Fairchilds Public House

409 San Antonio Rd, Mountain View
(650) 966-6949

Recent Reviews

Elizabeth Y.

The food here is fine. Nothing to write home about but nothing amazing either. Good location. No wait.

DJ Cenidoza

Located in the lobby of the Hyatt Centric Mountain View Hotel, this place its quite a charmer. It's not big so it can be very intimate. There is a lounge area as well for people ro relax and enjoy some drinks and small bites.

DeeJay C.

Located in the lobby of the Hyatt Centric Mountain View Hotel, this place its quite a charmer. It's not big so it can be very intimate. There is a lounge area as well for people ro relax and enjoy some drinks and small bites. The chicken burger was good. The chicken seems smaller in comparison ro the bun though but the coleslaw was a good compliment. Truffle fries were done correctly. Not overbearing just subtle hint. It's a bit overpriced but expected and worth it. The flourless cake was just ok. Yiou can probably skip that

April BaSaing

Came by after work with a friend to check the newest place in the complex. They offer a great happy hour with well priced snacks and a nice selection of draught beers, wines and cocktails. We ordered the poke nachos, mac n cheese and pretzel bites. The nachos were my favorite. I think they need a different delivery mechanism for the mac n cheese because they arrived warm and gluey but still delicious.

Fatima Saldivar

Last month I decided to give a chance to this place, and my experience was so good (the welcoming at the front door, the service provided, food & drinks) that I simply booked the place (with the help of Alvina Pech) to celebrate my birthday last weekend.

Fatima S.

Last month I decided to give a chance to this place, and my experience was so good (the welcoming at the front door, the service provided, food & drinks) that I simply booked the place (with the help of Alvina Pech) to celebrate my birthday last weekend. It is worth mentioning that we were more than 20 people. The staff designated "our space" perfectly. The person who was in charge of us was very patient with everything (given the number of people). We had no problem with our food or drinks (there were no changes in orders, long waiting times, etc.)  There are food options for everyone (vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, etc). Needless to say that food is delicious (appetizers & entrees) and the drinks options are also very tasty.  So go there for its happy hour or dinner ;)

Eva Espinosa

My friends and I came here for dinner before going to a play in Palo Alto. Since happy hour was taking place when we arrived, we all decided to get the specials to share. The food and drinks that we wanted arrived quickly after we placed our order. The wait staff are very friendly and I would like to commend our waiter, Raymundo, who was very attentive to our needs as well as having a sense of humor. This was our first time coming here and will plan to go back in the near future.

Tarek S.

This is really unfortunate. Fairchilds offers a very generous selection of Happy Hour foods and beverages. If I were to rate it on the food and Happy Hour pricing alone it would easily be 4 stars. Unfortunately the service is simply atrocious so I have to knock off two stars for that. When we arrived the place was mostly empty. The many servers basically sat there chatting with each other and wondered around doing anything except serving the guests. We had to flag them down for everything which was difficult every time. Food was good. Drinks were a little weak and a little too sweet for my tastes but OK. No one never came to check in on us. Once they got busy the service became even worse. They moved around frenetically without purpose and became even more difficult to flag down. From what I could tell no one was actually helping me and you want except for when the customers were chasing after the servers. We ended up having to be pretty proactive and aggressive just to get our check and leave. Felt like we would have been stuck there all night otherwise. Just to be clear they were not understaffed. The ratio of staff to customers was very high relative to most places. They just didn't know how to do their jobs. Likely a lack of training or a lack of care. The staff was very pleasant though which is why this is not one star. Too bad because this could be a Mountain View gem if they could fix the service.

Annie A.

Not too shabby! We came here strictly for the happy hour, wanting to try their cheese curds (and have a beer or two). Tragically, they were out of the cheese curds. Those at the bar, including myself and my companion, were devastated. Not to be deterred, we still ordered a happy hour beer, a cocktail, along with the calamari, brussel sprouts, and poke bowl. We were surprised and pleased that the portions were quite large. Our whole order served as our pre-movie dinner (Icon theater is practically next door). The calamari was good, but would have benefitted from a dipping sauce, even though it was already dressed in aioli. I'm that fatty that likes ranch with everything. The poke bowl was keto-friendly--the fish sat on not rice but rather a bed of greens. The burssel sprouts is where Fairchilds fell short, IMO. I like my sprouts burnt to a crisp, and what we had was a mushy, lackluster bowl of what everyone expects brussel sprouts to taste like. Gross. For a great example of how to do it right, please try RT Rotisserie's version. I'm not the type of person to leave food on the table, but we didn't finish the bowl. For all that food and drank we spent less than ~$40. What a steal! Looking forward to coming back for the cheese curds! And please revise your recipe for the brussel sprouts...all it needs is a good char to make it 5 stars! Hoooody hoooo!

