Taco Bell

2517 Oakdale Rd, Modesto
(209) 551-8612

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Dewpoc Clothing

I ordered 2tacos and a burrito supreme and a dr pepper but they were out of it so they gave me a pepsi....I asked for taco sauce twice and the girl there said it was in the bag....after driving home the taco sauce was NOT in the bag.

Diane Baker

Slowest fast food restaurant ever. If you see more than five cars in line expect a 30 minute wait. For some dumb reason they got rid of the extra pay window years ago and despite their speed slowing to a crawl they've never reopened it. They really should go watch McDonalds across the street that manages to handle twice as many cars in a quarter of the time. If it wasn't for the fact that their bean burritos is one of the few things my autistic son would eat I would never go here.

Judye Cooper

Loved it, we love the double meat tacos

susan carr

Pleasant experience using the drive through. Staff was very helpful and friendly. The line moved swiftly as there are more cars in drive through nowadays.

Jeremy R

Just about everything on that menu today, was there 20 years ago and they ain't adding nothin. But it does still taste the same as it did 20 years ago too. I'd say probably one of the best in town. But after 2 a.m. it's 50-50 just like anywhere else. ?

William Chilcott

While waiting to pickup a grubhub order, I literally heard an employee in the back state he wanted all these people (customers) to go home and cook. Probably not the wisest thing to be saying, especially these days. This location already has a bad reputation. That just worsened it for me.

Roberta G.

I am not one to eat fast food often, however tonight I was craving something bad! What I mean by bad is I wanted fast food! But not just any fast food. I wanted a beef Gordita from Taco Bell. Well I was sad to hear they no longer make those, the young woman at the drive through told me that they hadn't carried those in about 7-10 years! Okay well what do I know? It's been a minute since I've eaten at Taco Bell! Let me tell you the girl suggested the chalupa it's like a Gordita but it's fried, so yeah even better right? Well my Gordita was perfect! I mean when I unwrapped it, I swear it looked like food on a commercial! Anyway not only was my meal great so was the staff! What they did have was patience and kindness! Something we aren't seeing much of these days! I personally haven't. I would recommend that anyone who loves Taco Bell try the Gordita! Also take the time to thank the staff for they are working on the front lines to keep us munchie cravers happy

Toni Lewis

I love Taco Bell, this store has always been really great with service. The food prepared neatly. Always good.

Christina Seward

Great food.. love the Mexican pizza

Junior R.

I ordered 4 cheesy roll up burritos by the time I come home I see they didn't even melted the cheese or heated the tortilla so I had to microwave it

Rj Corbin

Place seemed to be clean, service was ok and the food? It eas taco be

Joshua M.

They always ask what sauce I want, and then DONT GIVE IT TO ME! It's okay though I still love it here Update they actually gave me a lot of mild sauce my b

Kayson Pierce

Fantastic vibes and super affable service. The menu was fresh and enchanting. Will surely recommend this place to others. Convenient rates and generous portions. Good job.

Kyle Rodriguez

Close to home, never get parked, order is always right. Fast and friendly.

denise rutherford

I'm a plant base eater and they offer several options for eating on their menu.

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