El Rosal 2

2625 Coffee Rd # D, Modesto
(209) 526-2048

Recent Reviews

Ella M.

This place is so different than the other El Rosal restaurant. They must be individuals run, because the one in Pelendale is awful and terrible service, the one on Coffee is amazing. The food is always fresh, they are so accommodating and kind. During this shutdown I have ordered many times from this location, when I order a couple of meals they give a bit extra. The food is incredible and they wear gloves and mask constantly. You truly need to patronize this place they are doing extra for their customers. The cabbage and salsa and chips are included in your to go order and there is plenty. Love El Rosal on Coffee Rd.

Rose Rose

We took our meal to go and totally enjoyed our Fantastic food.

Rob Anderson

The perfect spot for authentic Mexican cuisine. A family fave for years!!

Tylor H.

No way 3 stars this place is fire every time!!! just try the " Chavez burrito " so so fire mmmm

Oscar Delatorre

The food was good. My waiter Issabel was nice she was able to remember my drink. However the food took 1 hour to get here.

Mitch K.

Load up on all those delicious carbs and wash them down with margaritas at El Rosal. This is one of I think four locations, but is the one closest to where my wife's family lived, so we are still in the habit. Plan on waiting. Come inside, put your name on the clip board and wait. You can also eat from the regular menu in the very nice bar, which has its own entrance as well as from inside the restaurant. Bar is very capable, so order what you want. They will be able to accommodate your wishes. Menu is quite extensive. All your regular Mexican favorites plus more. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Extremely popular. Many, unique to most Americanos, soup options. But some are only offered on certain days. Menudo(sat and sun only). If you are hung over, menudo will do the trick for you. Very spicy and flavorful. Caldo De Res, basically beef stew, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Carne En Su Jugo, beef in gravy (sat and sun only). Everyday soups include: Pozole (hominy corn in broth), Caldo De Pollo (Chicken soup) and Seafood Soup which will knock your socks off flavor-wise, made with fish and shrimp. I you are just along with the ride and just don't want to do Mexican, you can get salads, a bunch of chicken dishes, vegetarian meals or just a grilled cheese sandwich or hamburger. BUT...you are really missing out on a flavor voyage through Mexico food. Obviously, they have lots of variety dishes of steak, pork, seafoods and even a kids menu. Parking is in the large lot in front. Prices are reasonable. Come hungry and leave stuffed. Without regret.

Nansay S.

I came here with my best friend and her family after a long day of shopping. O..M.G... The food here is sooo freaking delicious! I don't know what they put in their food but every bite you take, you immediately want more! I ordered the Mi Rancho Burrito (steak) and it's the best thing ever! It's this massive burrito full of flavor and has the right amount of spicy goodness! I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars because although their food is good. They really do need to work on their customer service though. We waited a long time for menus, drinks, napkins and our food. It even took forever to get our check. Anywho, try the Mi Rancho Burrito! I guarantee it will not disappoint!

Chelsea G.

The food here is so good but why are the servers the worst?!?! None of these ladies have ANY pep in their step and we end up waiting forever for someone to even take our order. Its SO frustrating.


The service was insanely bad the day before New Year's Eve. They were totally unprepared for the crowd that night. I was one of many tables that had to wait 15 mins+ to receive their check. It was ridiculous, there was a line forming near the door for customers that wanted to eat, but unfortunately there were 4 tables including mine that were finished eating and needed the check to leave.

Melissa P

Everything we had was good. The mixed drinks, the salsa, and the food. Best of all the locations by far.

Stephanie Martin-Ward

Still great food after all these years. Definitely recommend.

Andrew Wright

This place is great. Nice bar, everyone is friendly, and the food of course is spot on. I’ve been looking for a good Mexican place since I got here and this by far is it. They play sports games here too

Manuel J.

Waited at the bar for over 15 minutes for a beer. ignored, food is ok if you can put up with the rude staff. Finally got my beer from the tap and it was not cold, rather on the warm side. If you like hot beer and poor service this is the place for you.

karen echols

Overall pretty great dining experience... absolutely love waitress Gloria...so attentive and the sweetest personality! Love it when we go to dine and she is there. Keep up the great work guys

Mark Golvani

Great food, horrible customer service though, they have no system. Example three different servers came up to ask if we were ready to order within 2 minutes of sitting down yet after we actually had a minute to look through menu it took 15 mins to get someone back to order.

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