235 E Middlefield Rd Suite #2, Mountain View
(650) 969-9100

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Anonymous Gaming

Rude service just now. She must hate her job so much.

Reynaldo Blanco

I haven't been to Subway in a while since the quality seemed to be slipping in the last few years. But this is by far the best Subway experience and sandwich I've had in quite a while. Meat and veggies were all super fresh. Everything was really clean and the lady working (I forgot her name) was fast, friendly, and efficient. I think I'll start visiting this one more frequently.

juan contreras

Healthy and good food

Sky Broxy

You choose whatever you want in your sandwich.

Megno Gamer

You choose whatever you want in your sandwich.

Jerome Girard

I go with my wife to this great spot quite a bit! This is the best place to pass a nice evening. I visit this spot at least once a month. The cooking is very tasty, the staff is friendly and the cost is reasonable. I like meeting in this place over a nice dinner.

Elvin Damirov

Terrible customer service

Tom B.

They kicked me out for life and called the police just because I asked the employee why she skipped the parmesean shaker when I asked what all the shakers have. I'm not joking.

Carmen Ayala

On the pricey side but food is good

Amit Sen

Good customer service.

Tacoleby Williams

Tuna looked like it been sitting out for a few days. Tried to ask if they had a fresh batch and they said, the tuna they have out is fresh.

Roosevelt De Leon

Great service as always

Himal News

Poor costumer service. Very much attitude.

Johnson Jia

A small subway, good for takeouts.

nilesh shinde

Good sandwiches and courteous staff

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