Taqueria San Jose

2700 Coffee Rd, Modesto
(209) 529-3166

Recent Reviews

Mario A.

I ordered Cameron's a la Diabla, my daughter mariana the super quesadilla ,and jackie ordered 3 tacos meat only! The super quesadilla undercooked, was not cut or sliced , Jackie's tacos did not have flavor, my dish was terrible.

Joseph Lara

Best taqueria in the neighbor hood.

Jan H.

Because of the virus I tried to call to place order...forget that, called twice and second time they hung up on me. That's ok we found another one close by on Tully and they were happy to take our order for 4 people.

Justun Y.

Absolutely horrible, I'm so tired of paying for garbage food it happen so often here. Where the pride in a job well done. Don't come here you better off driving to a taco truck. Waist of time and money.

Frankie Acosta

Father’s Day burrito,?? Meat was crunchy overcooked !!!

SFMission Native59

Good food and friendly staff

Doug Bamberger

Good before, and probably not the restaurants fault but food was cold and seemed it had been sitting for some time. And who gives you 3 bags of chips with no salsa. Am I just suppose to eat these chips plain..


We door dashed our meal and it was missing the drinks. Our food was poorly made n looked as if it had no effort put in at all. And also one of the plates was broken n spit all over the bag and napkins. I will never order from here again

Jane D.

The food here is almost always excellent. I live very close so I like to order from here so I don't have to travel too far, but the service here almost makes the food not worth it. Every single time I order from here, there is always something that comes out wrong. On top of the continuous errors in my orders, the employee Carla, is soooo rude I can't even believe her manager allows her to continue speaking or interacting with customers! After messing up my order, she proceeded to blame not only me, but my DoorDash driver of her errors. When I called her out on her mistakes she lied over the phone saying "Amelia" was the one I spoke to and messed up. I followed up with the manager, which I might add is very kind, listens well, and has excellent problem solving skills. I let the manager know Carla said Amelia messed up the order and was the one speaking to me rude, he informed me that Amelia works in RIVERBANK! Wow Carla! What a lack of integrity! I hope no one else has to deal with carlas ways. Literally TWO out of THREE orders from here were WRONG. Quite a headache, but other than that the food is pretty good.

Tricia Johnson

Beware! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Hands down the best in town; even guests from Arizona and San Jose have stated these burritos are the best.


Still, though I haven't been there in years, it is still the same though it feels smaller, alot smaller. I use to go as a kid (5-12 and I'm now 21) and food was always great and fast cooking times.

Sandra Nelson

Great food!! Nice & clean atmosphere ??

mike thomas

I miss you, SO MUCH! I moved to Washington and the mexican foods here, are terrible! I can't even, describe how BAD! There is no flavor and no life, to the food! It's as grey as the weather. If any of you want a new career opportunity in the North Pacific area. You have a steady patron waiting for you! You are the best! I will be stoping by, when visiting family. Until then, I will remember eating your delicious food, in my dreams!

Michelle Coleman

I have been eating here for more than 20 years now! They are consistently good and are always one of my top picks for Mexican food.

Connie M

It's o.k. it isn't really anything to brag about. Ordered the quesadilla & I was disappointed bc it was just 2 tortillas with asada meat, small dab of sour cream & guacamole. The cheese was so so skimpy that the tortillas didn't even hold together. Took off the top tortilla & just ate it like a taco. Flavor of the meat was ok but man it was dripping lot's of grease. My husband had the two taco asada plate & the beans & rice was good but the tacos were greasy.

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