Mr T's Delicate Donut Shop

3507 Tully Rd # 330, Modesto
(209) 522-1614

Recent Reviews

Quynh-Lan C.

Yelp can be a hit or miss and in this case, a miss. I was so looking forward to getting donuts here due to the positive reviews. I like that it opens 24hrs because my pregnancy cravings took me here after dinner. However, customer service is lacking and the glazed donuts are just average. Maybe because I travel for work so have eaten at many superior donut shops and this is not even in the top 5.

Lynzie V.

Hands down the best donuts I've ever had and at a price you cannot complain about! Got 8 donuts and a coffee for around $12. If you're into fritters, they have this amazing blueberry fritter! I love fritters and other donut shop usually only carry apples fritters, but this blueberry fritter is "WOW". Not to mention their amazing buttermilk bar! I came in around 9pm on a Wednesday night and had a fresh and warm buttermilk bar. It was amazing. Not too cakey on the inside with a nice crisp and crunch on the outside. I give it another "WOW". I could not stop saying "OMG this is so good." If you're ever in the area, do not pass on making a stop!

Erika E.

Mr. T's never disappoints!! I wish they would expand, so there was more room to sit and not have the line wrapping around the tables. But, I guess the crowd tells you just how good the donuts are.

Abdul Abdali

We went at around 1230 AM. While the fact that they are open 24 hours is amazing, they were out of almost all the most popular donuts, including but not limited to anything chocolate covered. That being said, what they had left was fresh and tasty and the staff was very friendly. Will definitely return at a more convenient time to taste other varieties.

Sarah Arroyo

Best donut shop I've ever been to. Best maple old fashioned donuts there

Josue Lopez

Every time we are in the area, this is a must have item! This place is always packed, but its because there doughnuts are really that good! This place might want to think about getting a larger place! ?????

Jared Bennicoff

Cinnamon roll was probably the best I ever had. Its soft, large and cheaper than cinnabun. Wish they had angel creme donughts.

Enas B.

So yummy, so fluffy, so good doughnuts. They're one of the best doughnuts stores in the Valley. They have a wide selection of different flavors and kinds, from old fashioned ones to french shape. Apple doughnuts are heaven. The filled doughnuts are another story: you can find range of filling including lemon, raspberries, mango (my personal fav.), blueberries , custard..etc. also you can find the savory flavored; bacon bites. I want to add that I drive 30 min to get this yummy doughnuts. Did I mention that they open 24/7? They do, and it's always fresh. I'm a long time customer and was lazy to write a review and here you go. Go there with confidence and they won't let you down.

Jared K.

Some of the donuts are really good. The customer service was atrocious, the cashier or whatever he was, has nothing but attitude the entire time; and couldn't even proceed calculate basic math, when counting donuts. let alone answer the most simplest of questions. And the bathroom is out of order? How are you able to sell coffee and tea and no restroom? Illegal

Frank Warrior

I live in Turlock but I was in the area and when you're within a 5-mile radius of Mr T's you have to stop by there they're that good!


Waa told this Donut place was the Donut I need to try so I bought half dozen of assorted donut it wasn't bad at all maybe you should try it too and tell me.

Ronnie Damato

Best donuts in the world. Love Mr. T'S they stay open 24 hrs a day and always have fresh donuts. They have a great staff always willing to give you the extra time you need to choose from their huge selection. Glazed cronuts are amazing.

Jousty Maglanoc

Probably the best donuts i have ever had. The softness of bread and the sweetness is a perfect combination of texture and flavor. The service is quick so be ready to order

Vee H.

Mr. T's is the standard bearer of all donut shops everywhere. I compare every place to Mr. T's. I've been in Southern California for over 8 years and I still can't find a place comparable so I just save my donut cravings up until I find myself in Modesto.

Tina D.

My first ever experience with Mr T's was a delivery to my home from a friend. The donuts were DELICIOUS!!! I hope I happen to be near this place when the fresh donuts come out of the oven Keep up the fresh donuts

sabrina vanderstaay

I refuse to go anywhere else for donuts! Been coming here since I was 5 years old and I'm 33 now. The staff are wonderful they are always open and their donuts are always always fresh!!

Lin F.

So fluffly sweet clouds of YUM!!! Best EVER mini holes and cronuts and you can ask for custard in the chocolate bars or maple bars. I'm a super FAN of this place and when visiting family imma bringing my contribution!

Manny A.

Expect to be surrounded by a million other people when you come here, especially on the weekends. I've tried this spot a few times and besides the donut holes being very good, I feel everything else is just ok. They have a huge selection of donuts, but most felt a little gimmicky like orange crush soda. I guess I'm just more of a fan of the classics.

