1535 Landess Ave, Milpitas
(408) 957-0681

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Ronnel C.

They need to work on their customer service and manners. Who trained them? Who raised them? They are awfully rude and need improvement. Sadly, if its one bad apple there must be others who need proper training or anger management.

Ana K.

Finally tried this place out. It was pretty good. But the Chinese fried chicken and noodles stood out. The rice, egg rolls and sesame balls were just okay.

Margie Rosalejos

Lugao (congie) only egg inside, must have original pilipino style with honey comb or chicken, Tokwa(fried tofu) is so hard and overcook , slice in thin tiny pieces and only few pieces in the box and cost my order almost 13dollars..I didnt satisfied with my order..

Hoangchi Pham

Not as good as other locations. The cashier we got had an attitude. We ordered three 2 entree meals (two with chicken, and one with garlic chicken and chop suey). The cashier tried charging the one with the garlic chicken as a seperate order from the three, which would be four meals. When we tried explaining it to her that we only ordered three 2 entree meals, she tried charging another three 2 entree meals, making it 6 meals total. She got an attitude when we told her to delete everything and start over, and had to explain what we wanted at least 6 times before she charged us correctly. The food still ended up being made incorrectly. We wanted to go back later to get some Taho since Grill City in Seafood City was out, but we didn't want to deal with her again

Nixon Anderson

This spot is worth trying. They have big portions for fair prices. Regularly neat and with good mood. Will come visit again.

John Edwards

Definitely a place worth stopping over, the food is great and fresh, the prices are convenient and it is consistently well kept in here. 5 stars.

Robby T.

I finally tried this place out. I came to get some quick food to go. Their garlic chicken entrée was very filling. It was under $7.00 and it was definitely a good deal. It's definitely not the best food but it's a good bang for your buck. They have a decent amount of menu items and I think I'll be back again sometime to try more m.

Thanh Vo

Love this place! You can get 4 pieces of dumplings for around $5. You can get 2 pieces of fried chicken and rice also for $5. This place is in a mall that mainly caters to Filipinos so the food is good and cheap. There is also Seafood City in the mall can stock up on Asian groceries.

stephen fuqua

My favourite very Filipino breakfast place. Simple and clean

Kristy L.

I only came here for the dessert - halo halo. It was really delicious! The beans were not overcooked, and it was not too sweet. Have yet to try the food, the siopao looked delicious! The price isn't terrible either.

S O.

Best asado siopao! Thank goodness they offer frozen siopao so I can steam the buns anytime. Beef stew noodle soup is really good too!.

Emelson Dagsaan

Me and my friends was about to eat breakfast at Chowking Milpitas. The lady on duty greet us "Wow ang dami!" instead of good morning. When we are in the counter, the guy who take our order is very nice but the lady said that it's so early for them to serve us breakfast. So we decided to eat somewhere else. We really like the food in Chowking, but the service is 100% poor. That lady doesn't deserve even a one star.

Eva Maria Burgos

Me and my son had diarrhea after eating the food from this restaurant.

Bernardino A.

i would not give any stars on the manager or supervisor susan...i get it that is why this store only has two only asking for a small soup for my tocilog and she wants me to buy the whole mami or wonton soup to have the sabaw...if she is not aroung her staff would give it to me for free or i don't mind really paying for it for a buck...i always eat breakfast if i have a chance but kindly talk to susan to change her work ethics...wala na ba talaga tayong konsiderasyon...this message is goes to the owner who ever can communicate to me just give me a number where i can call you .

Bernadette F.

Great customer service and decent food. Eating at chow king reminds me of being in the Philippines as chow king was a go to if we didn't go to Jollibee. So the memories of my loved ones at home is what keeps me coming back. Never had an issue with customer service. Go to is the garlic chicken, asado siopao with sauce on the side, and halo halo.

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