but we were still OK. Now what everybody wants to know. The food. I decided to go out on a limb and ordered A patty melt. And the hubby ordered a pastrami sandwich with the combo but instead of sodas we got two coffees. Patty melt was delicious although I did forget it comes on rye bread. But it was good just wish I had a couple more pickle slices to add in there. Pastrami however, on the board it stated it came on a French rule. This was not a French roll. The bread completely fell apart on the first bite. The bread was disgusting. They should've at least toasted it to withstand the girth of all of the pastrami meat. The meat was dry it was soft but it was dry and bland. French fries were amazing. Coffee was good. But there was no Splenda sugar substitute. And they did not offer any flavored creamer. There was only half and half. Will never be returning here. That pastrami sandwich alone was $17 and it was the creepiest meal I have ever had in my entire life.

J. K.

I ordered a pastrami sam'ich, and after being TAKEN for $17.51 (and that was JUST the sam'ich! not even combo!), I unwrapped it, took a bite, and was SOO disappointed! For THAT kind of money, you'd expect it to be AT LEAST comparable to Der Weinerschnitzel's (sp?) pastrami sam'iches. nope! Weinerschnitzel's would kick the heck out of this dry, almost warm () sorry excuse for a sam'ich. Hey Yellow Basket; if you read this, try steaming the pastram; heck even just warming it up in the microwave before handing it to the customer. Better yet, save the "cook" some time and DON'T have him wrap it in foil, THEN wrap THAT in butcher paper, making sure he fan-folds the edges of said butcher paper, then place THAT into another unnecessary bag. Your "cook" shouldn't have to perform origami when wrapping a sam'ich.

Ed R.

Cant believe all the bad reviews. First time here. Food was nice and fresh. Eggs, bacon, hash browns, and coffee were all really good. Will definitely be back for them. About the pancakes, they were really fresh. But I think they need a new recipe. They were kind of rubbery. If the pancakes had been better I would have given 5 stars. My son also enjoyed his breakfast. He loved the eggs and bacon too. The service was great. All the waitresses are really nice. Thank you all.

Mick Pagan

Food is always good and fair priced. Only one issue and no matter what you say they never change. They always put the hot food on the top of the salad instead of keeping them seperate.

Pamela M.

The service at drive thru was horrible! The price of my grilled chicken sandwich was $16.79, wow! Not worth it by far. A little bag of fries came with my sandwich and small drink. I was extremely disappointed in my decision to stay after contemplating it due to the high price. The sandwich was plain Jane, I will never eat here again and I will definitely pass the word on.

Ryan L.

I really enjoy the breakfast here. Got the cheesy breakfast and wife got the French toast breakfast. French toast breakfast came with eggs, bacon, four slices of French toast and sausage for 10$. Cheesy breakfast came with hash browns, toast, three eggs, two sausages, and two bacon for $13.50. The service takes a while here but I assume because they make everything when ordered (I appreciate that). I've come here before for hamburgers and it was underwhelming but breakfast hits the spot if you don't want to go sit down somewhere and is on par with an ihop or dennys, love that it has a drive thru. The four stars is purely for breakfast.

Carly Ammon

This place seems like fast food and it is pretty fast - about 15-20 mins for chicken tenders - and the selection is unique! They have something for literally everyone from gyros and sandwiches to burgers, Chicken tenders, salad, etc.The quality of my chicken tenders was very high. The ratio of breading was pretty perfect and they tasted good even after getting cool. The fries got limp kind of fast from the take out box but they were good and I'm sure much better if you eat them there.Definitely a good place to stop with the family but you get what you pay for. Higher quality means higher prices but it's worth it! They also have great ice cream, milkshakes & sundaes!

Hyper Girl

Just ok. Ordered the burger which was supposed to have bacon on it didn't. The sauce they use is nothing special it's just mayo. They do t really give you that many fries. For 15 dollars I can get a better burger at Wendy's in my opinion

Jennifer L.

I paid $18.19 for a Caesar salad with 2 hard boiled eggs added and it was disgusting. The hard boiled eggs were also over cooked. I thought they charged me incorrectly cause that price is insane for a Caesar salad, especially one that tasted horrible, so my husband called and asked how much it would be with 2 eggs added and they told him it would be $17.50. I would like to know why I got charged a different amount they would've charge somebody else.

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Yellow Basket Restaurant of Menifee

29966 Haun Rd, Sun City, CA 92586
(951) 301-8322