Richard W.

Fairchilds is a modern, hip restaurant/bar located inside the Hyatt in a new business/shopping area in north Mountain View/Los Altos. Parking is plentiful with an adjacent garage, once you find it. The floor plan provides for little nooks with library-style collegiate seating. There's really cool decor all around - Silicon Valley references here and there, plus a ceiling high bookshelf with games and books. Furniture is a little heavy and awkward as we had to rearrange for a larger group. They have a happy hour selection of about seven items, including ahi nachos, "golden gate' pretzel bites, mac n' cheese, crispy calamari with black caviar, and an edamame plate. All were decent, for happy hour standards, with my favorite being the mac n' cheese (bacon never hurts). We then ordered very affordable rib eye steaks which came out a little on the greasy side, but nevertheless delicious as a ribeye should be. Server was super nice, but not too knowledgeable about the wine list - plus the selection was not the greatest.

Nicholas W.

Great happy hour specials with unconventional appetizers available. Poke nachos had a phenomenal serving size for a happy hour dish. Calamari was a little spicy and had more seasoning than normal (it might have just been a lot of pepper, I'm not certain). Really nice environment and plenty of staff. I look forward to coming back and trying the cocktails

Eric DePeel

Patrick and Abi are amazing bartenders. Great service, food and drinks. Loving the Hyatt.

Joanne L.

This place is great for Happy Hour! My boyfriend and I been here twice and enjoyed our time both times :) Their fried calamari and poke nachos are probably our faves. We also tried their pretzel with cheese fondue which was also good and cute presentation for photos. Lol! They have a decent selection of beer $6, wine $8 and cocktails $9 for Happy Hour. Service here is good. Food can come out a little faster but we didn't really mind waiting a little. The ambiance here is nice! Perfect place for happy hour with coworkers after work or a cute, casual date. Lol. Their decor and furnitures are all so cute too. They are located inside a hotel which can be a little tricky when trying to find it. Parking is not an issue, there's a parking garage and plenty of street parking by the other restaurants and movie theater nearby. Overall, this place is great for hanging out with good company, catching up with friends while eating good food and enjoying some adult drinks! Lol. This place is quite a drive from me but would definitely keep coming back!

Brigitte Ganter

Happ Hour is a great deal, with a great selection of wine, but the quality of food has dropped since the restaurant opened a few months ago. I hope it is just a one off experience as the bar area is nice to visit before or after a movie. Also the service staff is really nice and welcoming.

Tsing Ling. Tan

Nice ambience and has multiple sections which is great as we have two noisy kids and they typically sit us in the back section where there's more space and less adult conversations lol happy hour here is a really good deal.. the calamares are awesome, the Mac and cheese also but they do mess up some dishes like the ramen and the fish tacos

Joyce L.

Nice place to take your clients to for dining. They have a good selection of wine and cocktail drinks but their cocktails are so so. I enjoyed their appetizers especially their pretzels. It's served in fondue style and can dip in beer battered cheese fondue. Their ingredients are fresh and desserts are excellent (not too sweet).

Sheridan T.

Came here for happy hour after work. Finding the place was a little confusing as there were posters all over the complex that said Fairchilds without actually guiding you to where it's located. Turns out, its at the bottom floor of a hotel. The food is amazing! We got tuna poke nachos, pretzel bites with cheese, and fish tacos. The specialty cocktails are also great. There's a large dining room with a wraparound bar in the center. Outdoor seating is patio style and there are ample heat lamps to keep warm. Great ambiance overall. Service was a bit slow for us and the table beside us. Luckily we had the time, but people in a time crunch might want to go somewhere else.

Suki M.

