Taco Bell

2517 Oakdale Rd, Modesto
(209) 551-8612

Recent Reviews

James Zipser

Didn't have my favorite green sauce

Patrick M.

I screwed up the online order and they corrected it and took care of me. Great customer service and delicious Taco Bell

Cherry Wilkinson

Line for the drive-thru was too long to wait we went inside the wait inside was a little long also but the food was fresh and I was worth it.

Tana V

Food came out fast and staff was friendly!

lupe sandoval

Fast, friendly service. No complaints

Andrew B.

Ordered online. They forgot a large soda and the food was cold. They said it was miscommunication, but it was on the order. This is not the first time they have left something off.

Eli Mcreynolds

Good service, never had an issue at this location

Alice O.

Everytime I go to this Taco Bell they don't do what they are asked. I ordered a Med. Root Beer, a Nacho Supreme with a side of onions and a side of Green Sauce. I got my Nacho's , NO SAUCE, my drink was PEPSI, No NAPKINS, NO FORK,,,OMG, how hard was that, then she scared me because she said my card was declined, I thought someone hacked my account. Damn....It is a no brainer, don't put someone at the window who cannot do anything right...I wont be going there again!!!!!!

Jazmina Tsutsui

Great drive thru service nice ppl and fast

Sugar Quinn

ALWAYS gets the order WRONG. HORRIBLE service. Ignores you when you're waiting.

Karen Carmack

Food is just okay, I ordered a taco salad fresco style with no meat, so basically no cheese, sour cream or meat, the three most expensive ingredients. The girl taking my order asks if I would like extra beans since I wasn't having meat, I said sure, when I went to pay they changed me .50 extra for the beans.....what the hell!

Caleb M.

I have been to this taco bell 3 times and they have gotten my order wrong with multiple items all 3 times. The food is poorly made and not made as requested. There is a taco bell another mile away on coffee. Go there instead...

Shannon S

I don't like the placement of your menu board in the drive thru. And, I don't like ANY local location's menu styles and structures. They are mismatched and don't flow easily. Too many paired options take up too much space on your boards. And the turn over of items offered is becoming annoying. "Is it there, or did they get rid of it? I can't find it on the boards....". And seriously, 50 cents for a thin line of sour cream? I still love the food. But could you offer some options of tortilla that isn't cover in petroleum dust? Try whole wheat, spinach, healthier? Black bean, rice, onion and cilantro. Even stoners like good, healthier munchies. I do love velveeta cheese too on chips. But can we get something less salty. You're heart attack city.

Cory Molina

I love TB. Still love the tacos.

Vicki Self

I'm on a sodium restricted diet and McDonald's has the lowest calorie and sodium count of all the fast food places. I don't even have to ask for No Salt on the fries. There are a few other things I can order there unlike the majority of other fast food places.

Brian Spragge

Great place for a tasty meal at a low price!! The employee here are Hard Working! Especially the manager and Tari; she keeps busy constantly, bringing meals to those sitting, cleaning the condiment area completely, little polite words here and there. My experience here has been good every time. Thank you for the consideration shown and given!

G berkey

Great food, friendly staff, wide variety of menu and the best part is you eat right away includes drinks and dessert. All for around $15. By far one of my favorite all-you-can-eat buffets I've been to. I know I've put down 44 pieces of sushi plus desert (oops). You can easily eat way too much food but you just have to use your own discretion. We Love Kobi Sushi.

f 7

I love it when everyone goes through the drive thru. I get the dining room to myselfð?? plus the food was good!

Sheyenne Bailey

No meat in the tacos all just lettuce and cheese, no meat on the nachos or nacho fries supreme either. This isnâ??t the first bad experience there either all at 9:30 at night and no crazy super long line. This shouldnâ??t be happening not for spending almost 20 dollars there

Alex Walters

They have delicious and cheap food which is great if you're in a hurry or just looking to hang with family and friends.

Jasmine W.

Literally every single time I've been to this Taco Bell they have messed up my order I've even made it a point to let them know that I still want my items Supreme just the lettuce taken off and I always just get me and cheese. Also my grilled stuffed burrito had guac and beans in it when i asked to keep that out.. the lack of attention from the employees could cause a serious risk for people with allergies.

Casandra Marie F.

