Tasty Thai

3020 Floyd Ave # 105, Modesto
(209) 551-4200

Recent Reviews


Good friendly service. The Filipino male waiter is a good polite people person. Great first time experience and great food.

Robert Page

My client loves this place so that is where we go. Clean good service and good food. I would like more cashews on my cashew chicken though!

Michael Holmboe

We ordered chicken, pork and shrimp spring rolls and they were so delicious! Very fresh and the peanut sauce was great! Definitely will order from here again

Rebecca B.

This Thai place is pretty solid. I ended up having the yellow curry which was delicious but a little too sweet (probably from the coconut milk). The other people in my party thought the food was merely passable - green curry and beef & chicken teriyaki.

Joy Bello

I ordered vegetarian spring rolls to go. They were fresh, had lots of veggies, & the peanut sauce was creamy & good! I ordered vegetarian spring rolls from 2 other Thai restaurants, & they didn't compare. These were by far the best! Why I didn't give it 5 stars, is they're not as good as the ones from Trader Joes. I don't know how the peanut sauce is made (the Trader Joe's ones), but it's the best!

Rhonda Dillenburg

The pictures on the website look much better than the food actually tastes. You have to put a lot of condiments on the food to give it any flavor.

Thomas F.

We ate at Tasty Thai tonight. We had the fresh spring rolls, the eggplant with tofu, pad Thai, pineapple fried rice, teriyaki chicken, and mussels, always nice to take home leftovers. We enjoyed every mouthful. My hat is off to the cooks, thank you for a delicious meal. We'll be back. One of our favorites.


Always amazing. We have been going here for years and they never disappoint.

Bianca M.

Best Thai food In town so far w my experience and I've tried a lot besides some new ones .. never dined In yet always order to go So can't say how the service is but wish they would remember to put cutlery and napkins in the to go orders and Give credit to customers when they mess up an order instead of Just doing nothing for them ( managements part ) .. but other than that the food is bomb.com and Def put a good amount .

Kimberley B.

First time here. Best Won Ton soup I have ever had. The resturaunt has a very open feel to it. Not over crowded with lots of tables. The decor was pleasant. Very clean. The wait staff were attentive. I will be back.

Georgina Mallory

They served me frozen eggs rolls from Costco. I was sitting by the kitchen and even saw the box. I love Thai food and this tastes so commercial.

Andrew R.

Nice atmosphere with a clean facility. The food and was great and customer service was as well, the family and I will definitely be back.

Steven Trout

Our go-to place for date night over the last ten years. We've never been disappointed. The food is good and the atmosphere is very pleasant. We particularly like their peanut sauce and the mango and sticky rice. Lately the Pad Prig King and Yellow curry have been our favorites.

michael freeman

Had a really nice evening here. The waitstaff were very polite, we were seated quickly and ordered the General Saou's Chicken, Chicken Pad Thai, the Pineapple Fried Rice, and Pumpkin Curry.

Vanessa Arnold

They have no concept of spice level. Ordered a mild Dish that had no indication of it being on the menu. It was HOT. Even my Mexican BF said there was no way it was mild. This happens a lot with the curries that we order to go as mild. 50% of the time spice level is intolerable

Denliz Balay

Good food a great variety of selection from noodles to rice plates and seafood dishes!!

Melissa M.

Best BBQ pork! However... Sundays all their signs say they close at 3 PM. When we got there just after 230 they took about 10 minutes of walking back and forth from the kitchen to us, telling us or party was to big. We had 8. Then we all agreed to split up in 2-4 people. But they ended up refusing to seat us and made some excuse about the cooks already shutting down. Horrible horrible horrible. This didn't sit well with any of our party... I would recommend getting there no later that 2pm on Sunday, regardless what their hours say. The whole experience and run around type of excuses left everyone feeling very un accommodated, to say the least. We came here so much, honestly stopped ever since this incident. What a shame.


Very well service and manner.

John P. K.

Lame customer service ! The sign said they close at 9pm but would not seat us at all at 8:46 with a rude attitude.. I suggest going to another Thai restaurant who wants and appreciates your business.

