Taco Bell

774 S Main St, Milpitas
(408) 263-3274

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Jordyn B.

I mean it's a Taco Bell what do you expect but i swear if you're gonna ask for a substitute or simply want something taken off an item they'll still add it.. hmm maybe drown it with that stuff you didn't want on it haha

Emily L.

The drive through is open during the covid crisis! I was reading up on the precautions that Taco Bell was taking in general. They seem to be pretty rigorous in comparison to other fast food locations. Cash is no longer being accepted and employees are being told not to take a customer's card to insert into the machine - instead they will be presenting it to the customer to do the insertion. Additionally, no pins or signatures are required right now to minimize contact. I actually ordered online so I am unable to attest to how the payment processing actually worked. With the mobile order, make sure you know which Taco Bell you're picking up at first and foremost. Once you get there, just pull up to the speaker and let them know that you ordered online. They'll confirm your order with you and start making it fresh. I put in a pretty big order for 2 people. It was also free Doritos Locos Taco day which has been going on for the past few Tuesdays. When I was ordering I was really surprised to see that it was on the online menu so there was no hassle with having to order one in person or anything like that. Since I was only paying once, I assumed I could only get one free taco. I think that the employees noticed I was ordering way too much food for just little old me, so they threw in another free Doritos Locos Taco for good measure! I thought that was pretty awesome and I didn't have to fight with my boyfriend over the free taco. I made some customizations to the order and they were all followed to a t. They also labelled the items on the outside so you knew which item had modification. One of the things I asked for was cheese on a burrito that didn't normally come with it. They didn't cheap out on the cheese and it was delicious. Oddly I did find that this Taco Bell's chipotle sauce was a tiny bit spicier than I've had at other locations. Another thing interesting about this location was that it was marginally more expensive across the board. Originally the online ordering system tried to route me to a Sunnyvale location. My total at that location was about $3 less than my grand total of $17 and change at this location. I guess that's just the Milpitas purchasing power coming into play. I do love Taco Bell so I thought I'd give a quick shout out - they are one of the few fast food corporations that changed their sick policy to ensure that their workers ARE getting paid during the crisis if they are sick, unable to work, or the restaurants are closed. Come get your tacos to support the rad Taco Bell employees!

David K.

Sorry for my rant here. I ordered from the drive-through, and made the mistake of ordering the nacho chips (the small paper pouch) with cheese sauce. When I got up to the window, I could see dozens of the little chip bags sitting under a heat lamp. When I got home with my order, they smelled and tasted rancid, as if they'd been sitting under that heat lamp for days. I ate one chip and had to throw the rest away. :-( It's ridiculous that they would make so many chips, let them get stale, and still serve them to customers. The manager needs to sample them to learn why they shouldn't stockpile them. Hoping I don't get sick from that single chip I ate; it was nasty.

VikramJeet S.

We were starving we place the order of chicken Powerball and small chicken quesadilla shredded chicken burrito and shredded chicken burrito was missing I had the option to choose the sauces none of the sauce was available in the packet which was delivered to me it's a terrible experience highly recommending people not choose this location they are very unprofessional imagine after waiting for 30 to 40 minute you are still not getting the right food..!!

Sammy B.

Used to enjoy this Taco bell. Found my chicken soft taco not even properly wrapped and everything fell all over the rest of the food. Sauces were forgotten, and everything was just a complete mess.

Seth Herman

Exceptional spot to buy something when in a rush. The service is rapid, prices are affordable, good ambience. Will visit here again

Jack Graham

This spot never disappoints. They have good food for affordable prices, there no long wait even when they are packed.

Sheila C.

Not much to say about TB. I never have high expectations from big fast food corps but I always have my fingers crossed for the correct order & no food poisoning... We moved recently & this one is super close by. The spicy tostada, bean burrito & nacho fries were all satisfying. Boyfriend complained about his spicy potato taco - he said the potatoes were hard and gross.

Gloria H.

It took a long time for our order which is unusual. Probably because they were filling phone or online orders. When it was ready I really enjoyed my tacos and cheese quesadilla. YUM!

Bryan Ibanez

This place brings back so many child hood memories . Great experience working there. There very clean and take sanitation very serious. Always happy to help eachother and the customers. Thank you for your great fast food service

D L.