First things first...This place is inside the Hyatt Hotel. You're welcome, This should save you a lot of time looking for this place. It's worth finding... We popped in for lunch before Happy Hour. Really loved this place. Good service and good food. We had Poke Nachos with the freshest blue eyed tuna ever, the shishito peppers were mostly mild, the aioli & crema was so good but, the wonton wrapper chips instead of chips made this the best Poke and the best Nachos we have ever had 5/5! Hubby loved the Strike Brewery Blonde Ale! Really pretty place with free parking structure. Inside the beautiful brand new Hyatt Hotel, and right nextdoor to the most adorable dog park I have ever seen. Very well done Mt View! And even though we weren't there for Happy Hour they gave us the HH menu... So another trip is in order to check it out!

Veronica Bameron

Amazing service, decent food, super stylish and comfortable seating areas (inside and outside), and convenient and easy parking options. It's a treat to find a place in the area that has an ACTUAL happy hour (meaning the prices are lower and the menu is a bit different), so this was a must-go place for me when the work week had ended.

Erwan Allanic

The main entree: one braised rib with Mac and cheese looks like a kids meal and costs 34$ and my 11 y old girl finished it with no problem , completely overpriced for 1 small rib with 3 tiny leaves of greens and nice amount of Mac n cheese. The poke bowl was okay ; nice amount of tuna for 17$ but barely filling overall.

Jason Woodard

Nice outdoor seating. Happy hour from 3 PM - 7PM has good stuff for good prices. I may stick around for dinner, or I may fill up on apps ($7). Here's the full list of deals: Beer on draft: $6; Wines: $8; Cocktails: $9.

Jas L.

Love that they have a patio facing a very clean and quiet street in case you need some fresh air. Love their daily happy hour menu especially the cocktail and cheese curds, service was excellent too. Love their parking garage with plenty of spaces even on the weekends. They take reservation BTW

Gin C

This place is tucked in the lobby of a Hyatt hotel but it's a classy and tasteful little lounge/restaurant. We love the ambiance and the silverware and plates were very tasteful as well. My hubby found a little corner to watch the baseball game while I snack on happy hour goodies. We came for happy hour and like what some of the reviews mentioned, their happy hour dishes are really regular appetizer size so it was very satisfying. One thing to note is that their poke bowl is actually more of a poke salad bowl as it doesn't come with sushi rice, so that's something to take note of as we misunderstood. But in the menu in the ingredients listing it did list that it'll be mainly lettuce. Overall, servers were attentive and personable, and portion size was great. They didn't rush us for bill and let us enjoy our drinks. Drinks were also great, lots of wine and draft beer selection. Hope they keep this price and portion size, and we'll be regulars. ;-)

Merry Yen

Decent good, friendly service. The space is gorgeous. Great spot for a work lunch.

Diana Willett-Garner

The hotel the restaurant a very upbeat very clean the employees are very personal and professional! Definitely be a great spot for business Travelers and Leisure Travellers!

Sharon H.

Awesome Happy Hour- who doesn't love a DAILY 3-7pm happy hour deal?! Came here on weekend night, and sat in their lovely outdoor patio. The pictures of the restaurant do make it seem more like a stand alone restaurant, but it's essentially the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel. From the Happy Hour menu we had the: - Calamari: crispy, good, standard. Comes with fried shishito peppers which my husband loves. - Pretzels: mini pretzels, which comes with a cute little hot cheese tray with a mini candle burning under it. Pretzels tasted fresh, and we had to ask for more cheeeeeeeese please. We also had the Fish Tacos were good, I liked that they weren't deep fried and was overall nice to have a lighter dish with all the other fried bar snacks. The Brussel Sprouts were over-flavored and over-sauced-- neither of us cared much for them. For dessert we had the Make Your Own Smores which was literally make your own smores (I guess I'm not sure what I expected!) They give you a Hershey's Bar, Graham crackers, marshmellow and a little fire. Fun, but for the price I should've ordered a made dessert...

Edna C.

