Chopping Block Butcher Shop and Deli

2625 Coffee Rd ste a, Modesto
(209) 408-8850

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Danaka D.

Both times I have gone to The Chopping Block I have been extremely pleased with my experience. I get most of my groceries at Winco because... I have 5 kids and your girl has a budget lol. But sometimes they just don't have what I'm looking for, such as pork belly, veal, etc. Last week I went to The Chopping Block for the first time looking for veal and pork belly. Their prices surprised me as being extremely fair. I expected to pay through the nose at a small butcher for specialty meats such as those. This week I had a special request of a particular cut of meat and they came through for me again, at an unbelievable bargain, despite that it is not something they typically sell. I somewhat expected to be up-charged for the privilege lol, but they didn't. I appreciate them going above and beyond for me and I will definitely come here for all my future needs.

Javier R.

You will not be disappointed always satisfied with the quality of service and food that keeps me coming back for more


We've been customers since the Chopping Block opened and love their meats and sandwiches. We stopped in for lunch on 5/23/20 and were very disappointed that no one working there were wearing masks or gloves. This is food service during a pandemic and a SAH order, with the state in Stage 2. We won't be going back until this is over or they improve.

Donna M.

I ordered2 pastrami's on rye. 1 lunch box pastrami on rye and 2 salami sandwich's. Salami great. Good. The pastrami's had only meat and not as much as we usually get in our sandwich. End of night I guess but my mom requested these sandwiches so when I got to Tracy big dissatisfaction more bread than meat and dry. Meat was delicious and bread was fresh. $50?! Mother's Day request? Such a shame. Too late to cal

Ella M.

Amazing place!! Small butcher, sandwich, deli and grocery store but WOW, they offer so much and at a reasonable price. The meats are top shelf and are not costly. They are beautifully cut and displayed There are meals to go for individual or even families and at this time they deliver. An elderly friend of mine is home bound, she ordered all her groceries from them, olive oil, fresh fruit, veggies, lamb, rotisserie chicken and individual stuffed bell pepper and meatloaf. They delivered with a smile and thank you. Their sandwiches are made in front of you and the meat is cut for it when you order. Denise or John will also make suggestions as what seasoning to use on those meat items. They actually have all those spices and if you want a bit of dessert they have that as well. A great little place with lots to offer.

Rebel Gorman Walton

great customer service, helped me get the correct cut of meat & even diced it up for me

Jae Deering

their meat and cheese very reasonably priced.

Greg Bones Smullen

best prime cut New Yorks, and ribeyes I've had in California. Definitely made a loyal customer out of me!

Austin A.

The first time I came to this place was an hour ago and I can NOT stress this enough, they are amazing!! They had a variety of cuts to choose from, and all of them are really nice. I picked up some fillets and a rib eye and was shocked by their quality. Amazing cuts with such deep flavor. The customer service was very delightful. I was greeted when I walked through the door with a smile from everyone. I told them what I wanted and they were happy to help. I'll be going here for my meats now. Domt forget, quality comes with a price tho.

Kelly Publicover

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I’ve been in several times and each experience has been great from selecting meat, buying picnic stuff (delicious, fresh sandwiches and drinks), to getting a couple specialty and/or last min groceries for events. I’m so grateful this place exists and is in a great location!

Eric T.

Food was ok but the main reason for the low rating was the service. My family went in for a couple of sandwiches not greeted us and when I wanted to place an order I was giving a head shrug and like "what the hell u want" kind of look by the employee. I thought maybe there just dicks whatever. But a white guy came in and was told welcome what can we do for you. Customer replayed with "I've never been here" (I was like WTF!!!) got food and left didn't want to make a big deal if front of my kids. Also nobody was there besides us until other person showed up.

Nicole B.

Had this the other day french roll was soft and the sandwich was big enough to feed two people. Sandwich was fresh and good .

Mrs C.

Hard to find, due to Waze GPS who just notifies: You arrived when You get to Floyd and Coffee streets. Well, I had to call to see where they are located. I found it . Went in and got a sandwich + a drink paid $9.00 and some change. Sandwich was delicious, a good size to fill me up. It was tasty, fresh meat, I was happy I was referred to this place and I was very satisfied with my experience! I will definitely be coming back, and trying there different sandwiches. Staff is friendly, lots of parking lot available. Different sandwich options to choose from!

Ali Wright

The San Francisco sandwich is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had! Also, the meat and aram trays are so fresh and beautifully put together for parties. I highly recommend visiting here if you haven’t already!

Mishelle N.

After driving about 35 miles to get Germany food ( potato salad etc..) for a dinner, which yelp and google told me they sold it was a cold flop. They didn't have anything!! even a lane for international foods. I went to meat dept- nothing I can out with a Deli sandwich Smh!!

Stevie Christensen

Great place to get all of your butcher needs met. Very helpful and great service from all. The butcher is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely my preferred butcher shop and I have tried many around here. Great selection of meats.

Baji Lutes

It's usually great but today the meat on my Reuben was too thick.😞and I got the end cut.

Pheonix Ryan L.

