Ambrosia India Bistro Cannery Row

751 Cannery Row #121, Monterey
(831) 324-4852

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Great food. Tikka masala (med) had a good amount of spice. The samosas were good, as well as the assorted naan. Picked up some takeout and ate it across the street in my hotel room.

Kelsey C.

A pleasant surprise on a touristy street. Food that's better than edible at prices quite fair for Cannery Row. We just wanted some "typical" stuff, and the Butter Chicken hit the spot. A creamy tomato-based gravy with tender chicken chunks...what's not to like? The Lamb Briyani is different from what I usually see. Their rice is heavily coated with a tomatoey sauce. That said, it's the first non-white rice the toddler willingly tried so apparently it's also a miracle. They make a nice regular naan, but they also have a Cheese Naan which is basically an Indian quesadilla. I wouldn't get it again for myself, but it's awesome for picky eaters. They got my kid to try their rice so I have nothing negative to say. Lovely staff, menu covers all the bases.

Laxmi Patel

The waiter was so rude”, i cant even believe i bothered coming here to eat. We stepped in at 8:15pm, 45 min before the closing time and the waiter told us that the kitchen is closing in 15 min. We said thats fine. When our order came the waiter said “you guys will be done in 10 min right, its our closing time” wow, so disrespectful and let me tell you there were people who were still sitting in the restaurant and he didn’t bother telling those tables. One minute later when we were eating, he came back with the bill , my boyfriend said he will pay after we are done eating. The waiter came again after 5 minutes asking if we were done. And at this point my boyfriend told him to chill, he said there are already other people eating in the restaurant and u can’t expect us or anyone else to eat in 10 minutes and leave. It was just a horrible experience. I don’t recommend coming here “the food was good” but the server just spoiled the mood. If the owner is reading this please change your servers.

vishal sharma

I recently visited this place on 26th Sep 2021, this Indian restaurant was below average. Not enough staff, our order of 5 people dine-in arrived after 45 mins, then adding more food took another 10-15 mins of wait time.Food was also not good, we didn't like at least , we ordered three dishes - 1. Chola masala, aalu vindalu, malai kofta, all three were tasting same type of flavor. Veg Biryaani was also not good, it was like veg pulaa , no flavor of Biryani.

Ankur Garg

Excellent service and excellent food, exactly what you ask for when you go out for dinner. Loved the way host Bhuvan serves the food and takes care of all his customers. Went here 2 nights in a row, and got an unexpected surprise. Loved sizzling Paneer Tikka, and Malai kofta the most. THANKS BHUVAN for making my day special.

Eric Hubbs

Excellent food and service. Beautiful restaurant. We loved it!!

Alpa Bhungalia

Delicious food. The grilled fish was so yummy! We missed eating Indian food after being away from home for a few days but didn't realize it until we saw Ambrosia on Cannery Row. Glad we stopped in.

Hope Lyons

This is the second time that my daughters and I have gone to this restaurant. Every time we go it is absolutely delicious!! Plenty of vegan options and full of flavor!

Ken Dickinson

Amazing food and service. Try the exceptional South Indian Chicken Chettinad. Hard to find and so well done here. Ask for Bhuban he is a great host.

Swati Singhal

5 stars to the host here - 'Bhuvan'. He is gem of a person, makes you feel welcome with a personable touch. Had dinner both nights while we were there. Sizzling paneer Tikka is a must order (or any sizzling appetizer for that matter). The food is good and the drinks collection as well. I love a place not just because of its food but because of the people there too, and host 'Bhuvan' made sure each guest had a great time. If you are in Monterey, do visit this place for a delicious Indian cuisine and hospitable service.

Abhi R.

Such a waste of restaurant. These people show an Open sign on the door but lock the door on customers. The server said that the restaurant closes at 8pm but idiots locked the door 10 mins before that. When we and other customers knocked on the door, the hosts ignored and did not show any courtesy to tell us they are not taking customers anymore. WTF. You guys don't deserve to be in service industry. I wish you close down soon.

eleanor G

We went there for lunch and what a treat! The food was plentiful with a lot of flavor and the prices were reasonable. The service was outstanding!


We hadn't had Indian food since leaving home--it had been about 4 days or so and we missed it. Went in on a whim and were very satisfied. The Tandoori fish was amazing!! Highly recommend it.

Claire D.

A central location to the tourist hit spots but the food was disappointing. The garlic nan and samosas were fine. We ordered rice, yellow dal, aloo Gobi and a mixed meat grill plate. The dal was very watery, the cauliflower in the aloo Gobi was undercooked and the mixed meats were over cooked as well. I also noticed that the server who brought the meat platter out had hands that were covered in herbs and garlic. He didn't have the idea to wash them before serving our food. We didn't get sick from any of our food but it was quiet a disappointment.


Delicious flavors and relaxing and quiet atmosphere make this a fantastic choice as compared to the loud chains and tourist oriented pubs. Great choice! Butter chicken, prawn curry and tandoori chicken were all very tasty!

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Ambrosia India Bistro Cannery Row

751 Cannery Row #121, Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 324-4852