Ambrosia India Bistro Cannery Row

751 Cannery Row #121, Monterey
(831) 324-4852

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Shellie M.

On Saturday July 16 my 90 year old mother, my sister and her date went to Ambrosia for lunch but were kept waiting nearly half an hour to be seated, were not greeted, and once seated waited another half hour to order. Their meals were served consecutively meaning my mother got her meal half an hour after ordering, my sister got her order a half hour after that and her date got his meal another half hour later. There was a carafe of water on the table and no cold drinks to order. My sister asked for a wine list but was told the wine list was only for dinner. The food was not worth the $60 bill at the end and they will not be returning and neither will anyone else in our rather extended family. By the way, we are not tourists and we eat out throughout the year.

Marsha W.

The food was delicious, and the service fast. We asked for medium spicy, and it was very mild. If they had given us a real "medium" I think it might have been 5 stars. That and the Naan is just alright. Still definitely recommend as a great tasty place.

Abhishek Jha

Absolutely pathetic services provided by the restaurant. Rude and Ill behaved staffs. Greasy pathetic food. Don’t even have utensils to serve the food and denied us spoons. And they even justify their bad behavior with the customer. This place deserves a 0 star. This place is a scam in name of Indian food. Avoid at any cost. Do yourself a favor and visit Abha Indian cuisine 5 miles away that serves good food, great ambiance and courteous staffs

Jeremiah M.

Incredible food. The Chicken Tikka Masala was incredible. The service was equally impressive.

Melissa Leckie

Came with a large group and they were able to seat and serve us with no notice which was nice. Food was really good, though spicer than expected.However the bathroom was really disgusting and had no changing table in it.


I rarely leave reviews but I felt compelled as we nearly dismissed this restaurant having read previous mixed reviews. We are travelling in California and have been craving Indian food for 3 weeks, it seems pretty difficult to get good Indian food in the US. We absolutely loved the food here. We had the Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken, both fantastic and good portion sizes. Garlic naan was perfect. Staff were really good & pricing was about right. Would 100% return if ever in Monterey again.

Sage d.

I got so much happiness from eating here. Shout out to Waleed and the cook I didn't get the name of. Everything was sooo good. I highly recommend the paneer tikka and the cheese naan. Love the vibes!!! If you are in the area you have to try this at least once and then you'll be hooked.

Tiffany V.

The food was amazing! The staff was great and very friendly. They were very kind and helpful. I highly recommend the cheese naan. :)

Ryan Schiestel C.

Delicious Indian food and great location. Had the lobster tandoori. Great taste but the chef messed up not releasing it from the shell when raw. I had to dig it out and more than 1/2 was wasted. When time to pay the bill, the waited just shrugged it off. Unfortunately he bought half of the cost of the dish with his tip. The rest of the food was good though.

J Baxter

It was great. Had the samosas, chicken biryani and lamb saag

Stan W.

We happened upon this place while walking down Cannery Row. We walked in around 5:30pm, and the place was empty. I thought our group of 6 were in for a horrible experience, but it was far from that! The bathroom was not clean. They do have high-chairs for children. We all shared the Yellow Dal, Mushroom Vandaloo & Veggie Korma, with saffron rice and Samosas. One person tried the lamb. The lamb smelled amazing coming out, but it was dry and tough. The star(s) of the evening were the yellow dal and the mushroom vandaloo. Great dishes. Hearty, savory and full of flavor. The Monterey Peninsula does not have many Indian options, so I was pleased to know this can be a go-to spot. Price for meal: $142.37 (for six)

Kushal K.

Don't go there ! You will wait forever to get someone to talk to you ! Nobody will come and make you sit, and there you are still waiting for someone! Cannot give review for food as you already know I did not make it to the table !


Highly priced for a medium quality food. They Do not have lot of options like most other Indian places, I would rather prefer Namaste India restaurant located nearby.Also the restroom condition is really really bad. They need to clean it frequently.

Shirleen D.

Garlic Naan and Butter chicken was good! Forgot the other dishes my friends grabbed, but we were satisfied with our Indian craving for the day! I would say they have good portions since we all left with boxes to go and how stuffed we felt! Such a cute place and close by the beach as well, our waiter was nice! Hope to come back during their lunch hours for the buffet to try different Indian dishes =)

Pink Glitter

The combination of food in this restaurant was so weird and probably the worst. they served us chicken pakora with mango puree, who even eats chicken with mango puree? we would have understood if it was the traditional mango pickle but it was literally mango puree. And about the biryani, it was the worst biryani i have ever had. the biryani was soggy, and it looked like as if they mixed some gravy with steamed rice and served us and there was no sign of caramelised onion.My 14 years old niece can cook better biryani than i ate in this restaurant.

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Ambrosia India Bistro Cannery Row

751 Cannery Row #121, Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 324-4852