Ashley Q.

Loved Tasty Thai on coffee, but it closed:( I can't for the life of me understand why you would have your open sign on and closing hours posted on door saying it closes at 9pm. We arrived at 8:46 pm. The gal at front desk greeted us and we said "2 for dinner". She said they were closed. The Place had a lot of people in it and some were just ordering. We said "it says on your door 9pm and your open sign is on" so wait, "whaaaat??? " she said they were closed for indoor seating, but we could order to go! Oh my Gawd... Really?!?! I had no idea these restaurants do so well to turn away customers to dine in like that. Wow. Just wow. Never been to this location and never will return. I suggest you change posted door hours to say 8:45pm closed for dine in. Bye bye Tasty Thai!

Anthony Manuel

Very good service...ordered the egg rolls pot stickers chow mein crying tiger peanut chicken. For dessert sweet rice with mango. Peanut chicken was good but not as spicy as anticipated but overall awesome food.

Annette Reeb

The shrimp was so well overdone there is no taste. Suggest you check the order before walking out with burnt food to go. Very disappointing.

Lorna R. Sichak

Really tasty dishes, friendly staff, cool/comfy resto ambiance! Child-friendly too!


Their food is really good, well except for the Pad Thai. It doesn’t taste like the “traditional” pad Thai at other establishments... I think it’s very bland.

Cookie M.

Tasty Thai has their peanut sauce down, there is no denying that! Their food is five stars all the way. One star is only for customer service. Sadly, over the years we do not go to Tasty Thai as much as we would like for two reasons. One, their Coffee Road shop closed, and it was more central to us. Two, and most importantly, customer service is almost always the same. I am very saddened by the fact that I have seen certain servers treat other customers like gold and treat us like dirt. We have dined at many Thai restaurants all over California and Tasty Thai's peanut sauce is addictive!! We just can't get over the rude service for no reason. I wish that was not the case. I am sure this post won't improve the customer service for our experience. However, I must be honest with my review. People deserve to know.

Sandy D.

We enjoyed our dining experience here! An out-of-towner, I've been trying to eat here (located almost a stone's throw from a relative's house) since MARCH 2015! But the stars never aligned until this trip. Ironically, over a week in Modesto and this was the only restaurant we ate at. We started with the Calamari. My daughter doesn't like spicy so I thought we ordered the Spicy Garlic, sans spicy so just garlic, however I do not recall a garlic taste. The calamari are very large rings, not lots of little pieces. We each had about 3 pieces, so there are 9-10 pieces to a serving. My daughter had the Fried Rice. She ordered chicken but received beef, but stated the beef tasted good so we didn't mention it to anyone. It's QUITE a large portion. We also ordered the Pad Thai to share. My husband and I almost always order a Pad Thai to share in addition to our entrees whenever we eat at an Asian establishment. This item was not a highlight for me. It was a deep red color and was missing all the flavors of Pad Thai I expected. I'll go on to say I've noticed differences in food items between the West and East Coasts. Our local Asian take out by my house, a Sushi Pan Asian place near the beach, a Dim Sum Asian Place in Riverside, Morimoto in Orlando, and even an actual Thai restaurant in Downtown Jax have all had similar Pad Thais in appearance and flavor. But in talking with my sister, all the Pad Thai she's ever had in Modesto is what we experienced at Tasty Thai. My husband ordered the Orange Chicken and it was great. Not heavily battered, with a light orange flavor. I ordered the Mongolian Beef and I loved it! This too differed from what I'm used to on the East Coast. Here, it's beef with sliced onions in a sauce. At Tasty Thai, there was a generous amount of veggies (mushrooms, white & green onions, and carrots). It was spicy but delicious! The kind of spicy where you can't stop eating, but your mouth is burning so you just keep shoveling your food in because....you can't stop! It was a bit oily; it reminded me of the red pepper infused olive oil I had in France. There were red pepper flakes present. ALL the employees were very friendly and accommodating! We thoroughly enjoyed our experience. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any pictures because I was holding my 5 month old the entire time....and she wasn't sleeping but actively reaching for anything on the table she could. Or pulling my hair.

