574 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey
(831) 373-1767

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Chris Parsons

Wow. One of the most charming experiences at a restaurant I can remember.Most of the time, sushi places feel hyper sterile and a little impersonal, with the boats towing bowls, constant tv golf, and the laughter of the sushi chef, Sakura gives a feeling of coziness and warmth.The food is authentic, simple, and well-prepared. I had the best Unagi since my time in Tokyo. Despite being affordable, portions are generous and still thoughtfully arranged.I’m addition to being a talent with the knife, the proprietor prepares his own promotional screen prints. Plainly an artist, anyone visiting Monterey would be wise to visit him for a delicious meal, some conversation, and a bit of restoration.

Danny Lustiger

My son and I had a wonderful dinner. The owners were very nice and shared stories. The atmosphere was very warm. It was a fun evening. We even got as a present a T shirt, which was very kind of the chef.The food is very good and at reasonable prices.Thank you for a great experience.

Chloe Chiu

Proper Japanese food! This place is owned by the most welcoming owner we've ever met. Sashimi was fresh and delicious - they definitely take pride in the food they're serving.If you're after some quality real Japanese food, this is your place.


The sushi boats are actual floating boats! It was fun to have dinner served to us on a floating boat. Fun place but a little run down. Sushi was decent and service was a bit slow otherwise did hit the spot.

Francine Wong

I'm so glad I stopped by this place! It was late on a Sunday night ~9PM and this was the only sushi place open. The service was a little bit slow but the food came out in a reasonable amount of time. The sushi chef was so kind and welcoming and talked to us for a minute when he served us our rolls.I believe I ordered the Sakura Deluxe and the Sukura Special #4 roll and both were fresh and had big chunks of fish. I could tell they made the spicy tuna in house and it tasted amazing with just the right amount of spice. The tempura sauce was warm when they served it and the miso soup was not too salty. Overall very good experience and food!

John M.

The definition of a "hole in the wall gem." Cozy atmosphere, good prices (especially compared to another awesome spot, Crystal Fish) and a really amicable vibe. Parking can be challenging on the street. Wait times might be a bit long but it was worth it - will definitely be coming back again soon!

Evany W.

I heard good things about this restaurant from a colleague and what sold me was that this place is Japanese owned and operated with a reasonable standard price. I loved the "hole-in-the-wall" vibe I got from this place. And loved that the chef/owner was really upfront about the back up they were having from a party of 10+ ppl. Seeing as how he was the only chef there, I wanted to be patient and wait for it. The restaurant is dimly lit from little lanterns and had an authentic feel to it. Service was still pretty good for how busy they were and we were taken care of and checked in on. At some point, the chef himself came to deliver updates on our orders whenever he delivered a part of our order. The staff was overall pretty engaging. Head chef was like seeing my own grandpa working in his old chefs attire. Quite heartwarming. The rolls were really simple and really yum. The sashimi tasted fresh and cool which was really refreshing during a heat wave. I would definitely come back for the vibes again.

Lawerence Hoffman

AMAZING experience first time. The owners are so welcoming it felt like being home with my family. Amazing food, and affordable for the area. Fresh sushi and great options to try from. Definitely will be back for more. Great thanks to Jaido and Kozu (I hope I’m not butchering their names too much)

Ed Kim

P dank japanese restaurant, generous portions and great prices. The service is understandably slower because it's only the two owners running the entire shop. But in the end it was totally worth it! Swing by if you have the time!


This is my favorite restaurant. I grew up in Monterey and have been coming here off and on for 20 years. The quality of fish is EXCELLENT. The owner (Keiko) and chef (Kazu) are two of the kindest, most wonderful people I've ever met. They will come chat, really care about what you want to eat, and are just generally wonderful. The atmosphere feels almost stereotypically Okinawan, like Kill Bill. As it's usually just Kazu and Keiko, the service is NOT FAST. Be ready to wait 45 minutes for your food AND to thoroughly believe that it was totally worth it. This is a place to sit, chat, have some tea, beer, or sake, eat AMAZINGLY good fish (that Kazu picks from the local markets personally) and generally have a wonderful time.

Myron G.

Garbage service. Simply unacceptable to be seated for 2 hours for 4 rolls and two guests. Food was fine but absolutely not worth the wait and lack of table service. Hire someone else to help. As others have noted, only an elderly couple work here. Being sweet and nice for 5 seconds doesn't override the entire dining out experience. As someone else noted too, they give freebies to regulars but other people are shafted of their time and money.

Patrick L.

Food was delicious. From Nigiri to rolls to teriyaki to tempura, there was nothing that our group of four ordered that we didn't thoroughly enjoy. Do not go if your are in a rush, it's a mom and pop establishment where mom and pop are both the cutest nicest people, but they are not fast. But it was worth the wait. We will go again next time we are in Monterey.

Jennifer Simons

Cute, charming restaurant run by an older Japanese couple. Interior is much cuter than Crystal Fish next door. They were incredibly sweet and sushi was fresh and delicious! Try the scallop sushi and hot tea. My fiancé got the vegetable tempura and also really enjoyed it.

Chris Reid

One of the best sushi dinners I've ever had. Quality ingredients with master level cooking. I couldn't recommend more.

Jacob R.

The best little spot in Monterey. My partner and I were recommended here by a friend when we were visiting. The owners do everything, and always have. They are the cutest duo I've ever seen. Sushi is amazing and miso soup is the best we've ever had. Service is slower but is no problem at all, it's worth it to talk with the owners and have a good meal. I have never felt at home in a restaurant until I went here and from the time you walk in to the time you leave you just feel comfortable.

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