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Teresa L.

I dont expect a 5 star service but the cashier Olivia B is just rude. There are not a lot of customers but she seems to be rushing though and no patience at all. My mother have a hearing issue she couldnt hear well. She was concious of her condition so she always ask with a smile so people wont think shes is being difficult. The cashier ask her about the meat option, beef or something else. She asked the cashier to repeat. I dont see why the cashier has to yell out the options, accompanied by a nasty look. 1 star because thats the min i can give and the food is usually ok. Im not going there again though.

David Baker

This Taco Bell was easy to access. Exterior was free of trash. Interior was clean and orderly. Staff was friendly and efficient. Thank you!

Jammie S.

Every time we come here the watermelon freeze is not "working". The same story every time. I wouldn't bother if you want any competence.

Lisa Strayer

We were the first ones in line, but last one to get our order. All we ordered was 2 soft taco supreme with no lettuce or tomato and they messed it up so we had to wait ANOTHER 3 minutes. This place is a joke!

Kendall K. Le

We should have better workers or associates. They should be nice, too. Never make anyone loose their job, too.

David Ingalls

Went there today for lunch away from work,usually clean soda area today was unusually busy so seems like unable to come out and dry are of melted ice/water otherwise clean nothing bad to say been coming here for over 2 years now,since working in the area,recommend coming here for quick bite

Jyun Park

Drive thru order box wasn't working, had to drive up to window and order. Got my order but the drive thru cashier didn't give me my drink. Had to wait until they were done making the next order (for the customer behind me) then I got my drink, wasted like 15 mins here. Didn't even get an apology or anything.

Desirey Aguilar

Love the value menu! You can even add shredded chicken to make it more filling!


Disgusting. I threw it away. This is the very first time this taco bell gave me the worst tasting and prepared items. Management needs to evaluate the staff and properly train on how to make the items. You owe me 18 dollars.

Christian Merin

I woke up in the morning hungry and I was craving Tacobell. But they only serve breakfast around this time so I was disappointed. But dang, this breakfast burrito and hashbrown + cinnabon delights is fire. Thanks for the quick fix Tacobell!

Chris Freeman

On June 17th, 2019, at around 8:30PM (please check with your recorded CTV or video to confirm this) I drove through and tried to order a box of tacos, two drinks, and a nacho. It was in a twilight and no lights were on yet, the menu board was a bit far away and hard to read for me, a senior. The woman on the microphone was not helpful and rudely asking me, after a few minutes, we drove up to the payment window. After giving me the drinks, she rudely asked me "Sauce?" I calmly asked her back "Excuse me, what did you say?" She repeated "Sauce?". Then, I realized her question and asked her what kind of sauce she was offering, she then told me "hot, mild, ...". I told her "I just need some explanation, there is no need to be rude. And the way you asked with one word question is not a good way of customer service."

Door D.

Hope the owner actually reads these reviews got here and rushed here made it nine minutes before closing I was simply ignored nobody would come to the window or answer me and they were just helping a customer right before I pulled up this is a loss of money this will make me not wanna visit this Taco Bell ever again maybe pay your employees a little bit more or talk to them because this is so ridiculous if you close at 1:50 then just put that on your website or online very rude as they blast their music and I honk and knock

Colle L.

June 17, 2019 around 8:30PM. I experienced the first time the rudest customer service from the middle age (or in her 30s) hispanic female server. I didn't come to beg for free food, nor did I arrogantly demanded to be treated like a king because I was a customer. I simply asked for clarifications or explanation because of confusion caused by her 1 or 2 word questions. "what tacos?" "Sauce?" "Any drinks?" even after receiving my payment, she still treated me like a beggar, giving me her own food. For sure, no more visit to the store until their apology and improvement.

Evan McHenry

It's a pretty standard Taco Bell. I've been here several times and haven't gotten an incorrect order yet, which isn't standard for Taco Bell in my experience.

Rj M.

These people are a mess. They need to hire new management and get their sh*t together. First of all, we ordered our food through the drive thru, and when we got home we unwrapped our food to find that there were no MEAT in any of our burritos or tacos. ONLY BEANS. That's not the only mistake they made. We ordered a nacho box, but they gave us the Loaded nacho TACO box. We called them back to let them know their mistake and the girl who answered the call was named Lupita, and she told us to come back with ONLY the receipt. We thought it would be that simple because we asked multiple times to clarify if we need to bring back the food they gave us by mistake. When we got to the restaurant, Lupita called over her manager and her manager had told us that we needed to bring the food back. We were confused because Lupita told us NOT to bring the food back. The manager was very insistent that we needed to bring the food back. Lupita came out of hiding and the manager confronted her about what she said to us on the phone. Lupita admitted that she only told us to bring the receipt but then tried to twist it by saying that we now needed to bring the food back. Throughout the whole confrontation, Lupita had a smug look on her face, laughing about the whole situation. In the end, we did get the majority of our food back. Now very hesitant to eat it, scared that they might have spit in it or done something in anyway (we don't know what goes on through this managements head).

Liz Zzzz

This Taco Bell is fine. Much better quality down the street at McCarthy Ranch though.

arul sam

Bahablast is the best drink i have ever had from this place.

siamak farakesh

It take 45 min drive throw for pick up not because it was busy but because of the taller at the window finally after period time I was picking up my order the water I order handed to me no led i had to ask him to put LEDs there was no napkin no sauce no spoon awful service

Jeff Goodman

Voted best Mexican food THANKS

Ashish T.

It is second time they closed before time at night. I reached at 12:40 and it was supposed to be open till 1am. Staff was there but they did not pretend to see me and keep doing cleaning stuff. They actively and rudely ignored me when I show them the time.

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