Taco Bell

1365 S Park Victoria Dr, Milpitas
(408) 263-7833

Recent Reviews

David M.

If I could give a zero star rating I would! Even -! What is your problem? This is not what quality customer service is about.

Iqbal S.

Hi good night All Taco Bell Manajer Hi good night i do door delivery i went to order at the window of this taco bell and there was a lady working there, i wrote her the order and when i reached the window i told her please check it then this ladies I talked to me very insolently, this lady is not fit to work. Mr. work will deteriorate and your reputation which will make him worse it is not worth working woman Taco Bell and I have to cancel your order Thank you. Cont me 8183360399

Cynthia T.

The burritos and tacos I got taste like soap what a waite of money Taco bell u need to rinse better gross

Lawrence Su

Yes that's me in the car with a box full of nachos. This location has a great drive thru that makes food quick with a consistent quality.

Charles Cutler

The place serves big portions and for convenient rates. welcoming staff members. Keep up the good work.

Edward Anderson

I always arrive purchasing some food in this place. I enjoyed the quick customer service and well prepared dishes. I recommend this place.

Tom Perry

We go there early on the weekends when it's not crowded. They're very nice to my elderly Mom. When I order from their kiosks, they get the details right.

Dawson Obrien

This place never fails to deliver. They have good dishes for affordable pricing, there no long wait even when the place is loaded.

Eugene Jury

The meals and service were ahead of my expectations. We really liked the environment of this place. Great restaurant to take my family out for lunch.


So we got in like few minutes before they close. They didn't even tell us that they are closing in a few minutes. when we come in they still have 2 customers inside eating. So we decide to just eat our foods inside too. We didn't notice the time that it's already past they're closing time. one tall guy came out and yelled at us and telling that they are already close. He's really rude. Like can you see that we're still eating, can you just give us few minutes. But he was really rude, we actually loss our appetite.

Joy R.

Beware of the Tablet ordering when No One is at the register..reminiscent of 'Computer:Transmitted' interference. Would also be better that A Print of the Order is run out for Validation of the machine.

Lilly Perez

Always make sure you double check your order here because they consistently mess up and give you the wrong things. Other than that the place is clean and the food is bomb

Terry G

I celebrated my PhD this evening in this gorgeous place. Well it was a delightful evening and the restaurant was unquestionably one of the reasons for the happy gathering. The stuff collaborated in a sweet way, the meals were tasty and my guests were extremely overjoyed. We shall no dout come back again for more joyful events. Thank you very much.

Merlinda Morrison

Taco Bell foods taste really good! I like the regular tacos with hard shell plus i can pick up order any tine till midnight

Neil L.

So I ordered two shredded chicken burritos at this location (12/20/19; 7:50am) and halfway through my burrito there was plastic mixed in with my chicken. I don't even want to think about where the plastic came from.. customer service is good but this isn't acceptable. Watch out for trash in your food..

Leo Guerrero

Fast service and for fast food was well made


I was able to order from their electronic teller machine and was pretty simple. Food was great.

Shibendra Roy

Located at a prime location, easy to see from the road. People are awesome and they have kept the place well lighted nice and clean. Parking lot is good and safe. Drive through is also spacious and clean. What else you want. Food quality and service is unquestionable.

mike gohagan

They do a good job at this Taco Bell, one of my go to spots.

Kendrick Lam

Quick and fast service. Nothing special here. Just casual fast food.

Shelby Mangum

Not satisfied witg my last experience here. Communication issues while ordering rude service. Asked for my quesadilla well done. The cheese was not even melted inside. No sauce no napkins.


Completely disorganized. Did an order over web. Gave my name twice and they gave me the wrong order still. Had to come back INSIDE and the manager had to manually copy my order form the email. Taco Bell - u guys are NOT in 21sr century.

Raquel G.

Second time during the lunch rush that they've gotten my order wrong. I'm pretty sure it's a new employee working the drive thru window and she is very incompetent. I ordered the nachos grande box and they gave me the double chulpa box... very disappointed.

Greg G.

Ordered a grande nachos today and was unpleasantly surprised to find a long black hair sitting atop the nachos when I opened the box. Beyond disgusting and threw them out.

Alex H.

Worst taco bell. Put sour cream in food that never has sour cream. My whole entire order had it and I'm lactose intolerant. I had to throw it all away.

frank corral

Fast, great customer service clean dining area

Asher's Cinematic Universe

Taco bell is a place I enjoy going to at least 3 times a week. Sure, the food quality isnt the best but I don't know what more you would expect from a fast food restaurant.