Barbara Sherwood

If you want a really fresh and great donuts, you need to visit Mr.T's Delicate Donuts. I've never been disappointed.

Dey C.

These are now my boyfriend's favorite donuts ince we went on a donut quest during my trip to CA. The donuts were so delicious, specially the CHERRY CAKE so we didn't hesitate on going back, but only for the donuts, the coffee didn't make it for us so we focused only on the food, the cake donuts are so so good, so are reg rise. Both stand out. Best donuts around the area but wouldnt recommend eating them at the place which is actually clean but the cofffee wasn't for us, get a box and take them wherever you can trust the flavor of a coffee then you'll be very happy.

Nichole McDonald

You haven't had donuts until you've had Mr. T's. Maple bacon bar and lemon filled are the best ever.

Sean Powers

Best donuts in the state. Great prices and great flavor. I pity the fools across the street.

Quinn G.

One does not simply come to Modesto WITHOUT going to Mr. T's! The thought alone is madness. It's been a loooong time since I've lived/worked nearby, so a visit (and a few donuts to go, of course) was required. So many creative options, way outside the realm of typical ... you never know what's gonna be on the shelf (but you know whatever's there will be incredible). You have to try this place if you're ever even kinda in the area! They are some seriously wicked tasty bidness, that's for damn sure.

Eddie B

I just had a chocolate old fashion. Over the top. The chocolate was oozing. Wow .I do admit this one I had was best of the best. Not to mention equal only to Stan's donuts in santa clara. 10.15.19. 10.09am

Holly Hill

I've been coming to Mr. T's since I was a child and haven't had another doughnut without wishing it was Mr. Ts. Hands down the best!

Ivor Perkins

Everything about Me.T Donut's is outstand but the only that I would love too see is that they get a other places that is big in more people could dine in

Frank R.

Top notch donuts at all hours with amazing service and the most fresh donuts you will ever have!

Isaac Yacoub

The best donuts in Modesto. They're open 24/7 so WHENEVER you get a craving, they're there. Our favorite is the chocolate glazed because you can never get enough of them. And they are fresh and delicious every time we go there.

Pamela Jackson

Voted one of the best donut shops on the Nation. Very good donuts. Younger staff not as service friendly as older staff

Michael Woody

Delicious donuts. Great variety. Most of the staff was helpful and kind. Overall great place for a morning snack stop.


If you are ever in the Modesto area you must stop in at Mr. T’s. It is a national treasure where donuts are concerned. They are fresh, fluffy, never greasy, flavorful and just simply superb.

Edmundo C.

Mr. T's deserves a double D grade for being huge in Deliciousness and Delicateness! I got a DD smack in the face upon trying the coconut fritter...cronut...and oh that Crumble. I think their Crumble defined their artistry well. Such a creative and classy Crumble that I would return for alone. I am looking forward to a potential second visit in order to finalize that fifth star via other offerings and for consistency purposes. I imagine no pittying here...but definitely fools.

Lance Torres

Best doughnuts I have ever had in my life! Fresh and warm!!

Hugh K.

Pardon the 1980s reference here, but I pity the fool who doesn't give Mr. T's Donuts a try. They were delicious and freshly made . . . and we came to eat them for dessert rather than in the morning. The selections are incredibly vast, and just about everything they offered looked delicious. I got a blueberry fritter, which was about as good a blueberry fritter as I've ever had in my lifetime, and my partner got a coconut cream donut, which he loved. Friendly and efficient service coupled with delicious food coupled with a big selection makes for a fantastic experience in my book!

Alan P.

Anytime I want donuts, this is the place to go. It's got a great selection and the donuts are so fresh!

Gina Goulart

I heard some people complaining about the customer service here and they are completely wrong. I think it'd because people are in such a hurry now days, they get rude and anxious. I never had any issues being there at all. Their donuts are excellent and the staff is very friendly. I recommend this donut shop.

Godd S.

The best donuts in the valley! These are the best, I've never tasted better than here. Sooo delicious and always so fresh!

Ronette B.

I was so pumped to come and try these donuts.i was disappointed they were not all that. If you think you can enjoy them the next day - wrong. They become stake and hard very fast. I love a good doughnut but this is not a place that I enjoyed. I won't be back - sorry

Morgan T.

Best donuts ever. Hands down. No competition. I'm always excited to see that Mr.T's donut box. They are open 24/7 as well which is a major plus. I can get my donut fix whenever i need it.

Johney W.

This place is ridiculously good!! Right across the street from Dunkin Donuts and killing it.