"Where are we going for happy hour?" "Fairchilds!" "What?" Although I didn't know what to think of the new kid on the block (literally... get it?!) with my anti-gentrification sentiments, I decided to give Fairchilds Public House a try because I'm always on the hunt for a good happy hour place. Tucked inside the Hyatt off of El Camino/San Antonio, Fairchilds is one of those cool new spots that's great for taking your friends to. Because it's not located in Downtown and not heavily advertised, it feels like something of a secret find. Secret #1: The space is both beautiful and practical. There is ample seating, including lots of bar seating, lots of lounge seating, lots of patio seating, and lots of table seating. It's a large restaurant that's even classified as an event space on Yelp; nonetheless, the interior decor is so intricately designed, it looks like a modern furniture showcase. The mix of bolder colors and neutral greys creates a modern and classy vibe. Secret #2: Happy hour daily from 3 to 7pm! They have a nice variety of drinks and food. Unlike the minimalist limited option happy hours that I see at way too many places, Fairchilds offers many options for drinks, which include nice selections of beer, wine, and cocktails. I love the Silicon Valley theme on the drink names (Encryption Margarita, The Gigabit) which matches the location and geeky silicon periodic table neon light decoration in the front. The food includes standard bar bites (edamame hummus, calamari, mac n cheese), fusion (poke bowl or nachos), and other curiosities (house-made IPA fondue pretzels, cheese curds). Secret #3: Value wise, it's actually pretty good. Plates are $7 and quite big (we got 3 plates for 2 people and it was enough to be a dinner), and cocktails are $9 (but the G&T was deliciously alcoholic and came in a martini glass with no ice, to my liking). Service was good, with frequent check-ins and the manager even stopped by as well to see how we were doing. Why 4 stars and not 3? I think their menu could have some adjusting; for example, I think the calamari could do without the caviar, and the sauce was a bit heavy. The non-happy-hour menus also look huge and may benefit from some simplification, since it currently includes everything from ramen to ribeye. Overall, I think Fairchilds has great potential. I'm still curious to know the origin of the name (watch this be someone's name, and I'll feel terrible for making puns out of it in this Yelp review). In any case, happy hour + plenty of parking will keep me coming back.

Sophie H.

The start of our happy hour here was great. We got seated right away and got our order taken very promptly. However, after we placed our order, we never saw the waitress again. She didn't come refill our drinks, didn't check in to see if our food was correct, and we had to ask a different server to get our server so we could get our check. The food was great. The calamari was yummy, the cheese curds were so good, and the poke nachos and poke bowl were delicious as well. We wanted to order dessert after our dinner and spent 30 minutes trying to catch a server to help us. We finally had someone come and they told us that our server would be over shortly. The chef was sitting at the table next to us and he was talking to some man, and he got up to get our server because he saw how long we were waiting. Finally she came over and asked to take our dessert order but we had to go catch a movie so we just asked for the check and she was a bit combative and told us that she was told we were ordering dessert. She was not pleasant after we asked for the check. Mind you, we were waiting for 30 minutes to even be able to order. Probably won't be coming back here.

James Liu

Decent but not great food. High price for the portion size. Would give a higher rating if the food quality was better or had more filling dish sizes.

Veronica B.

Amazing service, decent food, super stylish and comfortable seating areas (inside and outside), and convenient and easy parking options. It's a treat to find a place in the area that has an ACTUAL happy hour (meaning the prices are lower and the menu is a bit different), so this was a must-go place for me when the work week had ended. The server that I had was amazing - great service. He was super attentive, and I never went hungry or thirsty the entire time. The poke nachos were delicious (and a bit spicy, which was much appreciated). The mac and cheese was good. For happy hour, the portions are gigantic and they have an amazing $8 cocktail list that has some unique and delicious creations. While there's so much to do in this area and shopping center, don't miss stopping here! It's definitely worth it.

Stephanie C.

