Compagno's Market & Deli

2000 Prescott Ave, Monterey
(831) 375-5987

Recent Reviews

Jason Sundram

Overrated. The sandwiches are definitely huge: the half was big enough for 2 people. The fillings are mediocre. Not sure how this place is higher rated than In n Out.

Myrna Russell

The sandwiches are delicious. The bread is fresh, lots of meat is added, and you can taste the love with every bite. The owner has a great personality, and is especially nice and accommodating.

Verna Ferguson

We got a carry out Rueben sandwich. It was excellent. The sandwich is large enough for 2-4 people. This a true deli gem!

B P.

Writing this review for my man. He LOVES this spot for sandwhiches. (Me not so much just because their veggie sandwhich isnt that great) but will get other stuff! For the price, you get a whole lot of sandwhich. I swear my man could eat here everyday if he could. Also love how its in the middle of the neighborhood

Daniel B.

Very friendly staff, and easily one of the largest and most delicious sandwiches you will have!

S D.

This place makes some delicious sandwiches and huge sandwiches at that!!! But the guy working behind the counter need to stop being so rude to customers. He could care less about customer services and it shows. Maybe he has enough business to sustain and keep the Doors open and if you're not a "regular" you can kick rocks.


They get 3 stars only because their roast beef is really good, but the service is lacking. They are unorganized and the store is cluttered. No doubt large sandwiches but they are sloppy and overpriced. Serviceable sandwiches, at best,but there are better local sandwhich choices throughout the Monterey Bay area.

Kate F.

I think I just had a spiritual experience at a Deli. Not only did the sandwich have the perfect ratio of veggies, condiments, bread. Half of that huge thing went down so easily. But also, they had bubblegum cigarettes which I haven't found since I was a kid. They also had "Dutch crunch" bread which I remember from my local deli as a kid but never knew the name of. Ours was egg washed and this one wasn't but so glad they had it and now I know what it's called. If you're in the area, eat here.

Anna L.

Best little deli around as can be attested by the line of people waiting for food around lunch! They are right outside the Taylor gate so lots of servicemembers frequent the place. Compagno's uses fresh ingredients and the portions are not only humongous, but also delicious! You can customize your sandwich as you see fit. I love putting everything on mine - always so tasty! I will say, the first time we stopped by we were a bit confused by the order process. There is a small table outside where you fill out a form for each sandwich, hand it in and wait for your food. They have plenty of chip and drink options to go with as well and you can browse the store while waiting for your order. This place has been around for years so apparently they are doing things right! If you have a hankering for a great deli sandwich, this is definitely the place to come!

Kesha I.

The Weatherman and I couldn't come to Monterey Bay without coming to one of our favorite Deli's ever. Compagno's has amazing sandwiches and deserts. They are located very close to military training bases and feed a lot of young hungry service members. The size of the sandwiches ensure that these young folks return time after time to fill their bellies!! The portions are huge!! I can only eat a half order!! If your hungry hungry try a whole but that's might still be too much!! I ordered the Turkey Bacon Avocado and a huge slice of Reese's Chocolate Cake.... *The owner Bennett is so friendly and an amazing guy. It was so glad to come back and still see him after we were overseas for a few years and still open after the pandemic...

Salma C.

When you get there it seems pretty nondescript and looks very "hole-in-the-wall". However I was told time and time again that this place was somewhere you must absolutely try when you're in the area. You order from a little clip board, handing your order over to the people at the counter (I think this may be a less contact COVID precaution?) Anyhow, after you pick your sandwich options from the menu posted on the glass storefront you write it down onto the clipboard sheet and hand it on over. And then while they make your sandwich you can walk around the store taking a peek at their endless drink and chip options. It's almost overwhelming with the amount of choices but it's really interesting to explore. I got a veggie sandwich on Dutch crunch bread with avocado and American cheese and when I tell you I have not stopped thinking about this sandwich--I have not stopped thinking about this sandwich.

Hayato Kikuchi

Interesting store with a more interesting, and fun owner. Sandwiches were huge. Go Broncos

Sheila Murray

The BEST selection of old school non-alcoholic beverages and other beverages. Great food too!!

Johanna G.

Dropped by before heading back home to Oakland. They have a good selection of chips and drinks. I got the meatball hot sandwich with just red onions. Bomb!!!

Dennis Millan

My absolute favorite deli in California. The sandwiches are to die for and huge (recommend the half of you're not practicing for some type of food-eating contest or plan to eat for two). Subway, Togos, Erik's, and Ike's combined doesn't even coming close to this place. Military inspired subs titles and various options in bread and tons of toppings, cheeses, and meat/deli to choose from if you prefer to make your own make it even more awesome. Even the choices in drinks and chips to accompany your sandwich is broad and can be overwhelming if you have lots of favorites. They even carry locally brewed and family owned items. They even have dessert, candy that may not be found in many grocery stores, and cool military memorabilia. My go-to face whenever I'm craving a sandwich.

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