Murphys Pourhouse

350 Main St b, Murphys
(209) 822-3942

Recent Reviews

Michael Myers

Great beer, food and service.

Aidan Carmack

the beer is great, matt was a blessing he remembered us ofc cuz we came in so many times, give that man a raise. great place, great beer and great atmosphere. any time we’re back in angels camp we’ll definitely come here! much love

camden murtagh

Great lunch spot, a little on the pricier side for order at the counter sandwiches but right in the heart of murphys with good outdoor seating which makes up for it. Good beer selection. Have and will continue to return

Kimberly P.

Great family hangout, huge choice of beers, and good sandwiches! We recommend highly!!

Thida Y.

Today was my first time visiting and man did this place leave a great first impression! In this time when service is steadily going downhill, the staff here is amazing! They were friendly, not snobbish about the beer, helped me make a choice, and didn't make me feel bad as some places do for not being an aficionado on my first visit. Instead of shaming me like I deserve for still drinking Boones Farm 30 yrs after high school, we had a good chuckle about it lol! The sandwiches were really good and reasonably priced. I've also heard the owners are great people which I can tell from the staff anyway. A happy crew starts from the top down so it's either the bosses or the beers lol! If you're in the area and looking for a super casual and relaxed environment with tons of outdoor seating & great service, you will not regret trying this place out!

Walter Galan

I highly recommend The Pioneer sandwich as a panini. Delicious with jalapeños. Beer selection is great and wide. Indoor seating is available. Outdoor seating is plentiful. Parking is difficult to find. Great brewery overall.

Meghan P.

Another great find in Murphys for the whole family! Highlights include:- The outdoor space is huge and great. My kids ran around with a few other kids also dining there and we really enjoyed it even on a very cold night (there were some heaters but it was still cold!)- Tons of good beer options!- Good food including options my kids were excited about (bacon sandwiches!)- A nice, big restroom inside (nice when you have two kids with you!)- We didn't partake but it looked like they were having a fun night of triviaYou order everything inside which works fine though somewhat discouraged us from going back in and reopening our tab for another beer. Unfortunately they didn't have a high chair but baby didn't mind eating in his stroller since the food was delicious!

Jordan J.

The beer selection was amazing, lots of local brews on tap as well as some from southern california and up north i've never heard of. The bar tenders and staff were very attentive and ready to give samples and answer any questions that we had. As far ambiance, it would've been a 10/10 for good vibes and fun but there was a man who is clearly a local that comes in very often if not every night that was talking extremely loud about politics then moved onto talking about guns and shooting people and the different guns to use to shoot certain amounts of people near or far or in groups. It was very alarming and scary and it seemed like the staff didn't know how to handle the conversation and were alarmed as well or if they were used to this man? idk, but it was alarming to where we played our game, drank our beers and got of there real quick!!

Ty C.

Given the location this is 5 stars. This is something you might expect in a much more populated area like the bay area. The fact that they have a ton of craft beer both on tap and in tall cans for reasonable prices (compared to the bay area) is amazing. There is a really nice outdoor area with different picnic table and seating areas, they also have cornhole. I like to dominate in corn hole and if I can do so against friends while sipping on a beer, even better. Tongue out squinted eye emoji. Give them a call if you want to know what they have on tap, but trust that there will be something you will like if you like craft beer. If not, you don't really have any other comparable options, so be grateful what is being offered and find something to enjoy.I had a few questions about a few of the beers and I got a EXPERT description and run down on the characteristics of the beers I asked about. It was exactly the type of information I was looking for to make an informed decision and more! All this is to say that there are some really knowledgeable people working there as well.If wine tasting is not your thing (my group was not into it, so I took them here instead) or if some people want to wine taste and others want to drink beer, then this is yours spot.Keep up the good work Murphys Pourhouse!!

Dez B.

Kid friendly. Dog friendly. Good beer selection & wine. Food is good. We always make it a point to visit Murphy's Pourhouse whenever we go to our cabin in Arnold. We've never had a bad experience or bad encounter. I always recommend coming here to friends that are in the area.

Carlos G.

This probably our favorite spot in Murphys...large outdoor area that is dog friendly..plenty of tables and occasional live music. They have an excellent selection of beers that seem to rotate often ..ask for a sample of whatever you want to try before buying a whole glass... the sandwiches are good ..I got the marbled rye sandwich with turkey..quality bread and ingredients..the inside can get tight at the busy times so go a bit earlier if you want to avoid crowded space ..highly recommend this spot!

Chuck Dougherty

Fun spot for sandwiches salads and wrap. Eat inside or outside. Lots of seating outside in the shade. Good selection of craft beer and there is wine available for tasting and purchase in the same building. Dogs OK


Good selection of beers, ciders, and even good non-alcoholic beer. Also good sandwiches. Large outdoor seating area with cornhole and quiz night on Wednesday.

Patrick R.

Really love this place. Super friendly staff and perfect location. All street parking but it's in abundance. Location is indoors and outdoors but the outdoor area is where its's at. Lots of opening picnic tables and Adirondack chairs. It's AdirondackThey server beer from all different breweries and they have phenomenal sandwich options. If you are a beer person this is a good place.

Mr. B.

If you're on the way to Yosemite or even Mammoth Lakes, this is a MUST visit detour.It is in a beautiful section of the Sierras in a very small one street town. There is indoor and outdoor dining seating or casual seating.The staff are a friendly folk like you are in Main Street USA. The food is almost all made from scratch and it will have you questioning why you would ever eat out at a chain ever again. They also have a wide selection of fresh and imported beers available.I was helped by a server named Matt who was professional, helpful and friendly, and he even brought extra napkins because he could tell I was a messy eater! He was knowledgeable about the food selection and beers.I'd return for the friendly customer service alone. Mahalo, Phat Matt!

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