Came here on a Wednesday night with some of my sisters from another mister. I'll cut to the chase, the food was mediocre, but our waitress was phenomenal and the service was on point! We only had 15 min until happy hour ended and our waitress was kind enough to make sure we had all our drink and food orders in. #Whiskey and Ginger cocktail - SO GOOD. Packs a punch. Get this. The end. #Pretzel - presentation was amazing. Loved the little skewer/fondue action going on with the candle under the cheese. The pretzel itself was nothing to write home about, and the cheese was aite. #Fried calamari - probably my fav dish of the night. They are generous with the caviar topping, and the flavor was BOMB! The calamari pieces were a teensy bit over-fried, but the little fried green niblets (I have no idea what they were...chives? Really tiny string beans??) made up for it. Def get this during happy hour because it's worth it! #Mac n cheese - meh dish. It's just penne covered in flavorless orange cheese. #Fairchilds salad - I feel like I could make this salad at home. Wasn't anything special, just chicken, cherry tomatoes, edamame, and avocado on top of romaine. The mango vinaigrette was delish though. #Pad Thai - they should rename this dish to "Chow Mein" because that's what it actually was. There was no semblance to pad Thai other than the type of noodle used. #Fish tacos - comes with two on a plate with a side of chips and salsa. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't blow your mind amazing either. All in all it was a 3 star food experience, elevated to 4 stars for exceptional waitstaff. The service was friendly, efficient, and courteous. Will be back for more happy hour!

Cathy P.

Such a cute lil new place! WITH HAPPY HOUR UNTIL 7!! Hallelujah. A bit hard to find since it's located in a business complex but love the set up inside and outside. Feels v classy and chill. The servers are all really friendly and nice. We sat in the outside area and really enjoyed the aesthetic. The couches are also comfortable, and it's a great place to just chat and relax. The menu also has really good Happy Hour options. I got The View and the pretzels with cheese dip and was impressed with both. Absolutely recommend The View; probably one of the best drinks I've ever had. Tastes so tropical and fruity and sweet. I really wanted to drink another and totally would've if I hadn't drove. The pretzels were solid, and the cheese fondue was fab. The Happy Hour food is also priced very reasonably, so def want to try the other shareables next time. Their regular food is a bit on the pricey side but my friend(s) who had the burger said good th Parking is right in the structure next to the restaurant, and there are plenty of spots, which is def a plus.

Matt W.

Nice new place in the Hyatt hotel. Menu is a limited, but food was tasty. Prices were hotel high.

Cherylynn N.

I live FOR Happy Hour! Well, in my 20s I did... I could go to HH after work, club afterwards until 2 am (Manic Monday @Matrix Fillmore), grub at a diner, sleep for 2 hours, then somehow arrive to work by 8 am, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Now that I'm a lot older, HH after work is a no go... Unless I want to look like I stuck my finger into a socket and feel like death the next day. So, I appreciate restaurants that offer HH EVERYDAY! Located inside the new Hyatt Centric Hotel in the San Antonio Center, Fairchilds Public House offers an Everyday HH Menu (3 pm - 7 pm) with $7 apps, $6 craft beers, $8 wine by the glass, and $9 craft cocktails: https://bit.ly/2LjVydb. I visited Fairchilds during the soft opening and made reservations for their dog-friendly outdoor patio. I'm glad I did because the patio filled up afterwards. We ordered the following from the HH Menu: * Spanish G&T: Hendrick's Gin w/ tonic water, juniper berries, lemon wheel, sprig of thyme ($9): https://bit.ly/2ZBOd1M * Fried Cheese Curds w/ garlic aioli ($7): https://bit.ly/2Ulyejn * Golden Gate Pretzel w/ IPA beer cheese fondue ($7): https://bit.ly/2Lkd80G * Poke Nachos w/ Hawaiian big eye tuna, wonton chips, maui onion, spicy aioli, avocado crema, sesame seeds ($7): https://bit.ly/2Ulyejn * Fried Calamari w/ shishito peppers, sea asparagus, spicy aioli, black caviar ($7): https://bit.ly/2zF5Qz4 (+) Good value HH for a hotel restaurant! Usually HH items are reduced sizes from the regular menu. Not here. The HH portions are generous and look to be full-sized. (+) My Spanish G&T was strong and more like a martini but I'm not complaining...a Hendrick's martini is usually $16-$19 at hotels and this was just $9! Keep them coming! (+) Decent tasting drunchies for a hotel restaurant. (+) I like the modern presentation of the apps. The pretzels were served with its own mini fondue pot with a flame underneath (flame immediately died though). (+) Rebecca, our server was awesome - bubbly, warm, and attentive. Positive vibes all around. (+) Incredibly dog-friendly! The kind hostess gave Tater Tot a baggie of dog treats upon checking in for our reservations: https://bit.ly/2LjW5vL and he was brought a canteen of water. (Side note: I was thinking of staying at the hotel but it's not dog friendly which is weird). HH prices were reasonable so I'm not going to complain much but below is feedback: * Tuna was dry and stale tasting. * I would leave out the caviar on the calamari. It's super fishy tasting. * It would be nice to see an item or two added on the HH menu that isn't fried. One thing they REALLY need to think about replacing are the tables in the patio. They're more like foot rests and aren't functional. It was just the two of us and we could barely fit two plates and our drinks on it, and we were seated in a section that could fit 5 people. We ended up having to place things on the sofa and/or floor. Overall, solid HH spot with great service and a trendy atmosphere that won't break the bank (if you stick with the HH menu). I would definitely return to Fairchild's for HH when I'm in the area again.

