The Refuge

1143 Crane St, Menlo Park
(650) 319-8197

Recent Reviews

Hansen C.

I got the OG Philli with regular fries, expectations were met... Their staff were friendly too!

Cate C.

I randomly found this restaurant on Yelp and decided to check it out. The Refuge had great service and food.

Montana T.

The pastrami was delicious not going to lie. The only is it's expensive. The price for the pastrami sandwich is 21 dollars with no fries just the pastrami sandwich and a pickle. I'll tell you this though you will want to crave for more. The Refuge Pastrami Sandwich Bay Area

Ames S.

Grabbed a quick bite to eat here for a late lunch during COVID. A Tucked in dive bar style restaurant, parking was easy to find around this time (2:00pm), outside dining was setup on the side walk due to COVID with heaters, it was mellow and decent. I ordered their most popular item which was the Reuben sandwich, and they did not disappoint! Very delicious thick bread was buttered and lightly toasted, pastrami portion was stacked up reasonably well, perfectly seasoned and was soft and tender. Arnold Palmer wasn't that great, a tad bitter. For the most part, I love the pastrami!! Pricey but totally worth it

brian bulkowski

always great. even with covid and the limited menu, i miss my favorites but you can get a great burger or pastrami and the best beer list on the peninsula

Thomas ramirez

Very pleasant experience even though we're in the outdoor seating era. Reuben sandwich and garlic fries were spot on target.

David S.

Pretty good food! The portions seem smaller and the place is way over priced. The servers are super nice.

Debra C.

We got the pastrami sandwich, garlic fries, and the hibiscus cider. I was impressed by the alcohol selection. There is outdoor dining and each table also has a QR code to order from the table. I like that they actually spaced the seating out by 6 feet. Some outdoor dining places only do 6 feet for the tables but when you add in the chairs, you're only 2 feet away from your neighbor. The food is generously portioned and I'm looking forward to coming back.

Nick S.

I was talking to one of my clients and he said, "I'm a vegetarian, but don't tell my wife, one of the only palaces I cheat is a Refuge Pastrami sandwich with a Belgian beer." Okay.. That hooked me. We were in town for a soccer game and we had to try it. Pastrami is piled high and the beer was awesome. It's not a cheap pint at a dive bar, but their selection of beer is awesome and no brands I have ever seen anywhere else. We'll keep stopping by anytime we are close

Negar Shahrokh

Pretty decent place. I ordered the chopped salad and it was tasty. Price is fair considering the portion. Recommend trying it out.

Jessica L.

COVID Takeout Review ORDERING: We used door dash and picked it up. Not much parking around the area but with the pandemic, it's not too difficult. The menu is daunting. Read carefully to make the best decision. FOOD: Pastrami, a once very under appreciated meat. The tenderness and the seasoning of the beef here is unmatched. I did not know pastrami could be so fancy and delicious at the same time. Pastrami sandwich: This was a classic. The coleslaw, the red onion, and the pickle all cut in to the richness of the stacked high pastrami and cheese. The bread is light enough to not steal the show but give a good balance to a meaty sandwich. Pastrami burger: Not for the faint of heart. I did not expect to find an actual beef patty somewhere between my pastrami and my cheese. You're forced to open wide into a huge indulgent bite. The bread they use is a bit soft and it's really easy to squish that down, but the amount of meat they give you? Well worth your money. Almost feels like it could be two whole burgers. The Cheesesteak: It is standard for a cheesesteak but I still think the real star here is the pastrami. The Goofy Fries: The closest thing to poutine that I have right now until I can visit Canada again. I know, some people might argue that the garlic fries are better. But the goofy fries include garlic fries! And cheese! And pastrami! How could you not try this??? TIPS: Ask for extra pickles and pickled red onion! OR if you're lucky like me, your roommates won't want theirs. COVID has been so difficult on businesses. Please help support this one!

Frank E.

Excellent Job !! I have been working from home for 9 months. Had to go in to pick up some supplies from the office, so I was in the area. Ordered online... as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I got a text that my order was ready. By the time I walked up to the window, I saw my order was being walked up to the counter. 15 seconds for the person in line in front of me, then I was up. 20 seconds later, I was walking back to the car with my lunch. The Goofy Fries and Poutine were both perfect !! The salad with pastrami is dinner. Can't wait for dinner ! Keep up the good work and I hope you get through these tough times! Please continue to support your local restaurants to keep them afloat in these times !!

Gina W.

Long day hiking, rather grueling earned ourselves liquid refueling. Belgian beers were on our minds, came to The Refuge to unwind. Heat lamps make the outdoors warm. The pandemic has us feeling forlorn, but the friendly staff lifted our mood. We were tempted by other customer's food. But we came here for the beers, ordered two to clink and cheers. Both were the best we've had in a while we left feeling nostalgic and with a smile.


In A Nutshell:-The Refuge is a small eatery tucked away in downtown Menlo Park.-They have outdoor seating, where you can use the QR code on the table to order from their digital menu.-The staff will bring out your food/beer within a few minutes to your table outside.-There is also a small window you can walk up to & order if you don't want to sit down.-The pastrami hamburger along w/ poutine were very good & hit the spot on a crisp, sunny Fall day.Overall, this is a nice little joint w/ good burgers & hard to find craft beers.

Christine T.

We got the pastrami burger (upgraded to garlic fries) and Wit cheesesteak (regular fries) for takeout -- ordered directly from their website and food was ready in no time. Prices are about average for this area ($15-20 per menu item) but portions are large. The garlic fries had a strong garlic aroma, some garlic flavor, but no garlic to be seen (magical!) Not sure if the fries themselves were worth the $2 upgrade, but they come with a super tasty chile mayo! It's definitely on the tangy side, which is right up my alley. I thought the pastrami burger was a bit overpowered by the kraut and a little lacking in sauce, but you can't go wrong with a combo of juicy pastrami + a nice beef patty. Cheesesteak was closest to what I've had in Philly! The food was still hot by the time we got home and really hit the spot!

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