Las Cascadas 03 Tacos & Birria - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

Etiwanda Ave, Mira Loma


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EASY ... the best tacos, sopes. Quesadillas. Everything!!!! This is such a cool spot, the girls at the counter are nice, not too busy and DAMN the food is awesome. I usually only find this quality and taking the time to make it right at home or moms house!!

I was so disappointed with the food here. If you went to Roosevelt then you know how good the after school tacos were! I went there expecting the same good quality and tasty food, but I was so disappointed. I got tacos and flautas, both very tasteless, rice and beans was just alright. I would not go back there.

Thank goodness we found this for the day after the graduation party celebration. We ordered 40 carne asade tacos, 5 al pastor tacos, 2 mulitas de carne asada, all meat burrito, and fries. We waited 10 minutes and boy I am glad we did. The mulitas had guacamole and salsa inside and they were crispy. They were delicious and I will definitely order this again. The tacos were awesome too. They filled up the rest of the family. We were quiet during our meal and we were satisfied.

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