Diana B.

It has potential. Located in the Hyatt, the decor is great. Alcoves with games, modern furniture and side rooms. Our reservation was at 6 so we chose some items from the happy hour menu. The pretzels with cheese arrived cold. She lit the candle but the cheese never warmed and the pretzels were not crisp or warm. Disappointing because it had potential if someone had checked (or the server). It was service that was off. The pretzel app arrived easily 20 min before the poke nachos and they were ordered at the same time. My friend ordered a drink after I did and hers took 15 min and they never brought the plates so we picked with our fingers. I ordered the edamame hummus which desperately needed salt and pepper and the pitas were not warm or toasted (essentially cut up and thrown over some julienned vegetables). My friend ordered the app sized poke bowl. Her second drink was late too. Mind you, the bar was not crowded. Overall it was disappointing but if they could fix the service and the food cane out as described or was at least checked - it could be a hit. The menu was fun but I'm not sure I would go again.


Only had drinks n snacks,very good. Noon for lunch. Nice atmosphere, friendly people.

Tatiana S.

Thank you for opening! Very cozy contemporary interior, good food and drink selection and beautiful patio seating! I loved everything we ordered. Crispy calamari, quinoa and kale salad, ramen and fish tacos were amazing, especially calamari. I am coming back to try mushroom and avocado toasts as well ;)

Caroline Zepeda

While our waiter, Jose, was amazing the service was not on par. We waited for a long period of time just to get our drinks. I even had to get up after a long period of time to see if something was wrong. This was a bit irritating only because on our initial order of drinks they were sold out of those. The food was just mediocre. Calamary over cooked and a very small portion. There were more fried peppers on the plate than calamary. Poke nachos were good. Over all Jose was probably the best experience we had. His personality and sincere apology was greatly appreciated even those we knew it was his fault.

Debbie M.

This place is definitely not "there" yet. I would wait a month or more until they have the kinks out. Food menu is extremely limited for lunch. Good on appetizers, but not on the main course. Waitstaff are pleasant Kitchen is extremely slow We both ordered burgers one without bacon and with fries and the other with bacon and a salad. The one without bacon was supposed to be rare - there was almost no pink in the middle, so I sent it back. 20 minutes later it finally came out. I made the waitress wait as it had taken so long I assumed it was over cooked again. It was actually ok. My husband's burger was supposed to be medium rare and it was a little overdone, but close enough. He ended up with fries instead of the salad he ordered.

Linda K.

Pretty disappointed in this place. The (only 3) previous reviewers all gave it 5 stars. For starters, this place is LOUD, we asked to be moved into the quieter lounge. Secondly, it took a significant amount of time to get our drinks and then again to place our order. I assumed this was because we moved tables, but ended up having the same server anyways. My appetizer was the mushroom toast which was delicious. I was very excited for our main courses after this. My son ordered the braised short rib, which arrived at our table a full 10, maybe 15 minutes before the other two meals. It was a dry piece of meat measuring 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 1 inches atop a bed of dry penne pasta. No gravy or braising liquid , stringy and tasteless. The Free Range chicken was one medium sized breast and pretty good. The fish tacos were just okay, and fell apart as there was little moisture (i.e. sauce) holding them together, fish falling out one end, and the cojita cheese the other. The fish itself was good and not over cooked. Our waiter had mentioned the bread pudding for dessert at the onset of our meal but never returned to ask if we even wanted any. We ended up giving our credit card to the hostess and asked her to bring it to our waiter if she could find him.... this was long after we finished eating and before we ever got the tab. The hostess was adorable and part of the reason for the 3 stars. Alas, we won't return