Nachos Nachos Nachos! Do I need to say anymore about the Party Pack Nachos . Toppings can be added or removed for an additional fee. Starting at $9.99

Joe Maher

This restaurant is my preferable restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to that place. everytime I want to go to a proper dinner, this is the place that comes straightaway to my mind. Great and varied food and a large menu.well mannered staff, and nice ambience. Not less important, the price is good. I sent my friends to this spot with pleasure.

Daisey Lawrance

My kids love the cheesy fiesta potatoes here. Anytime grab, lunch, dinner or snack, works well for us

M Biddles

Taco Bell is a quick meal when you're on-the-go. The staff I experienced at this taco Bell we're quick on their feet and responsive to their customers. I think this hard-working staff for getting my food out to me in a fast amount of time to get back to work.

Gerald C.

No eat-in after 9pm, as they close the restaurant section them. And the drive thru requires that you use a car... No walk-ups.

Paul Gomez

It's convenient if you're in a hurry personel are great and prompt

Atziry H.

Worst customer service probably the same reason why I haven't came to Taco Bell in years

August D.

Rude bad service and out of the chalupa box like how can you be out of the chalupa box it's the only thing I get at this place

Steve S.

15 minutes waiting in drive thru, 10 minutes sitting at window waiting until someone to finally notice I'm still waiting for my food that I already paid for. Pepsi tastes very funny. Have to show my receipt to them and when I get my food it's cold. Awesome customer service!!!!

Ethan Nguyen

Easy to order, and the lighting is not so good for mukbangs

The Food High

This location is one of the better ones in the area/Milpitas.

Leo Guerrero

Was good but your order number is tiny on the receipt lol

Priscilla S.

Good cheap accurate late night food. It really satisfies my hunger and it was fast. Thank you for being open and getting my ready order correct. This time of night there are not many options, but am glad this is one of them.

Dirk Hill

What can I say? Taco Bell is comfort food. I first went to the one in Oildale, CA in 1972. The food is good. When I need food on the road this is where I go (unless there is a BBQ place.) The only question I have is why is the cheese on a regular taco on top if the lettuce? This has always been the case and it has always puzzled me.

Maria T

This location is one of the better ones in the area/Milpitas.

Jerry Hansel

Always good eats and friendly staff at this location.

Shawn F.

What can I say? It's Taco Bell. If you've been to one, you've been to all. Obviously if you're a fan of traditional Mexican food, this place is not for you; however, if you don't mind dehydrated beef reconstituted into a watery soup of meat, prepare to be delighted! When lunch is on a budget and quantity outweighs quality, Taco Bell reigns supreme. Yet most unfortunately, spiders do not, reign supreme that is. Perhaps they do in the evolving story line of the MCU but in the dining room of a fast food joint, they aren't much appreciated. As the typical reader can surmise, I had an unwelcomed guest (with 8 fabulously creepy legs) join me for lunch. Let me stop your wondering and wandering mind now; no, it was not discovered inhabiting my order of soup meat. I found it slowly rappelling from the dining room ceiling. It's clear planned destination was my steaming flour tortillas that helplessly laid in wait upon one of the Bell's signature purple tables. Although I eventually behaved as any person would that had been interrupted, intrusively and unexpectedly, by a dangling arachnid, I initially sat with delay. I believe my hesitation was born from the bosom of confusion. You see, my unexpected visit took place less than a week before All Hallows Eve. In those, perceptively long but realistically short, seconds I wondered, did the good people of the Bell really bother to take their Halloween decorating to this next level? No!! Shawn, my internal voice yelled with an overuse of exclamation marks we have all grown to love in text and e-mails. I reacted, correction: I overreacted, like any person would. I lunged from my seat, shouting some incoherent words and; subsequently, sounded like a lost, scared baby yeti to any whom stood witness. I frantically swung my arms across the table in an attempt to displace the creature and; subsequently, appeared like a drug addled crazed man punching the air. While audibly rambling or quietly mouthing curses (my memory serves as unreliable when recording events under stress), I quickly squatted to the floor to verify that I had moved him from a crash course with my meal and; more importantly, to ensure I had not killed or injured the hungry little fella. Upon feeling the eyes of the other guests burning into my back, I returned to my seat and; more importantly, my slushy, meaty (at least 35% meaty) entree. Perhaps, I wondered, to my fellow patrons I may have first appeared as a tweeker on a meth binge. What else is one to make of such erratic behavior; however, it was my abrupt return to the table in such a calm state that may have shifted their mental images from meth-head to the poster child for temporary acid flash backs. I know if the shoe was on the other foot and I saw a man scattering around at nothing, my first thought wouldn't be, oh! he's probably just swatting away a spooky pest that's too small for me to see from my vantage point. In any event, these silent reflections led to a smile and a silent chuckle that I shared with me, myself, and (no, not the spider) I. While most may find this to be a jolting and horrifying experience, as aforementioned, I, seeing as no harm was done, was pleasantly amused. I feel those same people that would rant about said "disgusting" visit would nonetheless leave a scathing review. To them I say, get over yourself!!!!! (with special emphasis on the overuse of the punctuation). Remember, this is Taco Bell, was never and will never be Michelin rated. Furthermore, and this is their appeal, don't strive to be. Yes, perhaps, if there was an infestation of spiders and maybe if my dining companion was a brown recluse, I would be of a different mind. However, I'm happy to report there wasn't and it was not. In fact, I have since visited the dining room again and have not found any more creepy-crawlies at eye level suspension. All cheap sarcasm aside, I am proud to declare that no spiders