Sheryl C.

This place was recommended by a friend. It was delicious. Very nice ambiance and service was great. Finally found a good thai restaurant in Modesto. Returning customer.

Diana A.

Best Thai food I've had since Mom's Thai in Manteca got new owners. Food was delicious and the prices were reasonable. You can always tell when a place is good when the restaurant is packed and this place got full while we ate our dinner. I would definitely go again.

Incubell Valdez

Their food is really good, well except for the Pad Thai. It doesn’t taste like the “traditional” pad Thai at other establishments... I think it’s very bland.

Mario de Sa Campos

To-go wait was more than double the quoted time, one dish was cold, the other over cooked and inedible. No apology for the excessive wait. After several years as loyal customers, this place has taken a huge dive.

Andrea R.

I wish there was a zero star button or negative one star. One is much to generous. My husband and I went there for our anniversary. We ordered several plates and planned to share them. In two of our plates the shrimp was old, mushy and had a foul smell. My husband who will eat anything immediately spit it out. We asked for a manager and I brought it to his attention right away. Instead of taking the plates off our bill or offering to make something else, he informed my husband and I that he has severed 400 and something shrimp plates today and that if we get sick we can call the heath department. He was loud enough for the whole restaurant to stop and look at us. He offered no explanation as to why they were mushy and brought us our bill. I will not be going back.

Dennis H.

Great Thai food!! Haven't had any thing there that wasn't delicious!! The satay chicken and the Thai bbq pork are amazing!!!

Shannon A.

We have been coming to Tasty Thai for years, and are very disappointed by their decline kn service and food quality. Honestly, I don't think we will be returning here again. We ordered take out and were told it would be ready in 15-20 minutes. We arrived at the 20 minute mark, my husband paid and waited. After another 10 minutes, he asked the waitress to check on the order. After an additional 10 minutes, he was ready to cancel the order, but they said they were bagging it up. After 45 minutes, we finally had our food. No apology. No excuse. My cashew chicken was cold and mostly fat. My husband's peanut chicken was seriously over cooked, rubbery, and inedible. I recommend you stay away.

Diana C.

Horrible service, the food was good but we came in a pretty decent sized group of people however they kept bringing in the different foods at different times and some were already done eating by the time the next dish came. Apart from that horrible management and unorganized work, I had to wait until after everyone else had already eaten because they're food would get cold. I had to ask to cancel my order because at this point it was ridiculous. I'm never coming back here again.

Cristina Santana

One of my preferred spots for delicious Thai food. It was so fresh. I had a cousin come into town and asked me to take him back here. It has a nice feel to it. Menu is like a place in Miami I enjoyed

Rosa Copeland

Thai food at this place - super good. I can say this place does it for me. I look forward to a return visit. Prices were good for how much you get. My apartment is far from here, so I can't visit often.

Tonya G.

Found this place on accident. Ordered takeout. They greeted us immediately, provided menus and we had our food within a 10 minutes. We ordered 4 Pad Thai plates. It was a lot of food! It was so good we over stuffed our selves and ate the entire plate. Technically it was enough for two people, but we could not stop eating it!

Paulo B.

First time at this restaurant. I love Thai food :-) Not the best customer service but food was yummy

Zachary Kane

My wife and I walked in at around 12:15pm. It was decently busy. We were going to be seated right away but my wife is pregnant and we asked for a booth. The host said "10 minutes". I pointed out the empty booth and he promptly said "we need to clean it". 15 minutes later the front is filling in and we are still waiting for the one open booth. No busser cleaning, no one asking us what's going on. Ridiculous. My wife asked how much longer and the host said "5 minutes". We decided to just leave and the host said "ok, go then". I guess we were such an inconvenience to request a booth that he would rather not deal with is. Thanks for the terrible service. Would not recommend this place.

Avery Cooley

thai food and the setting at this location is excellent. It has a cool atmosphere. Ambience reminds me of Colorado Springs area.