Taco Bell

1365 S Park Victoria Dr, Milpitas
(408) 263-7833

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Trini A.

OMG VERY DISAPPOINTED! Ordered Dorito Tacos and all three taco shells were ALL BTOKEN IN PIECES!!! Never will return again!!

Tiffany T.

Very bad customer service. We ordered drink in happy hour for $1, but they were overcharged full price of $3. I was asking refund, but the lady was denied to do so with very rude attitude. They did not do a right job, but acted like it was our fault for not reminding them when we placed the order. I will never come back this store again.

Hoyoon H.

Another drive-thru in the area for good tacos and burritos. Operational until quite late for late night snacks and meals

Hn N

App ordered for inside pick up. Order was given to another at drive-thru. Manager(?) wouldn't believe me and keep repeating that "I" already picked up at window (they didn't confirm for order pick up?). Finally made my order after 3-4 times showing my phone for app order and cc. Given order and had missing items. Had to tell her to print the receipt and see that it was missing an item to get it made. Must be a bad night for them. I had a long day at work and just wanted to eat something before I sleep. I wasn't as patient and didn't said my the thank you when I left. Sorry about that. Next time, just confirm the order and pick up to clear up things quicker.


Ordered a crunchwrap Supreme and there was little to no meat. My grande stacker was all tortilla and meat 1/3 through. Also asked if I can get a refill on my drink and was told I have to buy another one. Came here a different day and asked for a grilled cheese burrito and was told "we don't make that anymore. " eventhough its on the menu.. I went to the taco bell in Milpitas and ordered it with no problem. Next day I ordered it again at this taco bell and they made it.

Ern Bauti

The morning breakfast is good and they have senior coffee rates

Carl Safford

I did not receive my grilled cheese burrito they forgot it.

Nai Saechao

This location gets busy in the evening. Come here pretty often and they missed an item about half the time. I continue to go here because this is closer to me. :(

Cassie K

This is a much improved location from when they used to be located across the street. Spacious and comfortable for eat-in, and it has a drive-through that has always been quick for me. I love the large high-top table in one corner. I have the normal experience of variation in how much filling goes in my burritos, with some workers being a bit skimpy and others being generous, but it generally averages out to about what you would expect. I do wish taco bell would standardise their scoops for at least a lower threshold that seemed reasonable, but it's certainly not a reflection on this particular location. I'm generally happy with the food I get.

Lei Zhang

Good social distancing protocol, and I hope their business runs well. I will come more often.

Bobby Cameron

Good social distancing protocol, and I hope their business runs well. I will come more often.

Anne Y.

BAD. We asked for 6 tacos and 2 chicken tacos. We ended up getting only 4 beef tacos and 2 steak tacos. The meat was gross and didn't like the service. They always mess up orders there.

Sagar Patel

Recently they have been messing up orders, drive through screen if off so its hard to confirm orders. Last 3 times they have missed coke, messed up veg to chicken.

Emily L.

Only take-out is available right now because of COVID-19 restrictions. I ordered online for drive-thru pickup at this location. When I arrived I was dismayed to see that the line wrapped all the way around the building and was only a couple of car lengths away from the street. I only ever see lines this long at In-N-Out and those take forever. I was getting ready to hunker down but the line kept moving! I was at the speaker in less than 10 minutes. I was really pleased to see that they were taking COVID precautions very seriously. Since I ordered online, I didn't have to pay with card. I did see that for the person in front of me, they were accepting credit cards in a tray so there was no contact required. When it came time for me to get my order, it was delivered to me in a tray that was different than the credit card tray. All the employees I saw were wearing gloves and masks, including those preparing the food. My order was 100% accurate. Everything was packaged very neatly with utensils and I was asked whether I wanted sauce. The food was pretty standard. What can beat a beefy cheesy burrito? Taco Bell delivers once again!

David M.

If I could give a zero star rating I would! Even -! What is your problem? This is not what quality customer service is about.

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