424 W Mile of Cars Way, National City
(619) 474-8231

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Pretty fast for a Sunday breakfast, food was good, and so was the service.

Devany Hernandez

Waiter Romero was very friendly and was very helpful with bringing us what we needed. I appreciate his kindness and politeness

Andrea V.

Always great and friendly service... Been a faithful customer since I was a kid. Good food and excellent service. They're taking many precautions during Covid.

Yasir Jamil

This Denny's is partnered with Best Western Plus Marina in National City. Just show your hotel key card and get 15% off your total bill.

Kevin Sit

Our waiter was busy with 5 tables so I saw the manager, Chris Mason standing and talk to another waitress so I asked him if we could get some sugar. 10 minutes goes by and nothing so I get up to see what's going on this guy is coming around the corner on his phone he looks up at me his face gets all red and I say, "sugar?" He fumbles his phone like he just saw a ghost and said, "oh I forgot I'm sorry." I finally get my sugar. Terrible way to lead a his employee's what a bad example. We tipped the waiter for his hard work. So sad to have such an Unprofessional and for lack of a better term lazy manager.

Jess Valdez

Our experience was awesome!! Romero, our server had the most amazing attitude had us laughing, going back soon

Alma Gasca

Delicious breakfast & coffee! & great customer service.

Lloyd Bertalot

Had a great waiter food tasted great nice quiet distance place to eat was good

John Smith

I give 2 stars instead of one only because the server started out good, and the food showed up fast and right.I never did like this dennys location. Common issues were always bad service, bad food prep and lack of ambience. Today was only slightly different. I was seated and it took close to 15 minutes to get a server to stop by. I almost left. Then the server who showed up looked like an off duty server who was helping out. Again...I let it go. She was personable and just a bit chatty. I am chatty too, so I liked that. Food showed up fast. Eggs were right and the server was professional. There.. that covers 5 stars. Now the deductions down to 2 stars.As soon as she completed my order she went on break. No problem, other servers will watch for me. Yeah, right.I finished my coffee, put the cup on the edge of table for a refill. This is a common signal for a refill. I've travelled around the country and overseas...this really is a signal. Servers walked past my table a half dozen times and ignored it. I had to ask a busser to refill my coffee. No one came through to check on me. Maybe I wanted a slice of purple or something.I dont know why this location is so bad. I can go to the one in mission valley or la mesa and have good service. But here... I can bet money that it will be bad. I dont get it.As for the stellar reviews ... I just listened to a report on NPR about a website where you can trade or buy positive reviews for you business. I guess dennys invests in that service.

Francisca Rocha

our Server was so nice and attentive, Very friendly and Resptectful!

John Waller

Denny's is, well, Denny's. Seating outside, had the original grand slam, great basic breakfast.

Lemisha Nelson

Ordered food and items were missing from our order. Ordered for 3 people. Got one set of plastic ware. All 3 people had to share 1 fork to eat. Worst dennys experience ever after a 12hr long drive I mysteriously got mushrooms in my order. I never ordered anything with mushrooms. Good thing I didn't die with my mushroom allergy. Good job dennys. Please clean your grill before throwing on new items too cook..

Crystal Reyes

I love the food here and the waiters are so nice but PATTY is a very mean lady especially to her own kind this is the second time I come and she has a very bad attitude with my mother and I very poor customers Service . I really love Danny's food and I love the waiters but bc of her this is the last time I'm coming to this Danny's

Joel C.

This morning I wanted to visit A Denny's restaurant to see what adjustments they have done the location I visited had tents set up outside in preparation for the the morning breakfast schedules yet the many different taxes think the restaurants are open for indoor seating . That when I had breakfast the many rules and regulations that are enforced because with the covid out break . You will see the many condiments not served in bottles and table dinning outside . I had spoken with the manager that they had done a great job with the rules and the regulations . The many other restaurant locations have followed suit with outdoor dinning with tables that were brought out from the inside . The food that I had ordered was cooked correctly and properly presented with health regulations . That you will notice silverware wrapped in a sealed paper sleeve and the servers have to wear a mask serving food and that when guests are seated they can remove their mask . With the Calif governor his order states that all dinner is served outside and no indoor dinning . And with many restaurants are working with bars to keep operating . The direction that I can say is that you can go to a restaurant but you will get checked at the front door happy dinning .

Raymond F.

I placed an order for curbside pick up and sure enough when i got there and called several times nobody pick up, so I went to the front and i asked this lady that this was a curbside order and you were suppose to bring this to car and i told her that i called several times and her response was "im sorry" with no explanation if they were short staff or any reason at all why they coudnt bring this to the car. Never going to order from this place again customer service needs major improvement!!!

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