Best Deli in Modesto. Try the "Modesto" a freshly made every day, tri-tip sandwich with a side of delicious au juice to dip the tasty tender meat sandwich into. Awesome cuts of meat, a great place to sit down and relax for a casual, wholesome, low priced, lunch. I'd post a picture of what I ordered, but it's gone now....and I feel great. =)

Ric James

I went here the other day trying to get some brisket and they didnt have a butcher available to cut it the peice for me...not good. Secondly, it was the same peice I was going to buy at Winnco for $3lb and it was 6.99lb here. The reason I didnt buy it at Winnco was because I didnt need 13lbs of brisket but I would have paid the same amount for 6lbs so maybe it was a good thing the butcher was NOT there...blessing in disguise! Note to the shop if you are advertising that this is a butcher shop you might want a butcher there during hours of business.

Mike H.

I was out looking for a good butcher shop, I heard about this place. Drove across town to check it out. I bought two T-bones, a Ribeye and 4 Sausage stylings links. Drove back home, and unwrap the T-bones to get ready for the grill, and found out that both the T-bones were frozen solid? These Steaks were in the fresh meat display. I called the the shop, and talked to the butcher. He said, I always freeze my T- bones. WTF. Why would you Freeze meat in a butcher shop to begin with. First and last time I will go here. Don't Recommend this place at all.

i12bNice Smith

..... Today 03/24/2019.. I returned To chopping block in the a.m. they rectify the situation by returning my money she also apologize and I do believe she was sincere from her heart. Customers and business must have communication.. I am very pleased on how well they handle my situation. I would like to give them more positive review and more stars,! . I feel absolutely convinced chopping block is a great deli. When you have a great personality and great communication skills with your customers they will return not only because they have great food but the personality was outstanding... My unpleasant experience turned out to be the best experience!!.. Thank you chopping block, for making me feel appreciate.. May God continue to bless your store and flood your business with great customers.

Robert H

Sandwich was good. I got a "Modesto", add bacon, barbeque sauce and provolone. Bacon was extra, and I think so was the barbeque sauce (a little odd). Cheese was included in price.

Ramsey Rob

This place has the WORST customer service ever. Came in to purchase all of my dinner items for tonight but ended up just getting the meat since they already packaged it for me. If I could give them a 0 star I would. My 16.4k Instagram followers are going to hear about their awful customer service as well. I’ll never come back here. Ever!

David Zychowski

Great service, great food. Always happy when I go here for sausage. Got great sandwiches and salads too!

Chris Allen

I had a tri tip sandwich there. The guy behind the counter was very helpful and the sandwich was amazing.


One of the best places to get food! It has a nicest people there!

Ramsey R.

This place has the WORST customer service ever. Came in to purchase all of my dinner items for tonight but ended up just getting the meat since they already packaged it for me. If I could give them a 0 star I would. My 16.4k Instagram followers are going to hear about their awful customer service as well. I'll never come back here. Ever!

Tim P.

What a gem! Great food, great food shopping. And really nice people, too. Don't miss the custom sandwiches, delicious!

Sabrina S.

We ordered the turkey avocado on a roll or dutch crunch and with everything. Their sandwich's are super fresh and yummy!!!! We're glad we found this gem deli.

Kathy McKimmie Salvatore

First time visitor—- ordered two sandwiches to go. Came home and one was completely made wrong. Called to provide feedback. I said, “one was delicious and unfortunately one was made with the onions and pepperchinis that we asked to eliminate.” (Food allergy) The gal said, “oh that was our new girl. One with a hat?” I said, “not sure. There were two people. Unfortunately I have a sandwich I can’t eat.” She said sorry and they would correct it by talking to her. I was disappointed that after expressing that we were first time visitors that she didn’t offer to make another, deliver or even offer a credit.

Nikki B.

The quality of the last few things I've purchased have been questionable, and improve on their customer service

Natalie Martini

Nice selection of gourmet foods, meats and sandwiches

Valerie Caulfield

I have yet to find another Deli in Modesto that I can get a gluten-free sandwich made on sandwich bread.. the staff is super accommodating.. the owner is very friendly and the food is amazing.

Mr.M&M lilsprite

Great place for sandwiches, butcher meats,etc. Has a nice variety of sauces, oils, etc.

Gina Ann Satariano

Sandwich’s and staff are the two favorites here! Great service every time!

Jimbo b

Was really pleased with the selection and look forward to returning to try the sandwiches! Found a nice t bone for my dad and was happy to find buffalo & venison for burgers. I was hoping for some boar burgers too, but forgot to ask. Also grabbed to freezer packs of loin pork chops for later in the week. Will be heading back for the beef ribs I saw! My new favorite spot.

Chip Dier

The dread question arose, "What do you want to eat?"

Maria P

Being the first time there the staff could of been a little nicer. They seemed to busy to help with only one other person in the store. Food was good.

Lindsey Y.

Yummy! My husband bought the $50 for $25 deal, and we were very happy! Great selection! Bought a beautifully marinated tri-tip, 2 sandwiches, drinks, and pastries. Everything was great! I only knocked off one star because the bread rolls on the sandwiches weren't quite as soft/fresh as I would have liked. Not a huge problem though, we will still be back!!

Dan S.

Been twice. Sausages for home bbq at the butcher counter are really good. But the male employee needs to work on his customer service. May not go back just because of him. Pretty much a jerk and rude guy.

Chopping Block Butcher Shop and Deli

2625 Coffee Rd ste a, Modesto, CA 95355
(209) 408-8850