1187 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
(805) 969-7020

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Janet K.

Well, we were looking forward to getting gelato. The woman was busy giving samples to someone else and we patiently waited. I quickly noticed this woman was NOT wearing a mask and NOT wearing any gloves but she was handling money and food with her bare hands. When it came to our turn, she was extremely rude. We asked for samples, she rolled her eyes and huffed. It was in contrast to her kindness to the previous patron. Maybe because we are people of color - maybe it was because we wore masks? I don't know. My daughter asked for a double scoop and the woman made no attempt to look at us. She put the scoops in a waffle cone and then broke it as she handed it to us, never offering to replace the cone. We paid for it but I regret not insisting that she take the health and safety precautions. Don't support a business that doesn't care for the health and safety of its customers (we're one and done with this place). Plus the rudeness is intolerable! Ewwwwww...

Mir J.

So here's the scoop from two local families--don't support them. We were eating dinner next door with another family. We gave our 7 year olds and 5 year old little girls cash to go buy ice cream.A couple minutes later the 5 year old came back crying and the 7 year olds said they were told that it was not a playground and asked them to leave.What? F'ng ive cream place! My wife got pissed and confronted the owner who stood by his attitude saying that the children were not accompanied by an adult.Is this a rated R movie or ice cream??? DO NOT SUPPORT this behavior.Besides...rory's up the street has much better ice cream and everyone is always super friendly.

Shirley D.

Great for after dinner treat. Service was great and no wait in line. Gelato was really good. Parking a bit challenging with dine out restaurants open. Bit pricey for one scoop but again worth the treat.

Alan Moss

Was a rip off. Was charged for double scoops when given singles. Server used no gloves in handling cones with Covid-19 going around. Wouldn't go back.

Laurie Rubin

The best gelato!!! Try the chocolate it's out of this world great.

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The best ice cream in town! (Get mixed Barry it is really good)

Alyssa D.

Just visited Here's the Scoop for the first time and it was a pleasant experience! This sweet spot is in a perfect location on the coast village. You can pick up the kids and grab a scoop, get a scoop on your afternoon walk, or even enjoy a scoop there and take a pint home for later! During my visit I tasted three flavors, the toasted almond, pistachio, and lemon lavender. I would rate the lavender as my #1, toasted almond #2, and pistachio #3. I ended up getting the lavender and I do have to admit it is a must try when visiting Scoop's. The services was very friendly and the kids I nanny loved the cone and topping options. Also they have the ice cream's nutritional facts posted at the register which, I really appreciated. I guess all I have to say is that this spot is kid and adult approved!

Jim H.

We had the chance to stop in at the end of a bike ride from Santa Barbara (and actually used this stop as an excuse for the longer than normal ride with my daughter). The person working was pleasant and the gelato and sorbet is beautifully presented. It all looks so fluffy and yummy. The flavors are as intense as the appearance, which can be a little overwhelming. And, it is really super sweet which got no complaints from the kids. We settled on the Mango Passion fruit and liked it. I was happy we had a ride back to burn it off ...but, we will be back ;)

Ian J.

This place is great they have the best gelato around it is always amazing and they have new flavors every month which is nice you can always try something new because of all the new flavors every month.

Alejandro Cardenas

The food was so savory. It has a cool interior.

Stefanie Moran

i love going here. the service was helpful and kind.

Emmaline F.

This place is fantastic!! Friendly gentleman who works here, many awesome, unique flavors, lots of size and cone options,TONS of topping options, and hands down the best vegan ice cream/ sorbet I've ever had! I studied abroad in Italy and Sicily over the summer and had my share of gelato and sorbetto, so I can definitely tell you this place is worth checking out! My sister went here every day we stayed in Santa Barbara lol.

Teresa Ortega

Simply...Delicious, clean and the people so nice...

Darcy C.

Great Gelato and yes the owner does not have the greatest personality but when he does crack a smile it will bring joy better then if someone were always giving you fake smiles. Make it a challenge to get him to smile when you go in there! It is a montecito local spot for sure sprinkled with photos from kids of schools nearby. Definitely worth the trip no matter where you are from.

Allison P.

Took my daughter for a treat there last week...I believe the owner was behind the counter and could not have been more unfriendly. I tried to smile and ask how he's doing, etc.., no response and seemed like we were an imposition to him. Gelato was delicious and served in cute cups which we saved to re-use. Love the fact that they use metal spoons for taste testing instead of plastic disposable ones!! Store front cute and great location...could use a fresh coat of paint and a smile!

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