Rose Dean

Liked their service along with their attitudes n had personality.

Inder Chouhan

I shouldn’t gave any star to this location because I ordered on kiosk but I didn’t get any receipt and I asked the soft taco with beans And they put beef inside I don’t even eat meat at all it’s part of my culture and I ate little by accidentally because I thought i got my right order . I went back to the front counter I show to the manager Isabel I told her that I don’t eat any beef I asked for beans . She don’t even apologize and she changed it for me which is good but after when go to my table and she was talking about me in her language . This is ridiculous and not nice we are the customer we paid for it

Karen Y

Fast and good quality ingredients.

Thuy N.

What happen to my mexican pizza? The oil to fry this tortilla was old, has that weird taste.

Gaby Osegueda

These gotta are quick and make everything how is supposed to be made. 👍

Cynthia H.

Usually delicious and a quick drive-through, I was disappointed with the cheesy potato burrito today. The potatoes had VERY crunchy hard ends and were difficult to chew. I just fished the hard little corners out. Otherwise it was good - the Reaper fries were an interesting change. Our drive-through guy was friendly but used the word "okay" as a filler word and sentence ender!

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Close to the house and Happy hour

Charlie Ly

Best late night snack


Standard good ness

James C.

While sadly, I probably have way more fast food reviews than the average person, you'll see I rarely give one star (so if I do, they've earned it). They never respond to their surveys for good or bad, so I'll leave my review here. This used to be a great location. Not anymore! I don't know if it's just new management or staff turnover, but this place is awful now. Today was the final straw. I went to the drive through thinking today was free taco day for the Warriors win (turns out it was two days ago - I concede that was my mistake). I order two items and I say, "and today is free taco day, right?" The woman says, "no" and laughs. I say, "no seriously... because of the Warriors". She says, "No. That..." then she leaves me hanging in silence for like 45 seconds (no exaggeration - I know time seems longer in situations like these). Meanwhile there's a line of cars behind me. I say, "That...?" more silence. I say, "Helloooooo?" She comes back and says, "Yes, hello." like she's about to explain. Then silence again. Another 45 seconds or so, I give it another "hello" more silence. Finally I get annoyed and I just say, "That's all". She immediately gets back on then. I pull forward. She gives me my burrito, but not my nachos. I say "the nachos?" She then hands them to me SIDEWAYS (there's a reason nachos are given to you flat). I was already done at that point. Then I see my sorry excuse for a burrito (see picture). There is a silver lining, I suppose. Less Taco Bell means I'll be in better shape and live longer.

Ambrea P.

Okay. I wasn't going to say anything. I was gonna be a chill bro. I thought you had my back, T Bell. Anyways... here goes. The last time I visited this location I ordered 2 spicy potato soft tacos for din din with my man. My boy's food was all fire; mine, however, was not. Those potatoes were as hard as my heart after my last break up, dawg. And had so much of that sauce on 'em I thought I was drowning. Drowning in my sadness. How could you do me that dirty? I found myself reminiscing and writing sad poetry. Didn't expect to get in my feels over some hard ass potatoes... but it is what it is I guess. Now today, this is what got me fucked up. It's 90°F out here, baby. I'm sweating out some alcohol I had last year. I'm detoxing without intending to. So I thought it was time to spice it up and get some tasty eats and treats from my fave:Taco Bell. So, I order my go to (well black bean burritos used to me my go to but y'all did me dirty and took those bad boys off the menu like fr?) 2 spicy potato soft tacos and this time a large baja blast freeze, ya feel me? So I park in a nice, shady, discreet location, as I drive a suspicious looking Honda civic, but don't let that fool you. Shit is great on gas mileage. Anyways... I take some sips of my cool beverage. Delicious. Incredible. Amazing. Could cure my cancer if I have it, idk. But then, I opened up my soft taco components to discover, no lettuce, no cheese, just potato and that sauce in a tortilla. Dawg... WHAT? I DIDN'T SAY (Sorry lemme lower my voice) no lettuce and cheese. I wanted that crunch and those extra calories. I'm out here tryna get fucked up on some tasty soft tacos. I want them the way they are. I mean, I ate them anyways cause the last time I went back when something was wrong, y'all were rude af and I don't vibe with that. Y'all out here hurting my feelings for no reason.

Starr B.

I ordered a crunchy taco SUPREME and received this. This is a SUPREME DISASTER and a waste.

Sanket Gandhi

Convenient location at the exit of freeway 680. Nice and clean from inside and quick service. Seating area is very spacious and very bright. It was super clean. Decent parking lot. They also have drive thru. The staff members were very friendly.