I have never had such a hard time ordering food ever, not just once or twice either. Literally every time I come into this Taco Bell they mess my food up. I am a vegetarian and I always ask for a bean and cheese burrito with red sauce on top, never fails every single time they give me beef. I order the same thing every time I come to Taco Bell and have never had a location mess up as many times as this one. They could care less about it also, the manager has prepared my meal incorrectly before and after me calling and asking them to fix it for me they prepared it the exact same way. When brought to her attention that it was not fixed she told me "I prepared it how it was put into the system" when it had been rang in wrong and she looked at me like she had no idea what I was asking her for!! I just want my food without beef. Why is that so hard for them to do? I doubt this will be seen by cooperate or anyone who will do anything but I'm posting as a deterrent. STAY AWAY FROM THIS TACO BELL!

Taylor G.

This Taco Bell is absolutely repulsive. I don't know the manger on duty a man wearing glasses obviously gay for one it takes over 10 minutes to get my order right because they kept getting it wrong on the screen all I did is ask for no lettuce. I pull up to the window when u get my drinks I say thank you politely and yet no response on the workers end which I find very rude. Then I get home and have my receipts. I got a bean burrito with extra red sauce I open the burrito none at all which it comes with it in general. All my steak quesadillas have lettuce in them which they should at all when I asked for no lettuce on anything, and lettuce on my taco. I call because I'm very upset the "manager" claims to say he can only refund me ONE quesadilla. I just spent 16 dollars at your location and you have the audacity to say you can refund me ONE of SEVEN item that were incorrect on you, and it's pretty frustrating I went OUT OF MY WAY to CORRECT my order to make sure it would be RIGHT to AVOID this exact situation. When I begin to compose my anger to this so called "manager" about this refund of ONE item he then says BYE and hangs up on me. I dont know about all you but I'm very known in Modesto California and I will not tolerate being treated like this for money I'm giving you. YOU definitely do not deserve that ONE DOLLAR more pay "manager". I will make sure I go in there and pay someone higher than you a good amount just to fire you and ruin your opportunities. Thanks.

Itz Vyzai

nasty food, I got three cheese rollups and three cheese and chips guess what?!?! They were old and all hard people consider this food? Never coming back to this taco bell ever again!

Xavier S.

This kid named marco was staring at my cheeks and he made me feel extremmly uncomfortable please fire

Connie G

New kiosk simple and easy my 5 yr old did it on her own!

Robert Parra

Taco Bell Oakdale and Floyd..... I just witnessed a drive thru employee hand a bag if food to the bmvehilce infront of us, then the customer realized it wasnt their order... he takes it back sets it in the counter... get them their irder... then hands that same bag to the vehicle behind them...I asked hom... isnt that the same bag you handed out then gave out again.... He lied through his teeth...... I will never go to this taco bell again... DISCUSTING... ZERO stars

Pamela Myers

Food is always delicious here and great prices for a quick snack.

kooper hickman

Highly recommend would go there again

Sara M.

I'm questioning whether this is an actually franchised Taco Bell. Employees lack training that is required for franchises. Food is ALWAYS prepared sloppily; have never had this experience with any other Taco Bell ever.

Melissa Wortham

Fast and friendly food at a affordable priceð???

Harvey L.

Come in. It's freaking Taco Bell. Like MexiDonalds. No promise of culinary excellence. But most people live the Taco Bell

Jose O.

Taco Bell food is gross. Worst taco shell ever, and you all know that they never stay intact, even if it wasn't broken when they wrapped it. But more to the point, nothing there qualifies as food. Period

Thaddeus K.

Worst Taco Bell I have ever been too. Second time in a row that I have had a terrible experience here.


They need more training about food safety. When I ordered my food at the counter the girl handed me my cup with her fingers inside the cup is how she grabbed it I've seen her do that with many people I'm not sure why the manager doesn't address this. It's a good way to get somebody really sick

Gordon Chan

Love the crave box. Wish they would bring back the duo for $2.00. That was just right for me at lunch. Ask for old people discount.

David Ceja

Ordered the Bacon Grande Burrito combo with coffee. They got my order wrong, soda not coffee. I had to wait for them to make fresh pot. The burrito was smaller than I imagined. It is smaller than the Grande Sausage Burrito from Jack in the Box even though they are equal in price. Also they didn't put any bacon in it. I kept taking bites thinking the bacon was maybe in the bottom but there was none.

Natalie L.

If i could this place 0 stars i would...i brought tacos tonight and this is what i found...what in the **** is this???

Tone Savage4

You probably grew up on this. Matter of fact your kids probably are growing up on this right now. If you have to read a review on taco bell before going there you need to reevaluate some stuff in your life. For example being 38 and having a wicked sweet action figure collection but still live with mom. I don't judge...

Cheritha Kennedy

I like the double chulupa. It's very filling. Even the breakfast burritos were good. Thank you taco Bell for staying delicious.