Giles Peng

I love the flavor of the food here. I usually get a mixture of hard tacos, soft tacos, and burritos. I've liked Mexican fast food since I was young and continue to eat there to this day.

Sandeep Patil

Great tasting food. Good quantity on every dish. So do not over order

F O.

No double decker tacos anymore. They have the cheesy Gordita instead. Drive thru went fast. . Place is kinda hidden in the cuts. There seems to be a shortage of Taco Bell's in the area. I went to the one on Alum rock and it was closed. Do don't go there hoping to find a Taco Bell.

Jimmy B.

Horrible customer service. The woman in the drive through could not understand us, and we could not understand her. We asked to order 3 separate orders and she immediately said "no only 3" we told her we would be paying separate as we are 3 co workers in the car, she said simply no. We asked if she could just start another order. A man came on the speaker and said the same thing only 2 orders. We to the window, none of the employees are wearing name badges. No greeting just says the the total. If you don't have customer service skills- don't be in the customer service field. Period. Horrible. We drove from our job in north San Jose. Will drive to The one on market or another location to avoid this place

Munish Gupta

Ordered chicken supreme burrito. It was thinnest and blandest burrito I ever had. I have been at this taco bell for quite few times and this is worst order I ever had. I am not going to Visit this location or for the matter taco bell is out of my fast food restaurants list now.

Jon Valmonte

Lousy service! Did not honor a digital coupon simply because they could not understand it. Stay away from this branch.

Stephanie Ibanez

Im new out here and where im from have thee best taco bell resturants in California. Nacho Supreme and number 5 orders are down beyond good!! No one can go wrong with the best resturant ever give it a 2 thumbs up.

Benny Correa

Quick and friendly service. Very clean inside and out. Food tasted amazing!

Shawn Fox

What can I say? It's Taco Bell. If you've been to one, you've been to all. Obviously if you're a fan of traditional Mexican food, this place is not for you; however, if you don't mind dehydrated beef reconstituted into a watery soup of meat, prepare to be delighted! When lunch is on a budget and quantity outweighs quality, Taco Bell reigns supreme.

Jaime Vargas

Went to Main st. Taco Bell last week. Their triple double crunchwrap was fake. I noticed wrap was not thick and when I inspected, there was only one layer of meat not like what they are showing in tv and flyers..Somebody is doing short cut.

Teresa L.

I dont expect a 5 star service but the cashier Olivia B is just rude. There are not a lot of customers but she seems to be rushing though and no patience at all. My mother have a hearing issue she couldnt hear well. She was concious of her condition so she always ask with a smile so people wont think shes is being difficult. The cashier ask her about the meat option, beef or something else. She asked the cashier to repeat. I dont see why the cashier has to yell out the options, accompanied by a nasty look. 1 star because thats the min i can give and the food is usually ok. Im not going there again though.

David Baker

This Taco Bell was easy to access. Exterior was free of trash. Interior was clean and orderly. Staff was friendly and efficient. Thank you!

Jammie S.

Every time we come here the watermelon freeze is not "working". The same story every time. I wouldn't bother if you want any competence.